Saturday, 18 January 2014

Opera Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
Ctrl + WClose a tab
Alt + Page Down or Ctrl + TabCycle between tabs
Up arrowOne line up
Down arrowOne line down
Left arrowOne character to the left
Righ arrowOne character to the right
Shft + Space or Page UpOne screen up
Space or Page DownOne screen down
Ctrl + Page UpOne screen to the left
Ctrl + Page DownOne screen to the right
HomeGo to top
EndGo to bottom
Shft + Up arrowNext link up
Shft + Down arrowNext link down
Shft + Left arrowNext link to the left
Shft + Right arrowNext link to the right
EnterActivate link
Shft + EnterActivate link in new tab
Z or Ctrl + Left arrow or Alt + Left arrowPrevious page in history
X or Ctrl + Right arrow or Alt + Right arrowNext page in history
F5 or Ctrl + RReload the current page
Shft + ZRewind
Shft + XFast forward
Alt + ZShow entire backward history
Alt + XShow entire forward history
Ctrl + F or .(period), or /Find text in page
Ctrl + GFind next instance of text
Ctrl + Shft + GFind previous instance of text
, (comma), or Shft + /Find text in links in page
F11Use entire screen for viewing page
Shft + F11Pretend to be small-screen device
+ or 0Zoom in 10%
- or 9Zoom out 10%
Ctrl + or 8Zoom in 100%
Ctrl - or 7Zoom out 100%
6Restore zoom to 100%
System keys
Ctrl + OOpen file
Ctrl + SSave copy of page
Shft + PPrint preview (toggle)
Ctrl + PPrint page
Ctrl + QClose Opera
Ctrl + KCheck e-mail
Ctrl + EWrite new message
Ctrl + SSave message draft (continue later)
Ctrl + Shft + SSend composed message
JGo to next e-mail
UGo to previous e-mail
H or Shft + JGo to next unread e-mail
Y or Shft + UGo to previous unread e-mail
Alt + UpScroll up in mail body (even when focus in mail list)
Alt + DownScroll down in mail body (even when focus in mail list)
IToggle view: message list/message body/list and body
Right arrowExpand current thread
Left arrowClose current thread
Shft + Right arrowExpand all threads
Shft + Left arrowClose all threads
KMark selected e-mail as read
GMark selected e-mail as read, and go to next unread e-mail
TMark selected e-mail as read, and go to previous unread e-mail
Shft + KMark selected e-mail as unread
Ctrl + Shft + AMark all e-mail in active view as read
RReply to message
Shft + RReply to all recipients of message, including sender
FForward e-mail
DRedirect e-mail