Friday, 31 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter M

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.mDeveloperMercury Source Code File
.mDeveloperMATLAB Source Code File
.mDataMathematica Input File
.mDeveloperObjective-C Implementation File
.m12DataSchiller medilog ECG Raw Data File
.m15VideoMPEG Video
.m1aAudioMPEG-1 Audio File
.m1pgVideoiFinish Video Clip
.m1vVideoMPEG-1 Video File
.m2GameWorld or Warcraft Model Object
.m21VideoMPEG-21 File
.m21VideoAXMEDIS MPEG-21 File
.m2aVideoMPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
.m2pPluginMaxthon 2 Browser Plugin File
.m2pVideoMPEG-2 Program Stream File
.m2sSettingsMaxthon 2 Browser Skin File
.m2tVideoHDV Video File
.m2tsVideoBlu-ray BDAV Video File
.m2vVideoMPEG-2 Video
.m33D ImageBlizzard MDX3 Model File
.m3d3D ImageDIALux 3D Object File
.m3d3D Image3D Model File
.m3gExecutableMobile 3D Graphics Program
.m3uAudioMedia Playlist File
.m3u8AudioUTF-8 M3U Playlist File
.m4DeveloperMacro Processor Library
.m4aAudioMPEG-4 Audio File
.m4bAudioMPEG-4 Audio Book File
.m4eVideoMPEG-4 Video File
.m4pAudioiTunes Music Store Audio File
.m4rAudioiPhone Ringtone File
.m4uVideoMPEG-4 Playlist
.m4vVideoiTunes Video File
.m75VideoMPEG Video
.ma3D ImageMaya Project File
.ma1AudioMonarch Audio File
.mabMiscMozilla Address Book
.macRaster ImageMacPaint Image
.macbinDataMacbinary Encoded File
.madMiscAccess Module Shortcut
.maeGameMy Avatar Editor Character File
.mafDataMutation Annotation Format File
.mafDatabaseMicrosoft Access Form
.maffWebMozilla Archive Format File
.magMiscAccess Diagram Shortcut File
.magDataMagic Circuit Layout File
.magikDeveloperMagik Source Code File
.mahjongtitanssave-msGameMahjong Titans Saved Game
.maiDataMicrosoft Mail File
.mailhostSettingsMSN Mailhost Settings File
.mailplanelicenseMiscMailplane License File
.mailtolocMiscMail Internet Location File
.makeDeveloperXcode Makefile Script
.makeSettingsDrush Makefile
.makoDeveloperMako Template
.malSettingsMadAppLauncher Configuration File
.mamExecutableMicrosoft Access Macro
.manTextUnix Manual
.maniVideoMine-imator Project File
.manifestMiscSteam Manifest File
.manifestSystemWindows Application Manifest File
.manmGameVietcong Game Data File
.mapGameQuake Engine Map File
.mapGISMapjects Server Webparts File
.mapMiscTECkit Mapping File
.mapGameHalo Map File
.mapGameLeges Motus Map File
.mapDataWeather Defender Map
.mapWebImage Map
.mapGameFurcadia Dream File
.mapimailSystemSend To Mail Recipient
.mapletGameMaplet World File
.mapsdataDataiOS Maps Data File
.mapxWebMapjects Client Webparts File
.maqDatabaseMicrosoft Access Query
.marSpreadsheetMariner Calc Spreadsheet
.marMiscMozilla Archive
.marDatabaseMicrosoft Access Report
.markdnDeveloperMarkdown File
.markdownDeveloperMarkdown Documentation File
.marsPage LayoutAdobe MARS File
.marshalDatabaseMarshal Data Migration Model File
.marteBookMartView eBook File
.masGamerFactor Track File
.masDataMEGA Alignment Sequence File
.masDatabaseAccess Stored Procedures
.maskSettingsSpeedGrade Color Mask File
.masseffectprofileGameMass Effect Player Profile
.masseffectsaveGameMass Effect Saved Game
.masterWebASP.NET Master Page
.matPluginV-Ray Materials File
.matDataMATLAB MAT-File
.matRaster ImageVue Material File
.matMiscMicrosoft Access Table Shortcut File
.mat3D Image3ds Max Materials File
.materialSettingsRigs of Rods Texture Reference File
.matoGameAtomic Combat Saved Game
.mauMiscMedia Attachment Unit
.mavDatabaseAccess View File
.mawDatabaseAccess Data Access Page
.maxPage LayoutOmniPage Scanned Document
.max3D Image3ds Max Scene File
.maxGameAction Replay Max Save File
.maxRaster ImagePaperPort Scanned Document
.maxc3D Image3ds Max Container File
.mazGameHover! Maze File
.mb3D ImageMaya Binary Project File
.mbMiscKodak EasyShare Data File
.mbbMiscKodak EasyShare Data File
.mbbDataManaBook Book File
.mbbkPage LayoutManaBook Book Kit File
.mbdDataMultimedia Builder Project File
.mbfBackupMicrosoft Money Backup File
.mbgDataMailbag Assistant Mailbox File
.mbgDataMicrosoft Mailbag
.mbiDisk ImageMulti-Bootable Information File
.mbkBackupdBASE IV Multiple Index Backup File
.mblDataLogger Pro Data File
.mbmRaster ImageMulti Bitmap File
.mbmRaster ImageKerbal Space Program Texture File
.mboxTextE-mail Mailbox File
.mbpeBookMobipocket Notes File
.mbpDataMediaShow Burning Project File
.mbrSystemMaster Boot Record File
.mbrAudioZune Smooth Streaming File
.mbsMiscOpera Mailbox File
.mbsaDataMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer File
.mbtDataBlue Card Manager Merit Badge Template File
.mbwBackupMBRWizard Archive
.mbxDataOutlook Express Mailbox
.mc1DataMedCalc Data File
.mc2MiscMasterCook 5 Cookbook File
.mc53D ImagePoser 5 Material File
.mc63D ImagePoser Material Collection File
.mc9CADMastercam 9 Geometry File
.mcaGameMinecraft "Anvil" Map File
.mcdDataMathcad Document
.mcdCADMiniCAD Design File
.mcdxDataMathcad Prime Document
.mcfMiscMasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.mcfFontWatchtower Library Font File
.mcfiMiscMaya Initial Fluid Cache File
.mcfpMiscMaya Fluid Cache Playback File
.mcgameGameMinecraft Game Backup File
.mciMiscMedia Control Interface File
.mclSettingsWindows Media Center Link File
.mclevelGameMinecraft Map File
.mcmacDataMasterCook Mac Document
.mcmetaGameMinecraft Animation File
.mcoMiscLive Messenger Winks File
.mcpDeveloperCodeWarrior Project
.mcpDataMegacubo Package
.mcrExecutable3ds Max Macroscript File
.mcrExecutableTecplot Macro
.mcrGameMinecraft Region File
.mcrGameePSXe Memory Card File
.mcrpEncodedMobyExplorer Encrypted File
.mcsRaster ImageMathcad Image
.mcspPage LayoutMy Craft Studio Project File
.mcsxPage LayoutMy Craft Studio Professional File
.mctDataWindows Live Messenger Data File
.mcwSettingsMonitor Calibration Wizard File
.mcwTextMacWrite II Document
.mcworldGameMinecraft World Backup File
.mcxCADMICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
.mcxeDataMedicinesComplete Data File
.mcz3D ImageCompressed Poser Material File
.mdDataMoneydance Financial Data File
.mdDeveloperMachine Description File
.mdGameSharkport Saved Game File
.mdGameSEGA Mega Drive ROM
.mdDeveloperMarkdown Documentation File
.mdCompressedMDCD Compressed Archive
.md0Disk ImageAlcohol Disk Image Segment 1
.md0MiscAdobe Photoshop Metadata Cache File
.md1Disk ImageAlcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.md1Disk ImageGEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.md2Disk ImageAlcohol Disk Image Segment 2
.md2GameQuake 2 Player Model
.md3GameQuake 3 3D Model
.md5MiscMD5 Checksum File
.md5.txtTextMessage Digest 5 Hash File
.md5anim3D Imageid Tech 4 Model Animation File
.md5camera3D Imageid Tech 4 Model Camera File
.md5mesh3D Imageid Tech 4 3D Mesh File
.md8DataGarageCUBE Modul8 Project
.md8DataMediator Project File
.mdaPluginAccess Add-in
.mdbDataAvid Media Database
.mdbDatabaseMicrosoft Access Database
.mdbackupBackupiPhone Data Backup File
.mdbhtmlDatabaseMicrosoft Access Database HTML File
.mdcDataMulti Dimension Cube File
.mdcAudioMidiCo Karaoke Audio File
.mdcGISMerkaartor Document
.mddDataMDict Resource File
.mdd3D ImagePoint Oven Deformation Data File
.mddataBackupiPhone Backup File
.mdePluginArchiCAD Educational Version Module File
.mdePluginCompiled Access Add-in File
.mdfDataMeasurement Data Format File
.mdfMiscTranslation Memory Data Find File
.mdfDatabaseSQL Server Database File
.mdfDisk ImageMedia Disc Image File
.mdiPage LayoutMicrosoft Document Imaging File
.mdimporterPluginMetadata Importer
.mdinfoBackupiPhone Backup Information File
.mdlCADLectra Modaris Clothing Design File
.mdlDataRational Rose Model File
.mdlGameHalf-Life Model File
.mdl3D ImageWarcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.mdlAudioDigiTrakker Module
.mdlMiscFlight Simulator Airplane Model
.mdlDataMathWorks Simulink Model
.mdl0GameWii Model File
.mdmDataHLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mdmGameMario Dash Map File
.mdmpSystemWindows Minidump
.mdnDatabaseBlank Access Database Template
.mdownDeveloperMarkdown File
.mdpSettingsVisual C++ 5 Workspace File
.mdsDisk ImageMedia Descriptor File
.mdtDataMicrosoft Access Data File
.mdtDatabaseGeoMedia Access Database Template
.mdwMiscAccess Workgroup File
.mdxDisk ImageExtended Media Descriptor File
.mdx3D ImageWarcraft 3 Model File
.mdxDataRational XDE Model File
.mdxDataMDict Dictionary File
.mdxDataMultiple Index File
.mdzDataAccess Wizard Template
.mdzipDeveloperMagicDraw Project Archive
.meSystemPuppy Linux Partition Flag File
.meMiscTemporary Delete Me File
.meTextReadme Text File
.me2modGameMass Effect 2 Modification File
.meb3D ImagePRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element
.medAudioAmiga MED Sound File
.medDeveloperRSView Development Project
.mefCamera RawMamiya RAW Image
.megDataMEGA Data File
.megaDataMegacubo XML Metafile
.melExecutableMaya Embedded Language File
.mellTextMellel Word Processing File
.mellelTextMellel Word Processing Document
.memDataGreekToMe Memories File
.memBackupFoxPro Variable File
.memGameVirtual Game Station Memory File
.memSystemParallels Desktop Memory Dump File
.memExecutableMacro Editor Macro
.memDataMnemosyne Card Collection
.mencDataWindows Mobile Encrypted File
.menuGameQuake 3 Engine Menu File
.meoEncodedMEO Encrypted Archive
.merDeveloperRSView Development Runtime File
.merlin2DataMerlin Project File
.merlinlicenseMiscMerlin License File
.mesh3D Image3D Mesh Model
.mesh3D ImageDirectX Mesh File
.metDataeMule Resource File
.metRaster ImagePresentation Manager Metafile
.metaVideoRealPlayer Metafile
.metadata_never_indexSystemSpotlight Never Index File
.mexDataMacro Express File
.mfDeveloperJava Manifest File
.mfGameGameplay Multifile
.mfFontMETAFONT File
.mfaDeveloperMultimedia Fusion Development File
.mfaDataMobileFrame App File
.mfcribbon-msDeveloperMFC Ribbon Definition XML File
.mfeDataMobileFrame Enterprise Data File
.mfilMiscBlizzard Software Update File
.mflDataMozilla FastLoad File
.mfoDataMobileFrame Object File
.mfoPage LayoutMediaFace Online Saved File
.mfoDataPerl ModInfo Descriptor File
.mfpDataMacromedia FlashPaper Document
.mfpDataMobileFrame Package
.mfpPage LayoutMediaFACE Project File
.mfsEncodedMetFS Encrypted File System
.mftPage LayoutMediaFACE Project Template
.mftDataKaspersky File Table
.mfuDataMobileFrame Update File
.mfvDataMobileFrame Device Pack File
.mfwCamera RawMamiya Camera Raw File
.mfwPluginMobileFrame Workflow Pack File
.mfxPluginMultimedia Fusion Extension
.mgaPage LayoutManga Document
.mgcVector ImageMicrosoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
.mgcDataMGCSoft Equation Illustrator File
.mgcbVector ImageEquation Illustrator Project File
.mgdatabaseMiscMacGourmet Deluxe Database File
.mgf3D ImageMaterials and Geometry Format
.mgkSettingsImageMagick Configuration File
.mglGameAge of Empires 2 Replay File
.mgmGISMGMaps File
.mgmSettingsMGCSoft Equation Illustrator Macro
.mgmfVector ImageMindGenius Map File
.mgmtVector ImageMindGenius 2-3 Template
.mgmxVector ImageMindGenius XML Map File
.mgoMiscMacGourmet Recipe File
.mgourmetDataMacGourmet Deluxe Document
.mgourmet3DataMacGourmet Deluxe 3 Document
.mgourmet4DataMacGourmet Deluxe 4 Document
.mgsVector ImageMGCSoft Vector Shapes File
.mgspotDataMacGourmet Spotlight MetaData File
.mgtMiscMusicnotes Guitar Guru Song File
.mgthemeSettingsMacGourmet Theme File
.mgtxVector ImageMindGenius XML Template File
.mgvVideoPSP Video File
.mgvAudioYamaha MegaVoice File
.mgxGameRise of Nations Saved Game
.mgxGameAge of Empires 2 Expansion Replay File
.mhpDataMaths Helper Plus File
.mhsCADXilinx XPS Hardware Specification File
.mhtWebMHTML Web Archive
.mhtmlWebMIME HTML File
.mi4SystemAudio Player Firmware File
.micRaster ImageImage Composer File
.midGISMapInfo Data File
.midAudioMIDI File
.midiAudioMIDI File
.mifPage LayoutFrameMaker Interchange Format File
.mifGISMapInfo Interchange Format File
.mifMiscManagement Information Format
.migBackupWindows Migration Backup File
.miiGameWii Virtual Avatar File
.milkPluginMilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset
.mimEncodedMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.mimeEncodedMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.minTextMint Source File
.minCADOkuma CNC Program File
.mindnodeDataMindNode Document
.mineGameMinecraft Map File
.minesweepersave-msGameMinesweeper Saved Game
.mini2sfAudioNintendo DS Sound Information File
.minincsfAudioNCSF Nintendo DS Audio File
.minipsfAudioMiniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.minipsf2AudioMiniature PlayStation Sound Format File
.miniusfAudioNintendo 64 Song File
.mintCompressedLinux Mint Installer File
.mioExecutableMioEngine Application File
.mipRaster ImageMultiple Image Print File
.mirDisk ImageMini-Image Ripper Disc Image
.misGameMarble Blast Gold Mission File
.misGameSaved Game Mission File
.missionGameVega Strike Mission File
.missionDataMissionMaker Project File
.mitDataMineEdit Inventory Template File
.mixRaster ImageMicrosoft Image Exchange File
.mixGameCommand & Conquer Data File
.mix3D Image3ds Max Motion Mixer File
.mixGameMotoGP Game File
.mj2VideoMotion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
.mjdEncodedAdobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File
.mjdocMiscMacJournal Document
.mjkDataQuestion File
.mjpVideoMJPEG Video File
.mjpgVideoMotion JPEG Video File
.mk3dVideoMatroska 3D Video File
.mk4DataSchiller medilog ECG Raw Data File
.mkaAudioMatroska Audio File
.mkvVideoMatroska Video File
.mlDeveloperML Source Code File
.mlbDeveloperVisual FoxPro Library
.mlbDataMyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File
.mlcDisk ImageMobaLiveCD File
.mlcSystemMicrosoft Language Interface Pack
.mlkSettingsMasterCook Look File
.mllPluginMaya Plugin
.mlpAudioMeridian Lossless Packing Audio File
.mlsDataMilestones Simplicity File
.mlsMiscCrystalPlayer Playlist
.mmDataFreeMind Mind Map
.mmDeveloperObjective-C++ Source File
.mm6DataMoney Manager 6 File
.mm6GameMight and Magic 6 Saved Game
.mm7GameMight and Magic 7 Saved Game
.mm8GameMight and Magic 8 Saved Game
.mmaDataMaster Album Maker Photo Album File
.mmapDataMindManager Map File
.mmatVector ImageMindManager Map Template
.mmcDataMicrosoft Media Catalog
.mmcollectionDataMail Manager Collection File
.mmdcSettingsMediaMonkey Device Configuration File
.mmeEncodedMulti-Purpose Internet Mail
.mmfDataMeal-Master Recipe File
.mmfDataMicrosoft Message File
.mmfAudioSynthetic Music Mobile Application File
.mmipPluginMediaMonkey Installation Package
.mmlPage LayoutFrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.mmlDataMicrosoft Clip Organizer File
.mmlDataMyMailList & AddressBook File
.mmmDataMoney Manager File
.mmmAudioMusic Maker Arrangement File
.mmmDataMultiple Master Metric Data File
.mmmGISMiraMon Maps File
.mmoMiscMemory Map Overlay File
.mmpDataMaster Album Maker Project
.mmpAudioMixMeister Playlist
.mmpAudioLMMS Project File
.mmpSettingsSymbian Project Specification File
.mmpDataMindManager Mind Map
.mmpzAudioLMMS Project File
.mmuDatamyPM Merge Data File
.mmvVideoMicroMV Video File
.mmwDataMicrosoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog File
.mmwDataAceMoney Money File
.mmzGISMiraMon Compressed Map File
.mncEncodedAutoCAD Compiled Menu File
.mncDataMy Notes Center Notebook
.mngDataYamaha PSR Disk Manager File
.mngRaster ImageMultiple Network Graphic
.mnhGISMaster Navigator Header File
.mnkDataMy Notes Keeper Notebook
.mnlMiscAutoCAD Menu LISP File
.mnm3D ImageCharacter Studio Marker Name File
.mnoDataMacromedia Design Note
.mnrRaster ImageAutoCAD Menu Resource File
.mnsSettingsAutoCAD Interface Settings File
.mntTextFoxPro Menu Memo
.mnuSettingsTomTom Menu File
.mnuSettingsAdobe Photoshop Menu Customization File
.mnuSettingsAutoCAD Interface Layout File
.mnvVideoPlayStation Movie File
.mnxMiscFoxPro Menu
.mnyDataMicrosoft Money File
.moDeveloperMachine Object File
.mo3AudioMO3 Audio File
.mobVideoMOBTV Video File
.mobieBookMobipocket eBook
.mobileconfigSystemApple Mobile Configuration File
.mobileprovisionMiscXcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
.modSystemGRUB Module
.modDeveloperFortran Module File
.modGameNeverwinter Nights Module
.modVideoCamcorder Recorded Video File
.modAudioAmiga Music Module File
.modPluginArchiCAD Module
.moddVideoSony Video Analysis File
.modePluginCoda Syntax Mode File
.modelCADCATIA 3D Model FIle
.modulePluginDrupal Module File
.mofSettingsManaged Object Format File
.moffVideoSony Video Analysis Index File
.moggAudioMultitrack Ogg File
.mohoDataAnime Studio Animation Project
.moiVideoMOI Video File
.molDataMDL Molfile
.momDeveloperManaged Object Model
.mommaGameOffspring Fling Replay File
.moneyDataMoney Data File
.moneywellDataMoneyWell Account File
.montageMiscMontage Screenplay File
.moovVideoApple QuickTime Movie
.mosCamera RawLeaf Camera RAW File
.mosaicDataMacOSaiX Mosaic File
.mot3D ImageLightWave Motion File
.mouCompressedWinMount Compressed File
.movVideoApple QuickTime Movie
.movieVideoQuickTime Movie File
.moxPluginMontax Imposer Template Document
.moxDataExtendSim Simulation Software Model
.mozWebMozilla Cache File
.mpVector ImageLaTeX MetaPost File
.mp3D ImageMaya PLE Project File
.mp1AudioMPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
.mp10CADMultisim 10 Project File
.mp11CADMultisim 11 Project File
.mp2AudioMPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.mp21VideoMPEG-21 Multimedia File
.mp21VideoAXMEDIS MPEG-21 Object
.mp2mGameMax Payne 2 Mod File
.mp2sGameMax Payne 2 Saved Game
.mp2vVideoMPEG-2 Video File
.mp3AudioMP3 Audio File
.mp4VideoMPEG-4 Video File
.mp4.infovidVideoParrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.mp4vVideoMPEG-4 Video
.mp7CADMultisim 7 Project File
.mp9CADMultisim 9 Project File
.mp_AudioMobile Phone Sound File
.mpaAudioMPEG-2 Audio File
.mpbBackupMyPhoneExplorer Backup File
.mpcAudioMusepack Compressed Audio File
.mpcplMiscMedia Player Classic Playlist
.mpdDatabaseMicrosoft Project Database
.mpdDataFile List Creator Playlist
.mpdconfSettingsMusic Player Daemon File
.mpdpAudioMixPad Project File
.mpeVideoMPEG Movie File
.mpegVideoMPEG Movie
.mpeg1VideoMPEG-1 Video File
.mpeg4VideoMPEG-4 File
.mpfRaster ImageMicrosoft Media Package FIle
.mpfVideoMainActor Project File
.mpgVideoMPEG Video File
.mpg2VideoMPEG-2 Video File
.mpgaAudioMPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
.mpgindexVideoAdobe MPEG Index File
.mpiDataInstallJammer Project File
.mpjDataMinitab Project File
.mpj3D ImageMessiahStudio Project File
.mpjDataRoboHelp HTML Project
.mpkGISArcGIS Map Package
.mpkGameProject64 Memory Pack File
.mpkgCompressedMeta Package File
.mpktDataMOPEKS Trial File
.mplVideoAVCHD Playlist File
.mplVideoMPL2 Subtitles File
.mplsVideoBlu-ray Movie Playlist File
.mpmGameMax Payne Modfication File
.mpoRaster ImageMulti Picture Object File
.mppDataMobileFrame Project Publisher File
.mppDataMicrosoft Project File
.mppzDataMagicPlot Project File
.mpqGameBlizzard Mo'PaQ File
.mpqeDataBlizzard Encrypted Mo'PaQ File
.mprDeveloperFoxPro Generated Menu Program
.mprDataFileMaker Dictionary File
.mprDataDirect Mail Project File
.mpsGameMax Payne Saved Game
.mpsDataMathematical Programming System File
.mpsGISPocket Streets Map File
.mpsubVideoMPlayer Subtitles File
.mptDataMicrosoft Project Template
.mpuAudioMPEG Layer 3 Audio File
.mpvVideoMPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.mpv2VideoMPEG-2 Video Stream
.mpwSettingsMicrosoft Project Workspace File
.mpxDataMicrosoft Project Exchange File
.mpxExecutableFoxPro Compiled Menu Program
.mpzGameRed Eclipse Map File
.mpzDataMiradi Project File
.mpzipDataMultisim Pack File
.mq4DataMetaTrader Custom Indicator
.mqo3D ImageMetasequoia Document
.mqvVideoSony Movie Format File
.mrbRaster ImageMultiple Resolution Bitmap File
.mrcExecutablemIRC Script File
.mrgDatabaseMySQL Merge File
.mrgPage LayoutNow Contact Merge Template
.mrimgDisk ImageMacrium Reflect Disk Image
.mrkMiscDPOF Auto Print Order File
.mrml3D Image3D Slicer Scene Description File
.mrsGameGunZ Game Data File
.mrtDeveloperStimulsoft Report File
.mrwCamera RawMinolta Raw Image File
.mrxsRaster ImageMIRAX Virtual Slide File
.msExecutable3ds Max Script File
.msExecutableMaxwell Script
.ms-tnefMiscMS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.ms1GameVirtualBus Map File
.ms10DataMultisim 10 Circuit Design File
.ms11CADMultisim 11 Circuit Design File
.ms3d3D ImageMilkShape 3D Model
.ms7CADMultisim 7 Circuit Design File
.ms8DataMultisim 8 Circuit Design File
.ms9CADMultisim 9 Circuit Design File
.msbDataOracle Binary Message File
.mscDataMuseScore Composition File
.mscSystemMicrosoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.msctDataMOPEKS Script File
.mscxAudioMuseScore Music Score File
.msczAudioMuseScore Compressed Score File
.msdGISMap Service Definition File
.msdvdVideoWindows DVD Maker Project File
.mseEncoded3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File
.mseVideoMediaShow Slideshow Project File
.msfSettingsMiranda IM Skin File
.msfDataBlue Card Manager Merit Badge Mastersheet File
.msfMiscMail Summary File
.msgTextOutlook Mail Message
.mshVideoVisual Communicator Project File
.msh3D ImageOrbiter 3D Mesh File
.mshaDeveloperMicrosoft Help Asset File
.mshcDeveloperMicrosoft Help Container File
.mshiDeveloperMicrosoft Help Index File
.msiMiscWindows Installer Package
.msifDataMyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
.mskRaster ImagePaint Shop Pro Mask File
.msknSettingsMediaMonkey Skin File
.mslDeveloperMapping Specification Language File
.mslExecutableMagick Scripting Language File
.msmSettingsWindows Installer Merge Module
.msnSettingsHost Blocking File
.msoMiscInline E-mail Attachment
.msoMiscMicrosoft Office Macro Reference File
.mspSystemWindows Installer Patch
.mspRaster ImageMicrosoft Paint Bitmap Image
.mspDataClarisWorks Dictionary File
.mspDeveloperMaxScript Page File
.mspxWebMicrosoft ASP.NET Web Page
.msrcincidentMiscWindows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.mssDataMyScreenSaver Builder File
.mssDeveloperMicroprocessor Software Specification File
.msstyleSystemWindows XP Unsigned Style
.msstylesSystemWindows XP Style
.mstSettingsWindows Installer Setup Transform File
.mstSettingsCorel Presentations Master Template File
.msuMiscWindows Vista Update Package
.msvAudioMemory Stick Voice File
.mswSettingsPainter Color Mixer Swatches File
.mswmmVideoWindows Movie Maker Project
.mt2AudioMadTracker 2 Module
.mt9AudioMT9 Audio File
.mtaMiscSamsung AllShare Metadata File
.mtdMiscMusicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.mteAudioMadTracker 2 Envelope
.mtfDataMortality Table File
.mtfAudioMulti Tracker File
.mtfMiscTranslation Memory Translations File
.mtfSettingsMotorola Theme File
.mtfMiscMasterCook Tips
.mthDataDerive Math File
.mthdMiscMOPEKS Method File
.mtiAudioMadTracker Instrument
.mtl3D ImageOBJ Material File
.mtmDataMacrofocus TreeMap File
.mtmAudioMultiTracker Module
.mtpAudioMadTracker 2 Pattern
.mtsVideoAVCHD Video File
.mtsDataMEGA Tree Session File
.mtsAudioMadTracker 2 Sample File
.mttDataMetadataTouch Template
.mtvVideoMTV Video Format File
.mtwDataMinitab Worksheet File
.mtxPluginMadTracker 2 Extension
.mtx3D ImageMetaStream Scene File
.mtxtDataMOPEKS Text File
.mtz3D ImageCompressed MetaStream Scene File
.mtzSystemMIUI Theme
.mu3D ImageKerbal Space Program Mesh File
.mu3AudioMyriad Packed Musical Score
.mud3D ImageMudbox 3D Scene File
.mudDatabaseTextease Multi User Database
.mufDataAlpha Five License File
.muiSystemMultilingual User Interface File
.muiAudioMyriad Instrument File
.mui_cccd5ae0SystemHid User Library
.mulGameDeus Ex: HR Multiplexed Audio File
.mulGameUltima Online Multi File
.mumSystemWindows Vista Update Package
.mupDataMusic Publisher Score
.musAudioDoom Music File
.musGameElectronic Arts Game Music File
.musAudioFinale Notation File
.musAudioMinecraft Music File
.musaAudioAleph One Music File
.museWebAdobe Muse Website Project
.musxAudioFinale Notation File
.muxAudioMyriad Stand-Alone Music Score
.muxAudioTrackmania Music File
.muzAudioMUZ Audio File
.mvDeveloperMivaScript File
.mv_BackupMovie Edit Pro Movie Backup File
.mvbVideoMultimedia Viewer Book Source File
.mvcVideoMovie Collector Catalog
.mvcWebMivaScript Compiled File
.mvdVideoMovie Edit Pro Movie File
.mveVideoInfinity Engine Movie File
.mvexVideoMuvee autoProducer 6 Project File
.mviMiscAutoCAD Movie Command File
.mvpVideoMovie Edit Pro Video Project File
.mvpVideoMoviePlus Project File
.mvrWebIBM HotMedia Multimedia File
.mvsCADMicrochip Verification Specification File
.mvxDeveloperMultimedia Fusion Movement Extension
.mvyVideoVideo easy Project File
.mwTextMacWrite Text Document
.mwDataMaple Worksheet
.mwandAudioGarageBand MagicMentor Template
.mwbDatabaseMySQL Workbench Document
.mwdTextMarinerWrite Document
.mwfDataMapGuide Author Map Window File
.mwfMiscTranslation Memory Word Find File
.mwlicMiscMoneyWell License File
.mwpTextLotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
.mwsAudioMWave DSP Synth Instrument Extract
.mwsDataMaple Classic Worksheet
.mwxGISMapGuide Author Map Window XML File
.mwxDataMicroWorlds EX File
.mxDataMathematica Serialized Package File
.mx3AudioMixcraft 3 Audio Project
.mx4AudioMixcraft 4 Audio Project
.mx5AudioMixcraft 5 Audio Project
.mx5templateAudioMixcraft 5 Audio Project Template
.mxadDataMandelbrot Explorer All Data File
.mxaddonPluginMaxthon Add-On File
.mxc2DataMAGIX Cache File
.mxcsSettingsMandelbrot Explorer Color Scheme File
.mxdGISArcGIS Map Document
.mxdicDataMaxthon Dictionary File
.mxeExecutableMacro Express Playable Macro
.mxfVideoMaterial Exchange Format File
.mxfFontMaxis Font File
.mxfrSettingsMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region File
.mxgDataMiinoto Exchangeable Group File
.mxiDataAdobe Extension Information File
.mxiRaster ImageMaxwell Image
.mxlAudioCompressed MusicXML File
.mxm3D ImageMaxwell Material File
.mxmfAudioMobile XMF Ringtone File
.mxmlDeveloperFlex MXML Component
.mxnMiscMiinoto Exchangeable Note File
.mxpPluginAdobe Extension Package
.mxsSettingsPainter Color Mixer Pad File
.mxs3D ImageMaxwell Studio Scene File
.mxskinSettingsMaxthon Skin File
.mxtGISArcGIS Map Template
.mxvVideoMAGIX Video File
.myappDeveloperVisual Studio Application XML File
.mycolorsSettingsStardock MyColors Theme File
.mydDatabaseMySQL Database Data File
.mydocsSystemSend To My Documents
.myiDataMySQL MyISAM Index File
.mylRaster ImageMyLogo Maker Image
.myrAudioMyriad Music File
.mysVideoVineyard Captured Video File
.mzpCompressedWinArchiver Mountable Archive
.mzpAudioMozart Percussion File
.mzpCompressedMAXScript Zip Package
.mzzMiscMicrosoft .NET Download Package