Friday, 17 January 2014

Adobe Incopy CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keys for tools
Shft+EscSwitch between Text tool and Note tool
Alt+ShftTemporarily switch from Text tool to Note Tool
Alt+spacebarTemporarily switch to Hand tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+spacebarTemporarily switch to Zoom tool (Layout view)
Ctrl+spacebarTemporarily switch to Zoom In tool
Ctrl+Alt+spacebarTemporarily switch to Zoom Out tool
Keys for navigating through documents
Ctrl+LSwitch to Layout view
Ctrl+Alt+GSwitch to Story view
Ctrl+Shft+Page Up/ Page DownGo to first/last page (Layout view)
Shft+Page Up/Page DownGo to previous/next page (Layout view)
Right Arrow/Left ArrowMove right/left one character
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove up/down one line
Ctrl+Right Arrow/Left ArrowMove right/left one word
Ctrl+]/[Go to beginning of sentence forward/backward(Galley and Story views)
Home/EndGo to beginning/end of line
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowGo to previous/next paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+]Go to next story (Galley view)
Ctrl+Alt+[Go to previous story (Galley view)
Ctrl+Home/EndGo to beginning/end of story
Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect one character to the right/left
Ctrl+Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect one word to the right/left
Shft+Home/EndSelect to the start/end of the line
Ctrl+Shft+PSelect current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect sentence forward/backward (Galley andStory views)
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect one line above/below
Ctrl+Shft+Up Arrow/ Down ArrowSelect one paragraph before/after
Ctrl+Shft+Home/EndSelect to beginning/end of story
Ctrl+Backspace or DeleteDelete word in front of insertion point(Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Shft+Backspace or DeleteDelete current sentence (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+DeleteDelete current paragraph (Galley and Story views)
Ctrl+Alt+/Recompose all stories
Ctrl+Alt+2Toggle current and previous view
Ctrl+F6Go to Next window
Ctrl+Shft+F6Go to Previous window
Page Up/Page DownScroll up/down one screen
Alt+Shft+Page Up/ Page DownGo to first/last spread
Ctrl+Alt+Page Up/Page DownGo to first previous/ next spread
Ctrl+Alt+=Fit selection in window
Ctrl+5/2/4Increase screen to 50%/ 200%/400%
Ctrl+Alt+5Access view percent field
Keys for moving and transforming graphics
Ctrl+. [period] or, [comma]Increase/Decrease size/scale by 1%
Ctrl+Alt+. [period] or, [comma]Increase/Decrease size/scale by 5%
Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down ArrowkeyMove selection*
Ctrl+Shft+ Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow,DownMove selection by 1/10th*
Shft+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, DownArrowMove selection by 10 times*
Keys for working with text
EscEnables the Position tool in text
Ctrl+Shft+XNormal horizontal scale
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+XNormal vertical scale
Ctrl+Shft+>/<Increase/Decrease text point size
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+>/<Increase/Decrease text point size five times
Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease/Decrease leading (horizontal text)
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease/Decrease leading five times (horizontaltext)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+AAuto leading
Alt+Right Arrow/Left ArrowIncrease/Decrease kerning/tracking
Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow/Left ArrowIncrease/Decrease kerning/tracking five times
Ctrl+Alt+QReset all manual kerning preferences (reset trackto 0)
Alt+Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease/Decrease baseline shift (horizontal text)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease/Decrease baseline shift five times (horizontaltext)
Ctrl+Alt+\ or BackspaceIncrease/Decrease word space kerning
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+\ or BackspaceIncrease/Decrease word space kerning five times
Ctrl+Shft+L/C/RAlign text left/center/right
Ctrl+Shft+JJustify with last line aligned left
Ctrl+Shft+FJustify all lines
Shft+TabInsert right indent tab
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+/Update missing font list
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+'Toggle typographer's quotes preference
Alt+click expanded/collapsed note bookendExpand/Collapse all notes except current note
Keys for working with type
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+JOpen Justification dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+KOpen Keep Options dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+JOpen Paragraph Rules dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+CRedefine character style
Ctrl+Alt+ROpen Drop Caps and Nested Styles dialog box
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+RRedefine paragraph style
Ctrl+Shft+KToggle all caps (on/off)
Ctrl+Alt+LToggle small caps (on/off)
Ctrl+Shft+/Strike through
Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Shft+BBold
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+GToggle align to grid (on/off)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+HToggle auto-hyphenate (on/off)
Keys for finding and changing text
Ctrl+F1Insert selected text into Find What box
Shft+F1Insert selected text into Find What boxand find next
Ctrl+F3Replace selected text with Change To text
Shft+F3Replace selected text with Change To text andfind next
Ctrl+F2Insert selected text into Replace box
Keys for tables
Backspace or DeleteClear cell
Tab, Left Arrow, or Right ArrowMove to next cell
Shft+TabMove to previous cell
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove up/down through table cells
Alt+Page Up/Page DownMove to first/last cell in column
Alt+Home/EndMove to first/last cell in row
Page Up/Page DownMove to first/last row in frame
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect cells above/below
Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect cells to the right/left
Enter (numeric keypad)Start row on next column
Shft+Enter (numeric keypad)Start row on next frame
Keys for the thesaurus
Ctrl+Shft+5Load word
Ctrl+Shft+6Look up word
Ctrl+Shft+7Change word
Keys for working with XML
Right Arrow/Left ArrowExpand/Collapse element
Alt+Right Arrow/Left ArrowExpand/Collapse element and child elements
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowExtend XML selection up/down
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove XML selection up/down
Page Up/Page DownScroll structure pane up/down one screen
Home/EndSelect first/last XML node
Shft+Home/EndExtend selection to first/last XML node
Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right ArrowGo to previous/next validation error
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+F7Automatically tag text frames and tables
Other useful keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+Shft+WClose current document
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+WClose all documents
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+SSave all documents
Ctrl+Alt+ZExpand all stories
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+ZCollapse all stories
Ctrl+Alt+TabShow/Hide all toolbars and panels
Ctrl+Alt+NNew default document
Ctrl+Shft+DDisplay Links panel
Ctrl+Alt+` [accent grave]Activate last-used field in panel
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+6Update beginning to cursor info
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+8Update copyfit progress info
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+7Update cursor to end info
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+5Update selection info
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+4Update whole story info
Shft+F5Force redraw
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+UToggle units
Ctrl+Alt+F8New text macro
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+F8Edit text macro
Alt+Shft+F8Insert macro text