Thursday, 16 January 2014

Microsoft Project 2002 Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+N or F11New
F12 or Alt+F2Save As
Views and Windows
F6Activate the other pane in a combination view
Ctrl+F6Activate the next project window
Ctrl+Shft+F6Activate the previous project window
Shft+F6Activate the split bar
Ctrl+F4Close the project window
Ctrl+/Zoom in
Ctrl+Shft+*Zoom out
Alt+F4Close the program window
Shft+F11 or Alt+Shft+F1Open a new window
Navigating in a project view
Enter or down arrowMove to the next task or resource
Shft+Enter or up arrowMove to the previous task or resource
Alt+HomeMove the timescale to the beginning of the project
Alt+EndMove the timescale to the end of the project
Ctrl+Page UpMove left one page
Ctrl+Page DownMove right one page
Alt+Left ArrowMove the timescale left
Alt+Right ArrowMove the timescale right
Alt+Page UpMove the timescale one screen left
Alt+Page DownMove the timescale one screen right
Ctrl+HomeMove to the first field of the first row
End or Ctrl+Right ArrowMove to the last field in a row
Ctrl+EndMove to the last field of the last row
EndMove to the last field in a window
Ctrl+Down ArrowMove to the last row
Alt+Arrow Keys pages in the Print Preview windowMove left, right, up, or down to view different
Opening and working in dailog boxes
Shft+F2 or Assignment Information dialog boxOpen the Task Information, Resource Information,
Alt+F10Open the Assign Resources dialog box
Alt+F3Open the Column Definition dialog box
Alt+F8Open the Macros dialog box
Alt+F11Open the Visual Basic Editor
Arrow keys (the tabs must already have focus)Move to the next tab in a tabbed dialog box
Keyboard shortcutAction
Tab button, or tabMove to the next box, group, option,
Shft+Tab button, or tabMove to the previous box, group, option,
Right Arrow or Down ArrowMove to the next option in group
Left Arrow or Up ArrowMove to the previous option in a group
Alt+Down ArrowShow a list in a drop-down list
Down ArrowShow the next item in a drop-down list
Up ArrowShow the previous item in a drop-down list
SpacebarSelect an option, check box, or button
Ctrl+XCut selection
Ctrl+CCopy selection
Ctrl+VPaste contents of Clipboard
Ctrl+DFill down
InsertInsert task, resource, field
DeleteDelete task, resource, field
Ctrl+F or Shft+F5Find
Shft+F4Find again
F5 or Ctrl+GGo to
F7Check spelling
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Alt+Shft+Right ArrowIndent
Alt+Shft+Left ArrowOutdent
Alt+Shft+Minus Sign (Hyphen)Hide subtasks
Alt+Shft+ =Show subtasks
Alt+Shft+*Show all tasks
Special Commands
Ctrl+F2Link tasks
Ctrl+Shft+F2Unlink tasks
Shft+F3Reset sort to ID order
F3Remove a filter and show all tasks or all resources
Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink
F9Calculate scheduling changes in all open projects
Shft+F9Calculate scheduling changes in the active project
Ctrl+F9Switch between automatic and manual calculation
F1 Help windowOpen the Office Assistant or the online
Shft+F1 in a dialog boxActivate the context-sensitive Help pointer