Friday, 31 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter O

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.oDeveloperCompiled Object File
.oabDataOffline Address Book
.oamWebAdobe Edge Animate Widget File
.oarCompressedOpenSimulator Archive
.ob!MiscOrbit Downloader Incomplete Download
.obbDataAndroid Opaque Binary Blob File
.obdDataOffice Binder Document
.obiSettingsOutlook RSS Subscription File
.objDataRelocatable Object Code
.obj3D ImageWavefront 3D Object File
.obkBackupBackup File
.obmlWebOpera Mini Saved Web Page
.obp3D ImageBryce Object File
.obtSettingsOpenbox Theme File
.obwAudioSuperior Drummer Sounds File
.obz3D ImageCompressed 3D Object File
.oc3Raster ImageopenCanvas 3 Event File
.oc4Raster ImageopenCanvas 4 Event File
.oc5Raster ImageopenCanvas 5 Event File
.ocaDeveloperCustom Control Library Type File
.occDataOceanic DataPool File
.ocdGISOCAD Map File
.oceSettingsOpen Catalog Extension Connection File
.ociRaster ImageopenCanvas Image
.ocrMiscSubtitle Workshop OCR Script
.ocrTextFAXGrapper Fax Text File
.oct3D ImageRadiance Octree File
.octestDeveloperXcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle
.ocxDeveloperActiveX Control
.odDataMascopt Graph Request File
.odbDatabaseOpenDocument Database
.odbDatabaseABAQUS Database
.odcDataOpenDocument Chart File
.odcSettingsOffice Data Connection File
.odfGameBattlezone Object Definition File
.odfMiscOpenDocument Formula
.odfDataOpen Document File
.odgVector ImageOpenDocument Graphic File
.odiRaster ImageOpenDocument Image
.odifTextOpen Document Interchange Format
.odlDeveloperObject Description Language File
.odmAudioOverDrive Media File
.odmTextOpenDocument Master Document
.odoTextOnline Operating System Write Document
.odpDataOpenDocument Presentation
.odsMiscOutlook Express 5 Mailbox
.odsSpreadsheetOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odtTextOpenDocument Text Document
.odxDataBizTalk Server Orchestration File
.oeaccountDataWindows Mail Account File
.oebeBookOpen eBook File
.oebBackupOutlook Express Backup Wizard File
.oemSettingsOEM Setup File
.oemDataOEMEdit Save File
.oexPluginOpera Extension
.ofcDataOpen Financial Connectivity File
.off3D ImageObject File Format
.officeuiSettingsMicrosoft Office UI Customization File
.oflTextOts File List
.ofmDataMelco Embroidery File
.ofmDataOmniForm Form
.ofrMiscSMS Offer Manager File
.ofrAudioOptimFROG Audio File
.oftDataOutlook File Template
.ofxDataOpen Financial Exchange File
.ogaAudioOgg Vorbis Audio File
.ogf3D ImageS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model File
.oggAudioOgg Vorbis Audio File
.ogmVideoOgg Media File
.ogncWebDynamic Web Page
.ogsDataOrigons Movie Data File
.ogvVideoOgg Video File
.ogxVideoOgg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
.ogzGameCube 2 Map File
.oktAudioOktalyzer Module
.ol3D ImageValve Hammer Object Layout File
.olaPage LayoutOnline Access File
.olbMiscOLE Object Library
.olbCADOrCAD Symbol Library File
.oldBackupBackup File
.olkDataOutlook Address Book File
.olk14categoryDataOutlook Category File
.olk14contactDataOutlook Contact File
.olk14eventDataOutlook Calendar Event File
.olk14groupDataOutlook Group File
.olk14mailaccountDataOutlook Mail Account File
.olk14messageDataOutlook Message File
.olk14msgsourceDataOutlook Email Message Data File
.olk14noteDataOutlook Note File
.olk14prefSettingsOutlook Preferences File
.olk14signatureDataOutlook Signature File
.olk14taskDataOutlook Task File
.olmDataMac Outlook Database File
.olpWebOffice Live Package
.oltDataOrbit Downloads List
.omaAudioSony OpenMG Music File
.omcsDataOffice Manager Access File
.omfRaster ImageOMF Interchange Image File
.omfAudioOpen Media Framework File
.omgAudioOpenMG Audio File
.omgDisk ImageImage File
.omoDeveloperOMake Object File
.omodGameOblivion Mod Archive
.ompDataOffice Manager Document Archive
.omxAudioOtsAV Media Library Information File
.ondDataLotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File
.oneDataOneNote Document
.onepkgBackupMicrosoft OneNote Package File
.onetoc2SettingsMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents File
.ontDatatheWord Bible Text Module
.ontxDatatheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
.oo3DataOmniOutliner 3 File
.ookMiscArachne Batch Script
.opDataOpenPAT Report
.op2DataNastran Output File
.op4DataNastran Output File
.opalDataMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.opaxDataMicrosoft Office User Settings File
.opdPage LayoutOmniPage Document
.opdDataDurango Document
.opdownloadMiscOpera Partially Downloaded File
.openbsdTextOpenBSD Readme File
.opfeBookOpen Packaging Format File
.opfMiscFlipAlbum File
.opfDataFlipViewer FlipBook File
.opjCADOrCAD Project File
.oplcRaster ImageNokia Operator Logo File
.opmlWebOutline Processor Markup Language File
.opsSettingsOffice Profile Settings File
.optCADOpterecenja File
.optSettingsOptions File
.optionsSettingsSE-SOFT Configuration File
.optsSettingsLinux Configuration Options File
.opusAudioOpus Audio File
.opxDataFlipAlbum Photo Album File
.opxDataOrgPlus Org Chart
.oqyDatabaseExcel OLAP Query File
.or2DataLotus Organizer 2 File
.or3DataIBM Lotus Organizer 97 File
.or4DataIBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File
.or5DataLotus Organizer 5 File
.or6DataLotus Organizer 6 File
.oraDatabaseOracle Database Configuration File
.oraRaster ImageOpenRaster Image File
.orcAudioVoyetra Digital Orchestrator File
.orderedtestDeveloperVisual Studio Ordered Test File
.oreExecutableOre Executable File
.orfCamera RawOlympus RAW File
.orgDataLotus Organizer File
.oriBackupOriginal File
.origBackupOriginal File
.ortTextRich Text Editor Document
.orvVideoOracom Video File
.orxDatabaseRadiantOne VDS Database Schema
.osDeveloperObjectScript Source File
.osaxPluginAppleScript Scripting Addition
.osbGISOpenStreetMap Binary Map File
.oscDeveloperObix Source Code File
.oscGISOpenStreetMap Change File
.osdxSettingsSearch Connector Description File
.oskGameOsu! Skin File
.osmGISOpenStreetMap Map File
.ospVideoOpenShot Project File
.osrGameOsu! Replay File
.ossSettingsMicrosoft Outlook Saved Search File
.ostMiscOutlook Offline Folder File
.osuGameOsu! Script
.osxExecutablePowerPC Executable File
.oszGameOsu! Beatmap File
.oszDataOpenLP Service File
.otDatatheWord Old Testament Text Module
.otaRaster ImageOTA Bitmap Image
.otbRaster ImageNokia Over The Air Bitmap Image
.otcMiscOpenDocument Chart Template
.otfDataOpenTuft Tufting Design File
.otfMiscOpenDocument Formula Template
.otfFontOpenType Font
.otgVector ImageOpenDocument Graphic Template
.othWebOpenDocument HTML Template
.otiRaster ImageOpenDocument Image Template
.otlDataNoteTab Outline File
.otlnDataOpal Outline File
.otmExecutableOutlook Macro File
.otpDataOpenDocument Presentation Template
.otrkeyVideoOnlineTvRecorder Encoded Video File
.otsAudioOtsAV Album File
.otsSpreadsheetOpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ottTextOpenDocument Document Template
.otxDatatheWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module
.otzSettingsOpenLP Theme File
.outExecutableCompiled Executable File
.outDataOutput File
.ov2GISTomTom Points of Interest Database
.ovaDataOctava Musical Score
.ovaDataOpen Virtual Appliance
.oveAudioOverture Musical Score
.ovfDataOpen Virtualization File
.ovhGameOMSI Vehicle Configuration File
.ovlGameRollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data File
.ovpVector ImageThe Overlay Maker Package File
.ovpnSettingsOpenVPN Configuration File
.ovrVector ImageThe Overlay Maker Overlay File
.ovwAudioLogic Pro Overview File
.ovwAudioCubase WAVE Overview File
.owDeveloperFree Pascal 1.0.x Object File
.owcDatabaseOutWit Catch Database
.owgMiscOutWit Gear Database
.owlDeveloperOWL Source Code File
.owmMiscOutWit XML Mashup File
.oxpsPage LayoutOpenXPS File
.oxtPluginApache OpenOffice Extension
.oxygeneDeveloperOxygene Project File
.oyxBackupApproach Alternate Database Index
.ozCompressedOpera Job Management Compressed File
.ozbRaster ImageMU Online Image File
.ozjRaster ImageMU Online Image File
.oztRaster ImageMU Online Image File