Friday, 31 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter P

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.pDeveloperPascal Source Code
.pPluginLightWave Plug-in
.pDeveloperPython Pickle File
.p01Disk ImageGEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.p01Disk ImageToast CD Image
.p10MiscCertificate Request File
.p12WebPersonal Information Exchange File
.p213D ImageExpress STEP Data Model File
.p2gDisk ImagePower2Go Project File
.p2iDisk ImagePower2Go Disc Image
.p2mSettingsPhotoWorks Appearance File
.p2mGameGameshark PlayStation 2 Cheats file
.p2pMiscFolderShare Placeholder File
.p2sGamePCSX2 Saved State
.p2z3D ImageCompressed Poser Pose File
.p3DataPrimavera P3 Project File
.p3dDeveloperPanda3D Multifile
.p3d3D ImagePeak3D 3D Graphics File
.p3eSettingsPhotoshop Repousse Settings File
.p3l3D ImageAdobe Photoshop Light Preset File
.p3m3D ImageAdobe Photoshop Material Preset File
.p3r3D ImageAdobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset File
.p3tGamePlayStation 3 Theme File
.p6DeveloperPerl 6 Source Code File
.p65Page LayoutPageMaker 6.5 Document
.p7WebPKCS #7 Digital Certificate File
.p7bWebPKCS #7 Certificate File
.p7cWebPKCS #7 Certificate File
.p7mMiscDigitally Encrypted Message
.p7rMiscCertificate Request Response File
.p7sTextDigitally Signed Email Message
.p7xDataPacked Digital Signature File
.p96DatabaseWin96 Database File
.p97DatabaseWin97 Database File
.paPage LayoutPrint Artist Project
.pabDataPersonal Address Book
.pacVideoPAC Subtitles File
.pacAudioSBStudio II Song File
.pacWebProxy Auto-Config File
.pacRaster ImageSTAD Graphic File
.packDataCustoPack Tools Theme Pack
.packEncodedPack200 Packed Jar File
.pack.gzCompressedPack200 Compressed Archive
.packageCompressedLinux Autopackage File
.packageGameElectronic Arts Game Package File
.padMiscACT! Database Pointer File
.paeCompressedPowerArchiver Encrypted Archive
.pafExecutablePortable Application Installer File
.pafDataPersonal Ancestral File Program File
.pageWebHybridJava Web Page
.pagesTextPages Document
.pages-tefTextPages iCloud Document
.pakCompressedPAK (Packed) File
.pakGameVideo Game Package
.pakGameSimutrans Object File
.pakmMiscPAKM Package File
.palRaster ImageDr. Halo Color Palette File
.palSettingsPainter Custom Palettes File
.pampMiscPoweramp Album Art File
.panDatabasePanorama Database File
.pandoMiscPando File
.pandoraAudioPandora Android App Executable
.panicSystemKernel Panic File
.panoRaster ImageCamera Panoramic Picture
.papRaster ImagePanoramaStudio Project File
.papMiscCorel Painter Paper Texture
.papaGameGame Save Backup File
.papersSettingsCorel Painter Paper Texture File
.paqBackupHewlett-Packard Software Restore File
.paq6CompressedPAQ6 Data Archive
.paq7CompressedPAQ7 Data Archive
.paq8CompressedPAQ8 Data Archive
.paq8fCompressedPAQ8F Compressed Archive
.par3D ImageSolid Edge Part File
.parCompressedParchive Index File
.parVideoDedicated Micros DVR Recording
.parGameFMS Aircraft Parameters File
.par2CompressedParchive 2 Index File
.partMiscPartially Downloaded File
.part00000DataWinOptimizer Split Archive Part 1
.partialMiscInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.partimgDisk ImagePartimage File
.pasDeveloperPascal Source File
.pasDeveloperDelphi Unit Source File
.passwordwallet4DataPasswordWallet 4 Data File
.patCADAutoCAD Hatch Pattern File
.pat3D Image3D Patch File
.patGameKega Fusion Cheats File
.patAudioGravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File
.patRaster ImagePattern File
.patVector ImageCorelDRAW Pattern File
.patSystemDiskStation Manager Installation File
.pat0GameWii Texture Pattern File
.patchDeveloperPatch File
.patran.hrdDataPatran Hardcopy File
.pawDataPersonal Ancestry Writer II File
.pawDataPawaa File
.paxCompressedPAX Archive
.pbDeveloperPureBasic Source File Basic Protected Module File
.pbaBackupPowerBackup Archive
.pbbBackupAT&T Phonebook File
.pbdBackupEaseUS Todo Backup File
.pbdDataProBID+ Data File
.pbfBackupPowerBackup Data File
.pbfBackupParagon Backup File
.pbfAudioPinnacle Sample Bank
.pbgDeveloperPixel Bender Graph File
.pbiCompressedPC BSD Installer Package
.pbjBackupPowerBackup Job File
.pbjDeveloperPixel Bender Bytecode File
.pbkDataDial-Up Phone Book File
.pbkDeveloperPixel Bender Kernel File
.pbmRaster ImagePortable Bitmap Image
.pbnGamePortable Bridge Notation File
.pboGamePacked Bohemia Object
.pbpGamePSP Firmware Update File
.pbprojDeveloperProject Builder Project
.pbx5scriptBackupPersonal Backup Script
.pbxbtreeDeveloperXcode Auto-Complete File
.pbxprojDeveloperXcode Project Data File
.pbxscriptBackupPersonal Backup Script
.pbxuserDeveloperXcode Project User Data File
.pcDeveloperPro*C Source Code File
.pcDataPersonal Composer File
.pc1Raster ImageDegas Elite Low Res Image File
.pc2Raster ImageDegas Elite Medium Res Image File
.pc3SettingsAutoCAD Plotter Configuration File
.pc3Raster ImageDegas Elite High Res Image File
.pc6CADPowerCADD 6 Drawing File
.pc7CADPowerCADD 7 Drawing File
.pcaAudioPerfect Clarity Audio File
.pcapDataPacket Capture Data
.pcapngDataPcap-NG Packet Capture File
.pcastAudioiTunes Podcast File
.pcbDataPrinted Circuit Board Design File
.pccGameMass Effect Package
.pcdRaster ImageKodak Photo CD Image File
.pcdGamePokémon Wonder Card File
.pceGameTurboGrafx-16 ROM
.pcfGameValve Particle System File
.pcfFontPaintCAD Font
.pcgAudioKorg Instrument Bank File
.pchDeveloperPrecompiled Header File
.pchDataNastran Punch Output File
.pckSystemSystem Center Configuration Manager Package File
.pckGamePerfect World Data File
.pclPage LayoutPrinter Command Language Document
.pcmAudioPulse Code Modulation
.pcpDeveloperWindows Installer Patch Creation Properties File
.pcrDataPCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.pcsVector ImageMicrosoft Office ClipArt File
.pcsCADPfaff Embroidery File
.pcsavGameMass Effect 2 Saved Game
.pcsxstateGamePCSX Saved State File
.pctPage LayoutPicture File
.pctlSettingsKaspersky Parental Control Settings File
.pcvCompressedMozBackup Profile Backup
.pcxRaster ImagePaintbrush Bitmap Image File
.pdAudioSpore Audio Playback File
.pdVector ImageFlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document
.pd4DataWindows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pd5DataWindows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pdasDataPDAStore Data Store File
.pdbBackupPowerDesigner Database Backup File
.pdbDatabasePalm Desktop Database File
.pdbDataProtein Data Bank File
.pdbDatabaseProgram Database
.pdcEncodedLizard Safeguard Secure PDF File
.pddRaster ImageAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.pddDataMedtronic Programmer Data File
.pdeDeveloperProcessing Development Environment Source Code File
.pdeDeveloperArduino Sketch
.pdePage LayoutProntoDoc for Excel Document Template
.pderPage LayoutProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document
.pdfPage LayoutPortable Document Format File
.pdfigDataPDF Index Generator Project File
.pdfsSettingsAdobe PDF Presets File
.pdfxmlPage LayoutAdobe PDFXML Document
.pdgPage LayoutPrint Shop Deluxe Design File
.pdhPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
.pdiDisk ImageInstantCopy Disc Image
.pdlDeveloperPerl Data Language File
.pdmDeveloperVB Project Information File
.pdmPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template
.pdmDatabasePowerDesigner Database File
.pdnRaster ImagePaint.NET Image File
.pdoDataPepakura Designer File
.pdpPage LayoutAdobe Portable Document Format File
.pdrSystemWindows Port Driver
.pdrPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document
.pdsDataPlanetary Data System File
.pdsVideoPowerDirector Script File
.pdwPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
.pdwrPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
.pdxDataProduct Data eXchange File
.pdxDataAdobe Acrobat Index File
.pdzPage LayoutProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
.pe4Raster ImagePhoto Explorer Thumbnail Archive
.pe4Raster ImagePhotoImpact Image Archive
.peaCompressedPEA File Archive
.peakAudioSteinberg Peak File
.pebDataProEST+ Buildings File
.pecDataBrother Embroidery File
.pefeBookPEF Braille Book File
.pefCamera RawPentax Electronic File
.pegGamePeggle Replay File
.pegnGamePeggle Nights Replay File
.pekAudioAdobe Peak Waveform File
.pekeyMiscPhysicsEditor License Key File
.pemWebPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate
.penVector ImageLogitech io2 Drawing
.penSettingsPaint Shop Pro Pen Preset File
.pepDataTurboProject Project File
.perGameAge of Empires Personality File
.perfmoncfgSettingsPerformance Monitor Configuration File
.pesMiscBrother Embroidery Format
.pesDataPhysicsEditor Sheet File
.petCompressedPuppy Linux Install Package
.pexExecutableProBoard Executable File
.pexDataMerak Peep Data File
.pexPage LayoutWest Publisher Portable Exhibit File
.pezDataPrezi Desktop Presentation
.pfCompressedPrivate File
.pfDataWindows Prefetcher File
.pfaFontPrinter Font ASCII File
.pfbFontPrinter Font Binary File
.pfcDataAOL Personal File Cabinet
.pfdVector ImageMicrografx Optima! File
.pffPage LayoutFormatta Portable Form File
.pfgDeveloperjEEPers Program Configuration File
.pfiRaster ImagePhotoFiltre Studio Image
.pflPage LayoutPDFill Project File
.pflDataFamily Lawyer Document
.pflPluginPhotoFiltre Plugin
.pfmFontPrinter Font Metrics File
.pfrFontPortable Font Resource File
.pfrRaster ImagePaint Shop Pro Picture Frame File
.pfsTextPhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File
.pfvVector ImagePhotoFiltre Studio Vectorial Path
.pfxSystemPKCS #12 Certificate File
.pfxTextFirst Choice Word Processing Document
.pgdDisk ImagePGP Disk Image
.pgfRaster ImageProgressive Graphics File
.pgfGamePokémon Mystery Gift for Black & White File
.pgiVideoVideo Recording File
.pgmRaster ImagePortable Gray Map Image
.pgnGamePortable Game Notation File
.pgpMiscPGP Security Key
.pgpSettingsAutoCAD Program Parameters File
.pgpfDataPassword Generator Password File
.pgtGamePokémon Gift File
.pgxDisk ImageHopedot VOS Data File
.phSettingsAOL Phone Home Settings File
.phDeveloperPerl Header File
.pharExecutablePHP Archive
.phbDataMotorola Phone Book File
.phbSettingsPhtotoBase Album File
.phdDataPortable Heap Dump File
.phdDataPhotoDirector Project File
.phjCADPhCNC Project File
.phleBookKindle Popular Highlights File
.phmDataPro Home Manager Data File
.phnGameAlgodoo Phun Phunlet
.phoAudioMBROLA Phonetic Data File
.phoCADGerber Photoplot File
.photolibraryDataiPhoto Photo Library
.photoshowVideoRoxio PhotoShow Project
.phpWebPHP Source Code File
.php3WebPHP 3 Web Page
.php4WebPHP 4 Web Page
.php5WebPHP 5 Web Page
.phrDataRoboHelp Phrase List
.phtmWebPHP-Based Web Page
.phtmlWebPHP Web Page
.phyAudioPhyMod Physical Modeling Data
.phy3D Image3ds Max Physique File
.phyaGameAleph One Physics File
.phzGameAlgodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet
.piDataPi Calculation Data File
.pi1Raster ImageDegas Low Resolution Image File
.pi2Raster ImagePortrait Innovations Photo
.pi2Raster ImageDegas Medium Resolution Image File
.pi3Raster ImageDegas High Resolution Image File
.pi4Raster ImageDEGAS Image
.pi5Raster ImageDEGAS Bitmap Image
.pi6Raster ImageDEGAS Bitmap Image File
.picRaster ImageHoudini Raster Image
.picRaster ImageQuickTime PICT Image
.picRaster ImageGeneric Picture File
.pickleDeveloperPython Pickle File
.picncRaster ImageHoudini 3D Compositing Image
.pictRaster ImagePicture File
.pictclippingRaster ImagePicture Clipping File
.pidSystemCreative Driver File
.pidMiscProcess ID File
.pieSettingsGlovePIE Controller Script
.pifExecutableProgram Information File
.pigGameDescent Texture File
.pigGamePirates of the Burning Sea Data File
.pigm3D ImagePackaged Indigo Renderer Material File
.pigs3D ImagePackaged Indigo Renderer Scene File
.pikaDeveloperPika Software Builder Project File
.pimPluginPro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File
.pimCompressedPIM Archive
.pinGISMNS Projection Information File
.pioSettingsPro Tools I/O Settings File
.pipSettingsOffice Personalized Settings File
.pipdCADPIPE-FLO Demo Project File
.pipeCADPIPE-FLO Project File
.pisDataPS2DIS Project File
.pitCompressedPackIt Compressed Archive
.pitSystemSamsung Phone Firmware File
.pivVideoPivot Stickfigure Animation
.pixRaster ImageBRL-CAD Raw Image File
.pixGISPCI Geomatics Database File
.pixRaster ImageAlias PIX Image
.pixadexRaster ImagePixadex Icon
.pizCompressedZipped File
.pjGameProject64 Saved State File
.pj2DataxPlan Document
.pjmDataxPlan Model
.pjpegRaster ImageProgressive JPEG Image
.pjpgRaster ImageProgressive JPEG Image
.pjsVideoPhoenix Subtitles File
.pjtTextFoxPro Project Memo
.pjtDataDidger Project File
.pjxDeveloperFoxPro Project
.pkAudioAudition Peak File
.pkFontPacked METAFONT File
.pk2SystemSilkroad Online Game Data File
.pk3GameZDoom Package
.pk3GameQuake 3 Engine Game Data File
.pk4GameDoom 3 Engine Game Data File
.pkaDataPacket Tracer Activity File
.pkbDataOracle Package Body File
.pkeyEncodedPowerKey Encrypted File
.pkfAudioAudition Peak File
.pkg3D ImageMidtown Madness 2 Model File
.pkgGamePlayStation Store Downloaded Package
.pkgSettingsSymbian Package File
.pkg3D ImageCoCreate OneSpace Modeling Package File
.pkgCompressedMac OS X Installer Package
.pkgdefDeveloperVisual Studio Shell File
.pkgundefDeveloperVisual Studio Shell File
.pkhDataOracle Package File
.pkmGamePokémon Saved Game Data File
.pkpassMiscPassbook Pass File
.pksDataOracle Package Spec File
.pktDataPacket Tracer Network Simulation Model
.plVector ImageUnix Color Plot File
.plDeveloperProlog Source Code File
.plDeveloperPerl Script
.pl03D Image3D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
.pl1GameAdventure Maker Plug-in
.pl1DeveloperPL/I Source Code
.pl13D Image3D Home Architect Floor Plan
.pl23D Image3D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
.plaMisciriver iQuickList File
.plaCADArchiCAD Project Archive
.plaAudioSansa Playlist File
.planDataCalligra Plan Document
.plannerDataGnome Planner File
.plantumlTextPlantUML File
.playlistVideoCyberLink PowerDVD Playlist
.playmissionGameMissionPlayer Game File
.playsetMiscSouptoys Playset File
.plcDeveloperPL/B Source File
.pleDeveloperMessenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File
.plfMiscPapyrus License File
.plfGameMr. Bean Game Data File
.plgPluginSibelius Plug-in
.plgDeveloperVisual Studio Build Log File
.pliDeveloperPL/I Source Code File
.plistSettingsMac OS X Property List File
.plnCADArchiCAD Project File
.plnDataSpaceman Planogram File
.plnPluginAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.plnGameFlight Simulator Flight Plan
.plprojVideoAdobe Prelude Project File
.plrGamerFactor Player File
.plrGameTerraria Player File
.plsDataMYOB Accounting Data File
.plsAudioAudio Playlist
.plsSettingsPicoLog Settings File
.plscExecutableMessenger Plus! Live Script File
.plskMiscMessenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
.plstAudioSmartMusic Playlist
.pltDataTecplot Binary Data File
.pltVector ImageAutoCAD Plotter Document
.pltVector ImageHPGL Plot File
.plt0GameWii Color Palette File
.pltsuiteDeveloperSafari Page Load Test Suite File
.pluginPluginAdobe Photoshop Plug-in
.pluginPluginMac OS X Plug-in
.plwDataPicoLog Data File
.plxExecutablePerl Executable File
.ply3D ImagePolygon Model File
.plyAudioFinale Playback File
.pmDeveloperPerl Module
.pmRaster ImageUnix XV Graphic File
.pm3Raster ImagePageMaker 3 Document
.pm3CADCrouzet Logic Software M3 File
.pm4Page LayoutPageMaker 4 Document
.pm5Page LayoutPageMaker 5.0 Document
.pm6Page LayoutPageMaker 6.0 Document
.pmatrixDataPriority Matrix Project File
.pmcSettingsPerformance Monitor Counter File
.pmdSpreadsheetPlanMaker Spreadsheet
.pmd3D ImageMikuMikuDance Model File
.pmd3D ImagePoser Binary Morph File
.pmdPage LayoutPageMaker Document
.pmfGISESRI Published Map File
.pmfVideoPSP Movie File
.pmgRaster ImageAdobe Photoshop Photomerge Panoramic Composition File
.pmgVector ImagePageMaker Group File
.pmjSettingsPegasus Mail Configuration File
.pmlSettingsPyre Properties File
.pmleBookPalm Markup Language File
.pmlDataProcess Monitor Log File
.pmlzeBookZipped Palm Markup Language File
.pmmDataMikuMikuDance PolygonMovieMaker File
.pmmDataPegasus Mail Mailbox File
.pmoDataBroderbund Print Meta Object File
.pmoTextPegasus Saved Message File
.pmpSettingsAutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File
.pmqDeveloperMicrosoft Target Analyzer File
.pmrDataAvid Persisent Media Record File
.pmrDataPerformance Monitor Report
.pmtFontPageMaker Template File
.pmvSpreadsheetPlanMaker Spreadsheet Template
.pmvVideoReturn to Zork Video File
.pnMiscPowernoodle File
.pnaAudioPhatNoise Audio File
.pnachGamePCSX2 Patch File
.pnfSystemPrecompiled INF File
.pngRaster ImagePortable Network Graphic
.pniRaster ImagePopnoggin Image File
.pnmRaster ImagePortable Any Map Image
.pnoAudioWindows 8 Piano Song
.pnprojDataProgrammer's Notepad Project File
.pnptDataProgrammer's Notepad Project Template
.pnsDataPopnoggin Subject File
.pnsVideoPelco CCTV Video File
.pnsRaster ImagePNG Stereo Image
.pntRaster ImageMacPaint File
.pntDataPopnoggin Theme File
.pntDeveloperPanther Project
.pntgRaster ImageMacPaint Graphic File
.pnzDatabasePanorama Database Set
.poDeveloperPortable Object
.pobieBookKindle Touch Periodical File
.pobjVector ImagePhoto Pos Pro Vector Object File
.podDataOpenProj Project File
.podDeveloperPerl POD File
.podGameTerminal Reality Game Data File
.pofGameDescent Robot Definition File
.pogGameDescent 2 Texture Modification
.poiDataMagellan Maestro Point of Interest File
.polSystemWindows Policy File
.pomDeveloperMaven Build File
.popGameTeam Fortress 2 Population File
.popRaster ImageSamsung Popcon Character File
.porDataSPSS Portable File
.posDataTrimble Position File
.postDataLIGHT File
.postalDataTomTom Postal Code File
.potDeveloperPortable Object File
.potDataPowerPoint Template
.potmDataPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template
.potxDataPowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.povRaster ImageProlab Object File
.povRaster ImagePOV-Ray Raytracing Format
.ppDataPocket Physics Sketch File
.pp23D ImagePoser Prop File
.pp2DataPingPlotter Data File
.pp4Raster ImagePicture Publisher Bitmap File
.pp5Raster ImagePicture Publisher 5 Image File
.ppaPluginPowerPoint Add-in
.ppamPluginPowerPoint 2007 Add-In
.ppcAudioAdobe Presenter Audio File
.ppcDeveloperMobile Data Studio Project File
.ppcxAudioAdobe Presenter Presentation Audio File
.ppdSystemPostScript Printer Description File
.ppfDataTransit NXT Pack Project File
.ppfDataPublisher Project File
.ppfDataEdgecam Pathtrace Part File
.ppfRaster ImagePicture Publisher Image File
.ppfGamePlayStation Patch Format File
.ppfMiscPaint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File
.ppjVideoPremiere 6 Project File
.ppkMiscPuTTY Private Key File
.pplDeveloperFree Pascal Dynamic Library
.ppmRaster ImagePortable Pixmap Image File
.ppmSystemPost Programmable Memory File
.ppm_bMiscNokia PPM Flash File
.ppmodPluginPapers Please Mod File
.pppPage LayoutSerif PagePlus Document
.pppDataCyberLink PowerProducer Project
.pprDataCognos PowerPlay Report File
.pprDataORF Report File
.pprDataProject Planner Reader File
.ppsDataPowerPoint Slide Show
.ppsmDataPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.ppsxDataPowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.pptDataPowerPoint Presentation
.ppthtmlWebPowerPoint HTML Presentation
.pptmDataPowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.pptmhtmlWebMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation
.pptxDataPowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.ppuDeveloperFree Pascal Unit File
.ppxPage LayoutSerif PagePlus Template File
.ppz3D ImageCompressed Poser Prop File
.pqheroGamePuzzle Quest Saved Game
.pqiDisk ImagePowerQuest Drive Image
.praSettingsWindows Media 9 Plug-in Profile File
.prbDataxyAlgebra Probabilities File
.prc3D ImageProduct Representation Compact File
.prceBookMobipocket eBook File
.prcDataCorel Presentation
.prcExecutablePalm Resource Code File
.prdDataSoftMaker Presentations Document
.preDataLotus Freelance Graphics File
.prefSettingsPreferences File
.prefSettingsMacintosh Preferences File
.prefab3D ImageUnity Prefab File
.prefpaneSystemMac OS X System Preference Pane
.prefsGameMMORPG Tycoon Preferences File
.prelVideoPremiere Elements Project File
.prfSettingsClarisWorks Preference File
.prfSettingsQuarkXPress Preferences File
.prfSettingsOutlook Profile File
.prfSettingsDirector Preferences File
.prfDataPlot Station Plot Request File
.prfSettingsFileNet eForms Form Preferences File
.prfWebPICS Rules File
.prfSystemWindows System File
.prfpsetSettingsPremiere Pro Effect Preset File
.prgExecutableProgram File
.prgDeveloperVisual FoxPro Program File
.prgAudioWAVmaker Patch File
.prgCADPC-DMIS Part Program File
.prgAudioAkai MPC2000 Program File
.prgExecutableGEM Application
.prgDeveloperxBase Program File
.prgGameCommodore Program File
.prgDeveloperRPG Toolkit Program File
.prgDeveloperRAPID Program File
.priDeveloperWindows Compiled Resources File
.priDeveloperQt Project Include File
.printcd2DataEPSON Print CD File
.printerexportSystemWindows Printer Migration File
.prisonGamePrison Architect Saved Game
.prjDataProject File
.prjDataAIMMS Project File
.prkGameThrillville Park File
.prmSettingsParameter File
.prm3D ImageRe-Volt Model File
.prmGISRoute 66 Map File
.prmPluginPremiere Plug-in
.prnPage LayoutPrintable File
.prnDataLotus 1-2-3 Formatted Text File
.prnxDataXtraReports PrintingSystem Document
.proDeveloperQt Project File
.proCADKiCad Project
.proWebAdobe Proto Design File
.proVideoProPresenter Export File
.pro4DataProPresenter 4 Document
.pro4dvdVideoProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.pro4plDataProPresenter Playlist File
.pro4plxDataProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.pro4xDataProPresenter 4 Bundle File
.pro5DataProPresenter 5 Document
.pro5dvdVideoProPresenter DVD Clips Document
.pro5plDataProPresenter Playlist File
.pro5plxDataProPresenter Playlist Bundle
.pro5xDataProPresenter 5 Bundle File
.profileGamePandemic Studios Game Player Profile
.profileSystemBash Shell Profile
.profileSettingsCitrix Application Profile
.profimailSettingsProfiMail Settings File
.projectDeveloperEclipse Project Settings File
.projectpropertiesDataAlpha Five Project Properties File
.propdescSettingsProperty Description
.propertiesGameMinecraft Properties File
.propertiesSettingsJava Properties File
.propsSettingsVisual Studio Project Property File
.proqcVideoProPresenter Quartz Composition
.protoDeveloperProtocol Buffer File
.provisionprofileSystemApple Provision Profile
.prpDataRational Model Properties File
.prprojVideoPremiere Pro Project
.prsSettingsBatch & Print Pro Printer Settings File
.prsDataHarvard Graphics Presentation
.prsDataCalyx Point Prospect File
.prsMiscPlayStation Radio Player Location
.prstSettingsAdobe InDesign Printer Presets File
.prtSystemPrinter Driver File
.prtCADCADKEY Part File
.prtDataPresentations Template
.prtTextCrypt Edit Protected Text Format File
.prtCADUnigraphics Part File
.prtTextPrinter Output File
.prtCADPro/ENGINEER Part File
.prtCADSolid Edge Part File
.prtlVideoPremiere Pro Title File
.prvBackupFree Folder Hider Backup File
.prv3D ImageVue Preview File
.prvDataSoftMaker Presentations Template
.prwRaster ImageArtlantis Shader Preview File
.prxSettingsWindows Media Profile File
.prxDataPrimavera P3 Compressed Project File
.prxGamePSP Plugin File
.przDataFreelance Graphics Presentation File
.psVector ImagePostScript File
.ps1SystemMicrosoft Indexing Service Data File
.ps1ExecutableWindows PowerShell Cmdlet File
.ps1xmlSettingsWindows PowerShell Display Configuration File
.ps2SystemMicrosoft Search Catalog Index File
.ps2GameSharkport Saved Game
.ps2GamePCSX2 Memory Card File
.psa3D ImageUnreal Engine Skeletal Animation File
.psaBackupPlesk Backup File
.psaDataPhotoshop Album Catalog File
.psarMiscPSP Update File
.psbRaster ImagePhotoshop Large Document Format
.psbVideoPowerDivX Subtitles File
.psc1SettingsWindows PowerShell Console File
.psdRaster ImageAdobe Photoshop Document
.psd1DeveloperWindows PowerShell Data File
.psdlGameMidtown Madness 2 City File
.psdxRaster ImagePhotoshop Touch Document
.pseRaster ImagePhotoshop Elements Photo Project
.psessDeveloperVisual Studio Performance Session File
.psetPluginAdobe InDesign Plug-in Set File
.psfCADAutoCAD PostScript Patterns File
.psfAudioPortable Sound File
.psfSettingsPhotoshop Proof Settings File
.psfMiscHP-UX Product Specification File
.psfRaster ImagePhotoStudio File
.psfDataGPS Prediction Support File
.psfDataSPI Proxy Output File
.psfDataPID Script File
.psf1AudioPlayStation Sound Format File
.psf2AudioPlayStation Sound Format File
.psflibDataPlaystation Sound Format Library
.psflib2DataPlaystation Sound Format Library
.psgPage LayoutPage Segment File
.pshVideoPhotodex Slide Show
.psiMiscPrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
.psidVector ImagePostScript Image Data File
.psk3D ImageUnreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File
.psmDataPrism Document
.psmAudioProtracker Studio Module
.psmCADSolid Edge Sheet Metal File
.psm1DeveloperWindows PowerShell Script Module File
.pspSettingsPhotoshop Preferences File
.pspWebPL/SQL Server Page
.pspRaster ImagePaint Shop Pro Image File
.pspbrushRaster ImagePaint Shop Photo Pro Brush File
.pspdDataPhotoSuite 5 Project File
.pspimageRaster ImagePaintShop Pro Image
.psrPage LayoutPowersoft Report File
.pssCADAutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings File
.pssMiscPicture and Sound Show File
.pssGamePlayStation 2 Game Video File
.pssdVideoPhotoSuite Slide Show File
.pssgGameEGO Engine Textures File
.pstDataOutlook Personal Information Store File
.psuCADPSU Designer Document
.psuGameEMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save File
.psvDataPipe Separated Values File
.psvGamePlayStation 2 Save File
.psvCADPipe System Viewer File
.pswDataPassword Depot 3-5 File
.pswMiscWindows Password Reset Disk File
.pswTextPocket Word Document
.psw6EncodedPassword Depot 6 File
.pswxDataPassword Depot Portable File
.psxGamePlayStation Save File
.psySettingsThe Psychedelic Screen Saver Settings File
.psyAudioPsycle Song File
.psysGameZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects File
.pszCompressedCompressed PostScript File
.ptMiscPanther Project File
.ptbDataPower Tab File
.ptcopAudioPxTone Audio File
.ptfAudioPro Tools 7 Session File
.ptfDataScrapbook Flair Template
.ptfSettingsPSP Theme File
.ptgRaster ImageArtRage Painting
.pthMisc4D Path Document
.ptkDataQuicken Online Financial Data File
.ptkRaster ImagePuntotek Embroidery Design File
.ptlDeveloperRational Rose Petal File
.ptmGISMapPoint Map File
.ptmAudioPolyTracker Module
.ptnDataPaperPort Thumbnail File
.ptrMiscFlash Intro Project File
.ptsAudioPro Tools Session
.ptsRaster ImagePTGui Project File
.pttGISMapPoint Map Template
.ptwWebAutoCAD Publish To Web File
.ptxPage LayoutE-Transcript File
.ptxAudioPro Tools 10 Session File
.ptxRaster ImagePentax RAW Image File
.ptxRaster ImagePaint Shop Pro Texture File
.ptyDeveloperRational Property Set
.ptzDataE-Transcript Bundle File
.puTextPlantUML File
.pubPage LayoutPublisher Document
.pubWebPublic Key File
.pupCompressedPuppy Linux DotPup Installer Package
.pupCompressedPlayStation 3 Update File
.purblepairssave-msGamePurble Pairs Saved Game
.purbleshopsave-msGamePurble Place Shop Saved Game
.puzCompressedPacked Publisher File
.puzGameAcross Lite Crossword Puzzle
.pvaVideoPVA Video File
.pvcAudioPanasonic VM1 Voice File
.pvcBackupParallels Desktop Copied Configuration File
.pvdDataPolygen3D Vector Descriptor
.pvdExecutableInstalit Script
.pvjTextProofVision Job Ticket
.pvkMiscPrivate Key File
.pvlDataInstalit Library
.pvmDisk ImageParallels Virtual Machine
.pvmTextPhoto Video Manifest File
.pvmMiscHP Photo Album
.pvpfGamePet ville Save File
.pvrRaster ImagePOWERVR Texture File
.pvrVideoWintal PVR Video File
.pvsSettingsParallels Desktop Configuration File
.pwaCompressedPassword Agent File
.pwcExecutablePictureTaker File
.pwdTextPocket Word Document
.pwdCADSolid Edge Weldment Document
.pwdpTextPassword Pad Document
.pwdplTextPassword Pad Lite Document
.pwfGameCounter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File
.pwiTextPocket Word Document
.pwlSystemWindows Password List
.pwnDeveloperPawn Source Code File
.pwpRaster ImagePhotoWorks Image File
.pwrepDataPassword Repository File
.pwsSettingsPainter Workspace File
.pwsVector ImagePrint Workshop Image
.pwtCADAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
.pwtPage LayoutPocket Word Template
.pxRaster ImagePixel Image File
.pxaDataXpressAccounts Data File
.pxbSettingsPixelmator Brush File
.pxcDataPhotodex Cache File
.pxdRaster ImagePixlr Layered Image
.pxdDeveloperPyrex Definition File
.pxfDataTransit XV Pack Project File
.pxgSettingsPixelmator Gradient File
.pxiDeveloperPyrex Include File
.pxiDisk ImagePlexTools Disc Image
.pxiconRaster ImageCandyBar Icon
.pxjDataRecordNow Project
.pxlDataPocket Excel File
.pxmRaster ImagePixelmator Image File
.pxpGameCounter-Strike PODBot Experience File
.pxrRaster ImagePixar Image File
.pxvVideoPixbend Media File
.pyDeveloperPython Script
.pycExecutablePython Compiled File
.pydDeveloperPython Dynamic Module
.pymDeveloperPYM Macro Preprocessor File
.pyoExecutablePython Optimized Code
.pywDeveloperPython GUI Source File
.pyxDeveloperPyrex Source Code File
.pz23D ImagePoser Pose File
.pz33D ImagePoser Scene File
.pzaRaster ImagePhotoSuite Album File
.pzlGameTibo Jigs@w Puzzle File
.pzpGameTibo Jigs@w Compressed Puzzle File
.pzpRaster ImagePhotoSuite Project File
.pzsRaster ImagePhotoSuite Slide Show File
.pzz3D ImageCompressed Poser Scene File

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