Saturday, 1 February 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter Z

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.zCompressedUnix Compressed File
.z01CompressedWinZip First Split Zip File
.z02CompressedWinZip Second Split Zip File
.z03CompressedWinZip Third Split Zip File
.z04CompressedWinZip Fourth Split Zip File
.z1MiscZoneAlarm Renamed VB File
.z2fGameZoo Tycoon 2 Object File
.z3d3D ImageZModeler 3D File
.z64GameNintendo 64 Game ROM
.z8GameZ-machine Z-code File
.zabAudioZipped Audio Book
.zabwTextCompressed AbiWord Document File
.zapDataZoneAlarm Pro Data File
.zapCompressedFileWrangler Archive
.zapSettingsZero Administration Package File
.zdbDataZimbra Database File
.zdbDataEPSQ Database
.zdbDataQuicken Online File
.zdcDataCD Catalog Expert Database File
.zdctDataAdobe Language File
.zdlPage LayoutAvery DesignPro Label File
.zdpPage LayoutAvery DesignPro Label File
.zdsGameGZDoom Save File
.zdsPage LayoutDesignPro Label File
.zegVideoZeroG Subtitles File
.zfoWebXSL-FO Online Form
.zfsendtotargetCompressedCompressed Folder
.zfxPage LayoutZipForm File
.zgmVector ImageZenographics Image File
.zhtmlWebSecure IE Zipped HTML File
.zhtmlWebRabbitWeb Webpage
.ziCompressedRenamed Zip File
.zifRaster ImageZooming Image Format File
.zimDataOpenZIM Wiki Archive
.zipCompressedZipped File
.zipGameMAME Game ROM
.zipxCompressedExtended Zip File
.zixCompressedWinZix Compressed File
.zixDataQuicken Online File
.zlCompressedZlib Compressed File
.zl9ExecutableZoneAlarm Quarantined EXE File
.zlbPluginForm•Z Symbol Library File
.zm1MiscZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File
.zm1VideoZSNES Movie #1 File
.zm2MiscZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File
.zm2VideoZSNES Movie #2 File
.zm3VideoZSNES Movie #3 File
.zm3MiscZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File
.zm9MiscZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
.zmaDataImpedance File
.zmapGameZombies Ate My Neighbors Map File
.zmcDataZoneAlarm Quarantine File
.zmlMiscZooming Markup Language File
.zmvVideoZSNES Movie File
.znoPage LayoutZinio Electronic Magazine File
.zonSettingsCollection Building Custom Zone File
.zonSettingsOmniPage Zone Template File
.zone.identifierSystemWindows Zone Identifier File
.zooGameZoo Tycoon Saved Game
.zooCompressedZoo Compressed File
.zpaAudioVielklang Audio Metadata File
.zpfSettingsForm•Z Preferences File
.zpiCompressedZipped File
.zpiSettingsPDF Converter Index File
.zplDataZoom Player Play List
.zplAudioZune Playlist
.zpsEncodedZebra Portable Safe File
.zrtfTextNisus Compressed Rich Text File
.zs0GameZSNES Slot 0 Saved State File
.zs1GameZSNES Slot 1 Saved State File
.zs2GameZSNES Slot 2 Saved State File
.zs3GameZSNES Slot 3 Saved State File
.zs4GameZSNES Slot 4 Saved State File
.zs5GameZSNES Slot 5 Saved State File
.zs6GameZSNES Slot 6 Saved State File
.zs7GameZSNES Slot 7 Saved State File
.zs8GameZSNES Slot 8 Saved State File
.zs9GameZSNES Slot 9 Saved State File
.zsdGameDave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data File
.zstGameZSNES Save File
.zt3D ImageMental Ray Image Depth File
.ztdGameZoo Tycoon Data Archive
.ztfMiscDVD Label Template File
.ztmpGameSteam Compressed Game Resource File
.ztrMiscDVD Label Template Media File
.zulWebZK User Interface File
.zvdAudioZyXEL Voice File
.zvplMiscVisual Paradigm License File
.zvrAudioSAFA Media Audio File
.zvtSettingsPhotoshop Zoomify Preset File
.zvzWebPossible Virus File
.zwTextChinese Text File
.zxpPluginExtension Manager Package
.zzCompressedZzip Compressed Archive
.zzzMiscCCleaner Securely Deleted File
.zzzGameBlack & White Game Data File