Saturday, 18 January 2014

Safari (MAC) Keyboard Shortcuts

Web page shortcuts
Up/down arrow keysScroll page vertically by a small amount
Left/right arrow keysScroll page horizontally by a small amount
Optn-arrow keysScroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Cmd-up/down arrow keyScroll to top-left or bottom-left corner of web page
SpacebarScroll page down by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Delete keyGo back
Shft-Delete keyGo forward
Page Up key/Page Down keyScroll page by a screenfull, minus a small overlap
Home keyScroll to top-left corner of web page
Cmd-Home keyGo to the Home page
End keyScroll to bottom-left corner of web page
Esc keyIf location field selected, restore viewed URL
Cmd-click or Cmd-Shft-click a linkOpen link in new window or tab
Optn-click a linkDownload file
Shft-click the Add Bookmark buttonAdd bookmark directly to menu
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shft-return in address fieldOpen page in new window or tab
Cmd-return or Cmd-Shft-return in search fieldShow search results in new window or tab
Press and hold Back or Forward buttonPop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page title
Optn-press and hold Back or Forward buttonPop up a menu showing up to 10 back/forward entries by page URL
Bookmarks view shortcuts
Delete keyDelete selected bookmarks
Return keyStart or finish editing name of selected bookmark
Tab keyWhen editing, move to next editable cell
Spacebar or Double-clickOpen selected bookmark
Cmd-double-clickOpen selected bookmark in a new window
Optn-click New Folder buttonPut selected items in new folder
Menu shortcuts
Cmd-ASelect All
Cmd-BShow/Hide Favorites Bar
Cmd-DAdd Bookmark...
Cmd-EUse Selection for Find
Cmd-GFind Again
Cmd-HHide Safari
Cmd-JJump to Selection
Cmd-KBlock Pop-up Windows
Cmd-LOpen Location...
Cmd-NNew Window
Cmd-OOpen File...
Cmd-QQuit Safari
Cmd-RReload Page
Cmd-SSave As
Cmd-TNew Tab
Cmd-WClose Window or Close Tab
Cmd-Shft-AAutoFill Form
Cmd-Shft-BSend File To Bluetooth Device... or Bookmark this group of tabs
Cmd-Shft-DAdd Bookmark to Menu
Cmd-Shft-FFull Screen
Cmd-Shft-GFind Previous
Cmd-Shft-HGo to the Home page
Cmd-Shft-KBlock Images and Plugins
Cmd-Shft-LSearch with Google
Cmd-Shft-MMax Screen
Cmd-Shft-NAdd Bookmark Folder
Cmd-Shft-PPage Setup...
Cmd-Shft-SStart Sampling
Cmd-Shft-TStop Sampling
Cmd-Shft-UOpen URL in OmniWeb
Cmd-Shft-WClose Window
Cmd-Shft-YMake new Sticky Note
Cmd-Optn-BShow All Bookmarks
Cmd-Optn-EEmpty Cache...
Cmd-Optn-FGoogle Search...
Cmd-Optn-HHide Others
Cmd-Optn-KMark Page for SnapBack
Cmd-Optn-MMinimize All
Cmd-Optn-PSnapBack to Page
Cmd-Optn-SSnapBack to Search
Cmd-Optn-VView Source
Cmd-Optn-W or Cmd-Optn-Shft-WClose All Windows
Cmd-Ctrl-DAdd SafariStand Bookmark
Cmd-Ctrl-SSave Browser Window...
Cmd-1 to Cmd-9First 9 bookmarks (not folders) in Bookmarks Toolbar
Cmd-?Safari Help
Cmd-/Show/Hide Status Bar
Cmd-|Show/Hide Address Bar
Cmd-\Show Page Load Test Window
Cmd-=Define in OmniDictionary
Cmd-;Check Spelling
Cmd--(Cmd-minus)Make Text Smaller
Cmd-+Make Text Bigger
Cmd-Shft-*Get Result of AppleScript
Cmd-Shft-right-arrowSelect Next Tab
Cmd-Shft-left-arrowSelect Previous Tab
Cmd-Optn->Send to...
Cmd-Optn-,SafariStand Setting...
F5SafariStand Bar