Saturday, 1 February 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter X

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.x3D ImageDirectX Model File
.xDeveloperLex Source Code File
.x32PluginAdobe Xtra File
.x3d3D ImageXara3D Project
.x3fCamera RawSIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.x4kSettingsXML4King Configuration File
.x64Disk ImageCommodore 64 Disk Image
.x86ExecutableLinux Executable File
.x_bCADParasolid Model Part File
.x_tCADParasolid Model Part File
.xaAudioPlayStation Audio File
.xaDisk ImageGEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.xaAudioThe Sims Audio File
.xaddPluginExpression Web Add-in
.xafDataAffirm Deposition Transcript
.xaf3D Image3ds Max XML Animation File
.xaf3D ImageCal3D XML Animation File
.xaimlDataXAIML Chatterbot Database File
.xamlDeveloperXAML File
.xamlxDeveloperVisual Studio Workflow Service File
.xanGameWorms Map File
.xapDeveloperXACT Project
.xapExecutableSilverlight Application Package
.xapplDataSpoon XML Application Configuration File
.xarVector ImageXara Xtreme Drawing
.xarSpreadsheetExcel Auto-Recovery File
.xasDataPro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File Basic Module File
.xbapExecutableXAML Browser Application File
.xbcDataSMART Notebook File
.xbdocTextXiosis Scribe Document
.xbeGameXbox Executable File
.xbelWebXBEL Bookmarks File
.xbfDeveloperXAML Binary File
.xbkBackupXenServer Backup File
.xbkDataSMART Notebook File
.xblWebExtensible Binding Language File
.xbmRaster ImageX11 Bitmap Graphic
.xbplateTextXiosis Scribe Template
.xbsavGameMass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game
.xbtDataSMART Notebook Template File
.xcappdataDeveloperXcode App Data File
.xcarchiveDeveloperXcode Archive
.xcdatamodelDeveloperXcode Core Data Model File
.xcdatamodeldDeveloperXcode Core Data Model File
.xcfRaster ImageGIMP Image File
.xcodeDeveloperXcode Project
.xcodeprojDeveloperXcode Project
.xcslDataCineStyle Color Correction File
.xcsnapshotsDeveloperXcode Snapshot Configuration File
.xcworkspaceDeveloperXcode Workspace File
.xdbDatabasePowerDesigner Database Definition File
.xdbDataSymantec Virus Database File
.xdiDisk ImageWinArchiver Extended Disc Image File
.xdlTextOracle Expert Definition Language File
.xdlTextXML Schema File
.xdpDataXML Data Package
.xdrSettingsXML-Data Reduced File
.xdsDataLcdStudio Design File
.xdsGameDS Game Maker Project File
.xdwPage LayoutFuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.xefDataeManager Form Data
.xefCompressedWinAce Encrypted File
.xejVideoExpression Encoder Job File
.xelVideoExpression Encoder Live Encoding File
.xemDataPowerDesigner Model definition File
.xemSettingseManager Metered Units
.xenGameGuitar Hero III Data File
.xensearchMiscXenCenter Saved Search File
.xepSettingseManager File Packaging Information
.xerDataPrimavera P6 Project File
.xesSettingseManager Skins Definition
.xescVideoExpression Encoder Screen Capture File
.xetSettingseManager Process Definition
.xevSettingseManager Auto-Update File
.xexGameXbox 360 Executable File
.xezCompressedeManager Template Package
.xfbSystemXserve RAID Firmware Binary File
.xfdDataXFD File
.xfdDataFormFlow 99 Form Data File
.xfdfDataAdobe Acrobat XFDF File
.xfdlWebXFDL File
.xflVideoFlash Movie Archive
.xfnFontVentura Printer Font
.xfoDataXSL-FO Formatted Form
.xfrDataiProcess Process Definition File
.xfsAudioeRacer Sound File
.xftFontChiWriter Printer Font
.xftDataAdobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.xgmlDataGraph Modeling Language XML File
.xgmmlDataXGMML Graph File
.xgpDataXfire Game Patcher File
.xgsSettingsXACT Global Settings File
.xhtWebXHTML File
.xhtmWebExtensible Hypertext Markup Language Document
.xhtmlWebExtensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.xiAudioFasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
.xibDeveloperInterface Builder File
.xifPage LayoutScanSoft Pagis File
.xiseCADXilinx ISE Project File
.xlSpreadsheetExcel Spreadsheet
.xlaPluginExcel Add-In File
.xlamPluginExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In Module Information File
.xlbSettingsExcel Toolbars File
.xlcDataExcel Chart
.xldDatabaseExcel Database File
.xlfDataXLIFF Document
.xlgcDataExpressK Database File
.xliffDataXLIFF Localization File
.xlkBackupExcel Backup File
.xllPluginExcel Add-In File
.xlmExecutableExcel Macro
.xlmvVideoXunlei Movie File
.xlnkMiscXML Shortcut File
.xlrSpreadsheetWorks Spreadsheet
.xlsSpreadsheetExcel Spreadsheet
.xlsbSpreadsheetExcel Binary Spreadsheet
.xlshtmlSpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet
.xlsmSpreadsheetExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.xlsmhtmlSpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel MIME HTML Spreadsheet
.xlsxSpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.xltDataExcel Template
.xlthtmlSpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template
.xltmSpreadsheetExcel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
.xltxSpreadsheetExcel Open XML Spreadsheet Template
.xlvPluginExcel Visual Basic Module
.xlwMiscExcel Workspace File
.xlwDataExcel Workbook
.xmAudioFasttracker 2 Extended Module
.xmapDataXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
.xmbGameAge of Empires Game Data File
.xmbGameX-Wing Mission Briefing File
.xmcdDataMathcad Worksheet File
.xmcdzCompressedMathcad Compressed Worksheet File
.xmctDataMathcad XML Worksheet Template
.xmdDisk ImageExtended Media Disc Image
.xmdPluginBitdefender Plugin File
.xmfDisk ImageGameJack Disc Image File
.xmfAudioExtensible Music File
.xmf3D ImageCal3D XML Mesh File
.xmiDataXML Metadata Interchange File
.xmiAudioExtended MIDI File
.xmindVector ImageXMind Workbook File
.xmlDataXML File
.xmlperDataLeCroy Binary Waveform File
.xmm3D Image3ds Max XML Animation Map File
.xmmapVector ImageMindManager XML Map File
.xmpMiscExtensible Metadata Platform File
.xmpzDataMiradi XML Project File
.xmvVideoXbox Media Video File
.xmzAudioFastTracker 2 Extended Module
.xnbGameXNA Game Studio Binary Package
.xnkMiscExchange Shortcut
.xntPluginQuarkXPress Extension File
.xof3D ImageReality Lab 3D Image File
.xolGISSwiss Map Overlay
.xolMiscPowerDesigner Object Language File
.xomGameWorms 3D Object File
.xomlDeveloperWindows Workflow File
.xpAudioFastracker 2 Pattern
.xpGameXPilot Map
.xp2GameXPilot NG
.xp3GameKiriKiri Package File
.xp4GameKiriKiri Package
.xpaddercontrollerSettingsXpadder Controller Profile
.xpdGamePlayStation Store PSP License File
.xpdWebXML Pipeline Document
.xpdlDataXPDL Module
.xpfAudioLMMS Preset File
.xpgDataAutoplay Media Studio Exported Page
.xpiPluginMozilla Installer Package
.xpjDataRoboHelp HTML Project File
.xpjDataMicro Planner X-Pert Project File
.xpkGameWWE RAW Model File
.xplSettingsLcdStudio Playlist File
.xpmDataMicro Planner Manager File
.xpmRaster ImageX11 Pixmap Graphic
.xppDeveloperX++ Source Code File
.xpr3D ImagePro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
.xprMiscPressIt Disc Label
.xprVector ImageMicrosoft Expression Design Graphic
.xprDataSyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
.xpsPage LayoutXML Paper Specification File
.xptDataSAS Transport File
.xptPluginMozilla Firefox Component
.xqDeveloperXQuery File
.xqlDeveloperXML Query Language File
.xqmDeveloperXQuery Module
.xqtExecutableSuperCalc Macro File
.xqueryDeveloperXQuery Source Code File
.xqyDeveloperXQuery Source File
.xrf3D ImageCal3D XML Materials File
.xrffDataExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
.xrm-msSystemMicrosoft Security Certificate
.xrnsAudioRenoise Song File
.xrpDataRationalPlan Project File
.xryDataXRY Data File
.xsGameAge of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
.xsbAudioXACT Sound Bank
.xscDataVisual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.xsdDeveloperXML Schema Definition
.xsfDataInfoPath Form Definition File
.xsf3D ImageCal3D XML Skeleton File
.xsi3D ImageSoftimage XSI 3D Image
.xsiaddonPluginSoftimage Add-on File
.xslDataXML Style Sheet
.xslicMiscXenServer License File
.xsltDataXSL Transformation File
.xsnPage LayoutInfoPath Form Template File
.xspAudioXBMC Smart Playlist File
.xspfAudioXSPF Playlist File
.xssWebXML Style Sheet
.xstSettingsWebSphere Query Template
.xsvfDataXilinx Serial Vector Format File
.xsxDeveloperVisual Studio XML Schema Layout File
.xtDeveloperXdebug Trace File
.xtAudioFastracker 2 Track
.xtgDataExtensible TreeGraph File
.xtlGameVietcong Data File
.xtmDataCmapTools Exported Topic Map
.xtmDataXtremsplit Data File
.xtpDataxTime Project Document
.xtpDataXTree Data File
.xtpPage LayoutInfoPath Template Part File
.xtpSettingsAutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File
.xtremeSettingsWinstep Xtreme Theme Pack
.xuiSettingsXbox 360 User Interface File
.xulWebXML User Interface Language File
.xurSettingsXbox 360 Binary User Interface File
.xv03D ImageLattice XVL Structure File
.xv3CADLattice XVL Geometry File
.xvaDisk ImageXenServer Virtual Appliance File
.xvctDataVISE XML Project File
.xvidVideoXvid-Encoded Video File
.xvmSettingsVMware Console Configuration File
.xvmconfGameWorld of Tanks XVM Configuration File
.xwbAudioXACT Wave Bank
.xwdRaster ImageX Windows Dump Image
.xwfMiscOmniPage Workflow File
.xwkSettingsCrosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping File
.xwpTextXMLwriter Project
.xwpTextXerox Writer Text Document
.xwpTextCrosstalk Session File
.xwsWebXara Web Designer Graphic
.xxCompressedXXEncoded File
.xxdDataBrixx Planner Calendar
.xxeEncodedXXEncoded File
.xxxMiscCompucon Singer Embroidery File
.xyTextXYWrite Document
.xy3TextXYWrite III Document
.xypTextXYWrite Plus Document
.xysExecutableXYplorer Script File
.xywTextXYWrite for Windows Document
.xyzDataMolecule Specification File
.xyzDataCelestia Sampled Trajectory Data File
.xyzvDataCelestia Sampled Trajectory File
.xzCompressedXZ Compressed Archive
.xzfxPage LayoutZipLogix ZipForm File