Saturday, 1 February 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter S

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.s3D ImageMicrosoft Train Simulator Shape File
.sDeveloperSource Code File
.s00CompressedZipSplitter Part 1 Archive
.s01CompressedZipSplitter Part 2 Archive
.s02CompressedZipSplitter Part 3 Archive
.s10GameBrasfoot Saved Game File
.s19DeveloperMotorola S19 File Record
.s2aExecutableSEAL2 Application
.s2eDataSWF to EXE Converter Project File
.s2mGameStronghold 2 Map File
.s2mhGameStarCraft 2 Map Header File
.s2mlSettingsStarCraft 2 Map Localization File
.s2mvRaster ImageStarCraft 2 Map Preview File
.s2qhSettingsStarCraft 2 Localization Header File
.s2qlSettingsStarCraft 2 Unit Localization File
.s2zGameHeroes of Newerth Game Data File
.s3iAudioScream Tracker 3 Instrument
.s3mAudioScreamTracker 3 Module
.s3zAudioCompressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
.s4mGameSWAT 4 Map File
.s5xGameHeritage of Kings: The Settlers Map File
.s7zCompressedMac OS X 7-Zip File
.s85DataSabre Airline Solutions Chart
.sa1GameGame Boy Emulator Save File
.sa9PluginHue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
.sabGameSaber File
.sabCADACIS SAB Model File
.sadGameBlack & White Audio File
.safTextSafeText File
.safGISStreet Atlas USA Map File
.safAudioSecure Audio File
.safDataMcAfee Fortress File
.safariextzPluginApple Safari Extension Package
.safeEncodedSIGLock Encrypted File
.safetextTextSafeText File
.sahDataSETI@home Data File
.saiRaster ImagePaintTool SAI Image
.samDataSamurize Package
.samAudioMOD Edit Sample File
.samTextLMHOSTS Sample File
.samTextAmi Pro Document
.sam07DataSAM 2007 Package
.samiGameGrand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Installer File
.sapAudioAtari SAP Music File
.sarCompressedService Archive File
.sarRaster ImageSaracen Paint Image
.sarDataSibelius Arrange Style
.sasDeveloperSAS Program File
.satCADACIS SAT 3D Model File
.savGameNintendo DS Save File
.savDataSPSS Data File
.savGameMass Effect 3 Saved Game
.savGameSaved Game
.savBackupParallels Desktop Saved State Image File
.saveTextNano Temporary Save File
.saveddeckWebNokia Saved Web Page
.savedsearchSystemSpotlight Saved Search
.savedstateDataVirtual Router Saved State File
.saverSystemMac OS X Screen Saver
.sbDeveloperSmall Basic Source Code File
.sbAudioSigned Byte Audio File
.sbSystemSlax Bundle
.sbDeveloperScratch Project File
.sb2DeveloperScratch 2.0 Project File
.sbbBackupOffice Accounting Company Backup File
.sbcMiscOffice Accounting Company Shortcut File
.sbdDataOffice Accounting Company Data File
.sbdDataSuperbase Data Definition File
.sbfDatabaseSuperbase Database File
.sbfDataSmartBroker Data
.sbfSystemAndroid System File
.sbgAudioSBaGen Binaural Beat File
.sbiAudioSound Blaster Instrument
.sbkMiscMultimedia ToolBook System Book
.sbkPage LayoutScrapbook Factory File
.sbkAudioE-MU SoundFont Sound Bank
.sbkVideoSWiSH Project Backup File
.sbnGISGT-31 Binary Data File
.sbnSystemCisco IP Phone Firmware File
.sbnGISESRI Spatial Binary File
.sbpCADOpenSBP CNC Program File
.sbpRaster ImageSketchbook Express iCloud Image
.sbprojDeveloperOpenGL Shader Builder Project
.sbqDataSuperbase QuickReports File
.sbrDeveloperVisual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.sbsExecutableSPSS Script
.sbsBackupSecure Backup System File
.sbtVideoSBT Subtitle File
.sbtDataSuperbase Data Notes File
.sbuBackupSamsung Backup File
.sbvSettingsYouTube Captions File
.sbvPage LayoutSuperbase Form Definition File
.sbwDataUS Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
.sbxSettingsAdobe Illustrator Tsume File
.sbxCompressedGLBasic Shoebox File
.sbxDataESRI Spatial Index File
.scDeveloperSuperCollider Source Code File
.scMiscSpace Engine Script
.sc2GameSimCity 2000 City File
.sc2AudioSample Cell II Instrument Definition
.sc2archiveGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File
.sc2assetsGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File
.sc2bankGameStarCraft 2 Bank File
.sc2dataGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
.sc2localeMiscBlizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
.sc2maGameStarCraft 2 Map Data File
.sc2mapGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Map File
.sc2modGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File
.sc2replayGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Replay File
.sc2saveGameBlizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
.sc2sceneGameStarCraft 2 Cut Scene File
.sc3GameSimCity 3000 City File
.sc4GameSimCity 4 Saved File
.sc4GameRollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario File
.sc45DataSuperCard Project File
.sc4descGameSimCity 4 Description File
.sc4lotGameSimCity 4 Lot File
.sc4model3D ImageSimCity 4 Model File
.sc5GameChris Sawyer's Locomotion Scenario File
.sc6GameRollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario File
.scaExecutableScala Script File
.scaDataNorton AntiVirus Scan File
.scacfgSettingsSuperCard Application Configuration File
.scadCADOpenSCAD Script
.scapSystemEFI Firmware File
.scarExecutableSCAR Script
.scbExecutableScala Published Script
.scbEncodedScrambls Encrypted File
.sccDeveloperSourceSafe Source Code Control File
.sccTextScenarist Closed Caption File
.sccVideoScreenFlow Screen Recording
.scdDataData Rescue Saved Scan File
.scdDataTurboTax Tax Schedule List
.sceaGameAleph One Map File
.sceneGameAntibody Level File
.scexcludbDataSpring Cleaning Exclusions File
.scfSystemWindows Explorer Command
.scfDataDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.scfGameSimTown Sounds File
.scgRaster ImageColoRIX Image File
.scgDatamyPM SCG Definition File
.schCADKiCad Schematic File
.schSettingsStrater Scheme File
.schDataSuperCard Help Project File
.schDataEAGLE Schematics File
.schemasSystemGConf Schema Definition File
.schematicGameMCEdit Schematic File
.sciRaster ImageColoRIX Graphics Image
.sclvlGameScritter's Nest Data File
.scmGameStarCraft Map File
.scmVideoScreenCam Screen Recording
.scmTextSchema File
.scmDataSamsung Channel List File
.scmGameCLEO Compiled Script
.scmPluginGIMP Script-Fu Script
.scmVideoSuper Chain Media File
.scnRaster ImageTreePaint Image
.scnDataOrbiter Scenario File
.scnGameAge of Mythology Scenario File
.scnGameOpenTTD Scenario File
.scnVideoPinnacle Studio Scene File
.scnGameSimCity Scenario File
.scoGameOMSI Scenery Object Configuration File
.scoDisk ImageTotalRecovery Backup Image
.scpRaster ImageColoRIX Bitmap Graphic File
.scpcfgSettingsSuperCard Project Configuration File
.scptExecutableAppleScript Script File
.scptdExecutableAppleScript Script Bundle
.scrSystemWindows Screensaver
.scrExecutableScript File
.scratchDeveloperScratch Project File
.screenflowVideoScreenFlow Document
.screstorelogDataSpring Cleaning Restore Log
.scresultsDataSpring Cleaning Results File
.scriptExecutableGeneric Script File
.scriptsuiteDeveloperAppleScript Script Suite File
.scriptterminologyDeveloperAppleScript Script Terminology File
.scrivTextScrivener Document
.scrivxTextScrivener XML Document
.scsGameSimCity Societies Saved Game File
.scsGamePrism3D Game Data File
.scs11AudioShow Cue System Cue File
.sctRaster ImageScitex Continuous Tone File
.sctExecutableWindows Scriptlet
.sctTextFoxPro Form Memo
.scuRaster ImageColoRIX Bitmap Image
.scvVector ImageScanVec CASmate Sign File
.scwMiscScore Writer Document
.scwTextMovie Magic Screenwriter Document
.scxGameMicrosoft Game Scenario File
.scxGameGame Scenario File
.scxDataSuperCard Help Project
.scxDatabaseFoxPro Form
.sczDataSmartDraw Collection Package File
.sdAudioESPS Sampled Data File
.sdAudioSound Designer Audio File
.sd2AudioSound Designer II File
.sd2fAudioSound Designer 2 File
.sd7GameSpring Content Package
.sdaVector ImageStarOffice Drawing
.sdatAudioNintendo DS Sound Data File
.sdbDatabaseServerBoss Database File
.sdb3D ImageSAP2000 Model File Base Database File
.sdbWebSocialDecks Blog File
.sdbSystemCustom Application Compatibility Database
.sdbDatabaseMonKey Office SQLite Database File
.sdcCompressedSecure Download Cabinet
.sdcSpreadsheetApache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sdcBackupStardock Central Download Archive
.sddDataStarOffice Presentation
.sdefDeveloperAppleScript Dictionary Document
.sdfDataStructure Data File
.sdfDatabaseSQL Server Compact Database File
.sdfGISSpatial Data Format File
.sdfGameWorld in Conflict Game Map
.sdfDataStandard Data File
.sdgCADStrater Project File
.sdiDisk ImageWindows System Deployment Image
.sdiiAudioSound Designer 2 Audio File
.sdinstallDataSpeckie Dictionary Installation File
.sdlDeveloperService Description Language File
.sdlDataScene Description Language File
.sdlxliffDataSDL Trados XLIFF Localization File
.sdmGISSpatial Data Modeling Language File
.sdmTextStarOffice Mail Message
.sdnCompressedShareware Distributors Network File
.sdoEncodedSigned Document
.sdocTextSatra Khmer Document
.sdocEncodedSealed Word Document
.sdpDataStarOffice Presentation File
.sdpDataSession Description Protocol File
.sdqDataSAS Data File
.sdrMiscDell Support File
.sdrRaster ImageSmartDraw Drawing
.sdsAudioMIDI Sample Dump Standard File Chart
.sdsDataSDS Apps Data File
.sdskDisk ImageSafeHouse Private Storage Volume
.sdtPage LayoutSmartDraw Template File
.sdtSystemSiemens Desktop Theme File
.sdtGameGrand Theft Auto 3 Audio File
.sdtAudioElectronic Arts Sound Data File
.sdvVideoStudio DV Project File
.sdwTextStarOffice Writer Text Document
.sdwGISMrSID World File
.sdxMiscKivuto Secure Download Manager File
.sdxAudioSample MIDI Dump Exchange
.sdzDataNCI Compressed Database
.sdzGameSpring Content Package
.seaCompressedSelf-Extracting Archive
.seamWebSeam Framework Java Servlet File
.search-msMiscWindows Saved Search File
.searchconnector-msSystemWindows Search Connector File
.secVideoGuinXell Video File
.secMiscPGP Secret Key Ring
.secureMiscSeptium Secure Document
.securitysettingsSettingsAlpha Five Security Settings File
.sedDeveloperSed Script
.sedSettingsIExpress Self Extraction Directive File
.sedprjVideoSlideshow Studio Elements Project
.seedExecutableLinux Preseed File
.seestyleSettingsCoda Style Sheet File
.sefEncodedEncryptafile Signature File
.segAudioEragon Audio File
.selDataLinkOne Selection List File
.semDeveloperAlpha Five Set Data Dictionary Memo File
.senDataSenTest Data File
.senCompressedScifer Internal Header Archive
.seoDataSEO Note File
.sepRaster ImageSeparated Image File
.sepluginPluginAppleScript Editor Plug-in
.seqVideoNorPix StreamPix Sequence
.seqDataDNA Sequence Text File
.seqAudioPowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.sequSettingsAdobe Acrobat Sequence File
.serDataGeneMapper Project File
.sesDataPatran Session File
.sesAudioAudition Session File
.sessionTextMozilla Firefox Session File
.session3D ImageCATIA 4 Session File
.sesxAudioAdobe Audition Session File
.setSettingsDocument Library Property Set File
.setDeveloperAlpha Five Set Data Dictionary File
.setSettingsSettings File
.settingcontent-msSettingsWindows Settings File
.settingsSettingsVisual Studio Settings File
.settingsGameMinecraft iConomy Plug-in Settings File
.setupDeveloperCryENGINE Character Setup File
.sewCADHome Embroidery Format
.sexDeveloperAlpha Five Set Data Dictionary Index File
.sfMiscMinecraft JAR Signature File
.sfAudioIRCAM Sound File
.sf2AudioSoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.sfap0AudioSound Forge Audio Proxy File
.sfarGameMass Effect 3 DLC File
.sfbGamePlayStation 3 Disc Data File
.sfcGameSuper Nintendo ROM
.sfcRaster ImageMotic Microscope Image
.sfcGameCreatures Saved Game
.sfcacheSystemReadyBoost Cache File
.sfdVideoSofdec Dreamcast Movie
.sfdFontSpline Font Database File
.sferaCamera RawSfera 360° File
.sffDataStandard Flowgram Format File
.sffGameM.U.G.E.N. Sprite File
.sffRaster ImageStructured Fax File
.sfkAudioSound Forge Audio Peak File
.sflAudioSound Forge Sound Data File
.sfoGamePSP Game Parameters File
.sfoSettingsCuteFTP Search File
.sfpFontSoft Font Printer File
.sfpackAudioPacked SoundFont File
.sfsGameKerbal Space Program Save File
.sfsCompressedSquashfs File Archive
.sfsAudioSFX Sample File
.sftMiscMicrosoft App-V Sequencer File
.sfvMiscSimple File Verification File
.sfvidcapVideoSonic Foundry Video Capture File
.sfwRaster ImageSeattle FilmWorks Image
.sfxCompressedWindows Self-Extracting Archive
.sgaGameRelic Entertainment Game Archive
.sgaaGameAleph One Saved Game
.sgbGameDawn of War Map File
.sgbGameSuper Game Boy ROM File
.sgiRaster ImageSilicon Graphics Image File
.sgmGameVisualBoyAdvance Saved Game
.sgmTextSGML File
.sgmlDataStandard Generalized Markup Language File
.sgnDataSlax Boot File
.sgn3D ImageSignet Bureau DRM File
.sgpAudioMP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project
.sgrGameSimCity 4 Graphics Rules File
.sgrDataSGR Genome Data File
.sgtSettingsSPSS Chart Template
.sgzEncodedSigzaLock Encrypted File
.shDeveloperBash Shell Script
.shCompressedUnix Shell Archive
.sh2GameStronghold 2 Saved Game
.sh3d3D ImageSweet Home 3D Design File
.sh3f3D ImageSweet Home 3D Model Library
.sha1MiscSHA-1 Hash File
.sha256MiscFileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes File
.sha512MiscSHA 512 Hash File
.shaderGameQuake 3 Engine Shader File
.sharCompressedUnix Shar Archive
.shbExecutableWindows Document Shortcut
.shcDataAdobe Photoshop Contours File
.shdSystemWindows Print Job Shadow File
.shgRaster ImageSegmented Hyper-Graphic
.shhSettingsAdobe Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Settings file
.shkCompressedShrinkIt Archive
.shnAudioShorten Compressed Audio File
.shortcutMiscAsutype Shortcut
.showDataHanshow Presentation
.shpGISESRI Shapefile
.shp3D ImageShapes File
.shpaGameAleph One Shape File
.shrCompressedUnix Shell Archive File
.shsMiscMicrosoft Scrap File
.shshSystemiPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File
.shtWebHTML File with Server Side Includes
.shtmWebHTML Server Side Include File
.shtmlWebServer Side Include HTML File
.shvMiscHusqvarna Viking Embroidery File
.shwDataCorel Presentation
.shxMiscMotorola Flash Superfile
.shxCADAutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.shxDataShapefile Index File
.shyEncodedShyFile Encrypted File
.si3D ImageSoftimage Image File
.sibAudioSibelius Score
.sidRaster ImageMrSID Image
.sidAudioSID Audio File
.sidGameSteam Game Data Backup File
.sidbMisciTunes Authorization Data File
.siddMisciTunes Authorization Data File
.sidnMisciTunes Authorization Data File
.sidxDataStuffIt Archive Index File
.sifSettingsWindows Setup Information File
.sigRaster ImageBroderbund Sign File
.sigTextSignature File
.siiGame18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Truck Definition File
.simRaster ImageAurora Image
.simBackupSteam Game Backup Information File
.simDataSAP Tutor File
.simgDisk ImageSynclavier Disk Image File
.sims2packGameDownloaded Sims 2 Package File
.sims3GameThe Sims 3 Game Save File
.sims3.backupGameThe Sims 3 Game Save Backup File
.sims3.badGameThe Sims 3 Failed Game Save File
.sims3packGameThe Sims 3 Package File
.sinfDataiOS Application Archive File
.sisDatabaseSisma Database File
.sisBackupSteam Game Backup Information File
.sisMiscSymbian Installation File
.sis.dmMiscOvi Store DRM-Protected Application
.sisxMiscSymbian OS Installation File
.sisx.dmMiscNokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
.sitCompressedStuffIt Archive
.siteWebGoLive Website Project File
.sitemapWebASP.NET Site Map File
.sitesWebiWeb Site Design Project
.sites2WebiWeb Site Design Project
.sitxCompressedStuffIt X Archive
.sivVideoSilicon Imaging Video File
.sjavaDeveloperSynchronous Java File
.sjdPage LayoutScrapbook Factory Journal File
.skMiscSafari History Index File
.sk1Vector ImagesK1 Vector Graphic File
.sk2Vector ImageChemSketch Drawing
.skbBackupSketchUp Backup Document
.skcDataSideKick Card File
.skcardTextStarfish Sidekick Card File
.sketchVector ImageSketch Drawing
.skfCADAutoSketch Drawing
.skiSettingsMotorola Phone Skin File
.skimDataSkim Notes File
.skinSettingsASP.NET Skin File
.skinSettingsInstallShield Skin File
.skindexMiscMail Index File
.skitchRaster ImageSkitch Image
.skl3D ImageMaya Skeleton File
.skmRaster ImageSketchUp Materials File
.sknSettingsAvant Browser Skin File
.sknSettingsSymbian OS Skin File
.skp3D ImageSketchUp Document
.skrMiscPGP Private Keyring
.skseGameSkyrim Script Extender Save File
.skvDataXLANG Schedule Drawing File
.skvDataSemicolon Separated Values File
.skxDataXLANG Schedule File
.skypechatstylePluginChat Style File
.skypeemoticonsetRaster ImageSkype Emoticon Set File
.skzSettingsSuperKaramba Theme
.slSettingsSoftware License File
.slaTextScribus Document
.sla.gzTextScribus Compressed Document
.slbMiscAutoCAD Slide Library
.sldRaster ImageAutoCAD Slide File
.sldGISStyled Layer Descriptor File
.sldasmCADSolidWorks Assembly File
.slddrtVector ImageSolidWorks Sheet File
.slddrwCADSolidWorks Drawing File
.sldprtCADSolidWorks Part File
.sldtmDataSDL Translation Memory File
.sleDataSisulizer Package File
.slfMiscSymantec License File
.sliGameOMSI Spline Configuration File
.slkDataSymbolic Link File
.sllDeveloperStatic Link Library
.slnDeveloperVisual Studio Solution File
.slogoDeveloperStarLogo Project File
.slogtDeveloperStarLogo Project Template
.slpAudioSpectraLayers Pro Project
.slpDataSisulizer Project File
.slsMiscImage Playlist
.slstGameGame Data File
.sltSettingsMozilla User Profile Folder
.sltngDeveloperStarLogo TNG Project File
.slupkg-msMiscXrML Digital License Package
.slxAudioSpectraLayers Pro Project
.slxDataMathWorks Simulink Model File
.smDataSMath Studio Document
.smGameStepMania Song File
.sm3D ImageSpace Engine 3D Mesh File
.smaAudioSmartMusic Accompaniment File
.smaDeveloperAMX Mod Plugin Source File
.smaliDeveloperAndroid Smali Assembly Language File
.smcGameSuper Nintendo Game ROM
.smd3D ImageValve Studiomdl Data File
.smdGameSega Mega Drive ROM
.smfVector ImageSerif Metafile
.smfTextStarMath Formula File
.smfDeveloperSkinMagic C/C++ Toolkit File
.smfAudioStandard MIDI File
.smiVideoSAMI Subtitles File
.smiVideoSMIL Presentation
.smiDisk ImageSelf-Mounting Disk Image
.smilVideoSMIL Presentation File
.smkVideoSmacker Compressed Movie File
.smlVideoSMIL Slideshow Presentation
.smlDeveloperARC/INFO Simple Macro Language File
.smmGISMap Manager Schema File
.smmExecutableAmi Pro Macro
.smmDataSamsung Memo File
.smoGameSumotori Dreams Arena File
.smpAudioSampleVision Audio Sample Format
.smpRaster ImageXionics SMP Image
.smpDataSmilePlant Project Data File
.smpGISIDRISI Palette File
.smpAudioSmartMusic Performance File
.smpdGameSc2gears Mouse Print Data File
.smpkgDataSmartMusic Package File
.smpxAudioSmartMusic Accompaniment File
.smrdMiscAdobe InDesign Filter File
.smsGameSega Master System ROM
.smsTextExported SMS Text Message
.smtSettingsSamsung Theme File
.smvVideoVideoLink Mail Video File
.smwtMiscAdobe InDesign Filter
.smxDataSmartMusic XML File
.smzDataSMath Studio Compressed Document
.smzipGameStepMania Package
.sn1BackupDrive Snapshot First Differential Backup
.sn2BackupDrive Snapshot Second Differential Backup
.snaBackupDrive Snapshot Primary Backup File
.snaGameNO$GBA Snapshot File
.snagDataSnagIt Capture File
.snagitstampsVector ImageSnagit Stamp Archive
.snagprojVideoSnagit Project File
.snagstylesVector ImageSnagit Style Archive
.snapfireshowDataCorel SnapfireShow File
.snapshotDataVMware ThinApp Snapshot File
.sndAudioMacintosh Sound Resource
.sndAudioSound File
.sndAudioAkai MPC Sample
.sndaGameAleph One Sound File
.sngAudioMIDI Song File
.sngAudioKorg Trinity Song File
.snippetDeveloperVisual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.snkEncodedStrong Name Key File
.snmMiscNetscape Mail Index
.snpPage LayoutAccess Report Snapshot
.snsAudioSNS Video Game Audio File
.snsBackupSave-N-Sync Project File
.snsfAudioSuper NES Sound Format File
.sntMiscSticky Notes File
.snxSettingsPISnoop Workspace File
.soDeveloperShared Library
.so-abiPluginCocoa AbiWord Plug-in
.so.0SystemUnix Shared Library File
.sobRaster Impress Bimap Styles File
.solSettingsFlash Local Shared Object File
.solitairesave-msGameMicrosoft Solitaire Saved Game
.sonicDataDigitalMedia Project File
.soptDisk ImageSynclavier Optical Disk Image File
.souAudioSBStudio II Sound File
.soundpackDataSoundPackager Sound Package
.soundsGameQuake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
.sowGameDescent ARJ Archive
.spPage LayoutSignPlot Traffic Sign File
.spDataSimplexety Parameters File
.sp2GameSuper Ball 2 Level File
.sp3DataWindows XP SP3 CD File
.sp3GISNGS SP3 File
.sp45DataSuperCard Player File
.spaRaster ImageMikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.sparcPluginSkype Plugin Archive
.sparsebundleDisk ImageMac OS X Sparse Bundle
.sparseimageDisk ImageMac OS X Sparse Image
.spbGameFlight Simulator Mission File
.spbDataSamsung Kies Phonebook File
.spcGameSNES Soundtrack File
.spcWebSoftware Publisher Certificate File
.spcRaster ImageSpectrum 512 Compressed Image
.spdEncodedSealed Acrobat Document
.spdMiscForm·Z Suspended Render File
.spdPluginSPSS Custom Dialog File
.spdfEncodedSealed PDF File
.speRaster ImageWinSpec CCD Capture File
.spePluginSPSS Extension
.specDeveloperRPM Specification File
.spfSettingsSlingPlayer Favorites File
.spfBackupShadowProtect Full Backup File
.spfxSettingsSqueeze Presets File
.spgBackupTCP Optimizer Backup File
.sphAudioNIST SPHERE Audio File
.sphRaster ImageMikuMikuDance Sphere Mapping File
.spiBackupShadowProtect Incremental Backup File
.spidersolitairesave-msGameMicrosoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
.spiffRaster ImageStill Picture Interchange File Format
.spjRaster ImageMicrosoft ICE Panorama Project
.spjDataPhotoStage Slideshow Project
.spjSettingsSPSS Production Job File
.spkMiscSynology Package
.spkDataBright Spark Document
.spkGameDeer Hunter Map File
.splSystemWindows Print Spool File
.splVideoFutureSplash Animation
.spoDataSPSS Statistical Data Output File
.spoGameSpore Saved Game
.sppRaster ImageSerif PhotoPlus Picture File
.sppackAudioSPPack Sound Sample
.spqDatabaseSPSS Database Query File
.sprExecutableFoxPro Generated Screen File
.sprRaster ImageHalf-Life Sprite File
.sprgAudioSynclavier Program File
.spriteGameSuperTux Sprite File
.spriteRaster ImageScratch Sprite File
.spsGameSharkport PS2 Save File
.spsBackupSyncBack Settings File
.spsDataSPSS Program File
.spsGameQuake 3 Engine Speaker Definition File
.sptDeveloperCypress Semiconductor Script
.sptDeveloperESPL Programming File
.sptDataAQW Trainer File
.sptCADSpeedTree Tree Data File
.sptCompressedTM File Packer Compressed Archive
.spuRaster ImageSpectrum 512 Image
.spubDataDisc Cover File
.spubPage LayoutSwift Publisher Document
.spvDataSPSS Output Document
.spvchainDataMultiCoin Wallet File
.spxAudioOgg Vorbis Speex File
.sqDataSysquake Program
.sqbBackupSQL Backup SQL Server Backup File
.sqdDataSQ Data File
.sqdSettingsConfiguration Settings File
.sqfDataSothink SWF Quicker File
.sqfGameArmA Script File
.sqfsDisk ImageSquash FS Bootable File
.sqlDatabaseStructured Query Language Data File
.sqliteDatabaseSQLite Database File
.sqlite3DatabaseSQLite 3 Database File
.sqlitedbDatabaseSQLite Database
.sqlprojDeveloperVisual Studio SQL Server Project
.sqmSystemService Quality Monitoring File
.sqmGameOperation Flashpoint Mission File
.sqrDataSQL Program File
.squashfsDataSquashfs File System File
.sqxCompressedSQX Archive
.sqzVideoSqueeze Project File
.srRaster ImageSun Raster Image File
.sr0MiscSecuROM Analysis File
.sr2Camera RawSony RAW Image
.srcDeveloperSource Code
.src.rpmDeveloperRed Hat Package Manager Source File
.srepCompressedSuperREP Compressed File
.srfDataSurfer Project File
.srfWebServer Response File
.srf3D ImageLightWave Surface File
.srfCamera RawSony RAW Image
.srfSettingsSteinberg Resource File
.srgMiscKetron Single Registration File
.srkGameSub Rosa Client File
.srmGameSuper Nintendo ROM Save File
.srrBackupReScene Metadata File
.srsSettingsOutlook Send/Receive Settings File
.srtVideoSubRip Subtitle File
.srt0GameWii Texture Animation File
.srwCamera RawSamsung RAW Image
.ssDeveloperSilverStripe Source Code File
.ssaGameChildren of the Nile Campaign File
.ssaTextSub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.sscDeveloperSourceSafe Status File
.sscDataCelestia Solar System Catalog File
.sscMiscStellarium Script
.sscsSettingsSaropa Smart Copy Script
.ssdMiscWindowBlinds Skin File List
.sseqAudioSynclavier Sequence File
.sseqAudioNintendo DS Sound File
.ssfVideoStructured Subtitle Format File
.ssfGISTrimble Standard Storage Format File
.ssfsavGameSuper Smash Flash Saved Game File
.ssiDeveloperAdobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File
.ssiiDataProReveal Data File
.ssisSettingsProReveal Settings File
.sskVector ImageSmartSketch 95 Document
.sslSettingsSunlight ScanLibrary File
.ssl2SettingsSunlight ScanLibrary 2 File
.sslfMiscHLSW Shared Server List File
.ssmVideoStandard Streaming Metafile
.ssndAudioSynclavier Sound File
.sspDataSlideShow Creator Project File
.sspDataScreensaver Producer Project File
.sspWebScala Server Page
.sssSettingsWindowBlinds Substyle File
.sssSettingsCoda Style Sheet File
.sstMiscSerialized Certificate Store File
.sstGameChildren of the Nile Textures File
.ssvDataSeavus Secure Project File
.sswMiscSony Ericsson Firmware File
.stDisk ImageAtari ST Disk Image
.st45DataSuperCard Trial Project File
.staDataAdobe Photoshop Match Color Image Statistics File
.staGameMAME Saved State File
.staDataABAQUS Status File
.stapAudioSoundtrack Pro Audio Project File
.startupinfoSettingsE-Prime 2.0 Startup Info File
.statsDataFreeSurfer Statistics File
.stbSettingsAutoCAD Plot Style Table File
.stcSpreadsheetStarOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
.stcSettingsSiemens Theme File
.stc3D ImageShade to Manga Studio File
.stcWebContribute Connection Key File
.stcDataCelestia Star Catalog File
.stdVector ImageApache OpenOffice Drawing Template
.stdMiscCD/DVD Label Template
.stdlDataSwift To-Do List Database
.steRaster ImageSamsung IPOLIS Image File
.steSettingsDreamweaver Site Settings File
.steamstartGameValve Steam Start File
.step3D ImageSTEP 3D Model
.stfDataExchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.stfSettingsMicrosoft Setup Table File
.stgBackupActiveSync Backup File
.sthMiscLotus Domino Stash File
.stiDataStarOffice Presentation Template
.stkDataStickfigure Animator File
.stlCADStereolithography File
.stlDataFireworks Style Library
.stlVideoSpruce Technologies Subtitle File
.stlGameSuperTux Level File
.stlWebCertificate Trust List
.stmDataExchange Streaming Media File
.stmWebSSI Web Page
.stmAudioScream Tracker 2 Module
.stmbMiscSynclavier Timbre File
.stmlWebSSI HTML File
.stnVector ImageGenuine Fractals Image
.sto3D ImagePRO100 3D Interior Design Project
.storyTextStoryist Document
.storyboardDeveloperInterface Builder Storyboard Document
.storyistthemeSettingsStoryist Application Theme File
.storymillMiscStoryMill Project File
.stpDataAnalysis Studio Project Information File
.stpDataRoboHelp Stop List File
.stpWebSharePoint Template
.stp3D ImageSTEP 3D CAD File
.stprojDataSamsung Theme Document
.strDatadBASE Structure List Object File
.strGameBFME2 Strings File
.strSystemWindows Screensaver File
.strVideoPlayStation Video Stream
.stringsTextText Strings File
.strmDataStream File
.stsGameDuoS DSEMU Saved State File
.stsgGameSuperTux Saved Game
.sttGISStreets & Trips Map Template
.sttSettingsSPSS Table Template
.sttDataKaspersky Statistics File
.sttplDataSamsung Theme Showcase File
.stuDataPinnacle Studio Project File
.stwTextStarOffice Document Template
.stwDataSTATISTICA Workbook
.stwmGameSuperTux World Map File
.stxVideoPinnacle Studio Project File
.stxAudioScream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.stySettingsAegisub Subtitle Styles File
.styAudioBand-in-a-Box Styles File
.styDataNewsMaker Story File
.styTextLaTeX Style
.styAudioYamaha/Korg Keyboard Style
.stykDataStykz Stick Figure
.stykzDataStykz Animation
.styleGISArcGIS Style Manager File
.styleSettingsSketchUp Style
.subGameSubTerra Level File
.subDisk ImageCloneCD Subchannel File
.subTextSubtitle File
.sublime-projectTextSublime Text Project File
.sublime-workspaceTextSublime Text Workspace File
.suckWebSiteSucker Website File
.sudGameSudoku Puzzle File
.sudDeveloperSuper Project Analyzer File
.sufEncodedCcrypt Encrypted File
.sugarPluginEspresso Plug-in
.suiDataStarSplatter User Interface File
.suitFontMacintosh Font Suitcase
.sumMiscGarmin Checksum File
.sumoRaster ImageSumo Paint Image
.sunRaster ImageSun Raster Graphic File
.suniffRaster ImageSun TAAC Image
.suoDeveloperVisual Studio Solution User Options File
.supRaster ImageSubtitle Bitmap File
.supDeveloperSuper Project Definition File
.suppDataiOS Application Archive File
.sv$BackupAutoCAD Automated Backup File
.sv2iBackupSymantec System Index File
.sv5GameBigJig Saved Puzzle
.sv5GameChris Sawyer's Locomotion Saved Game
.sv6GameRollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
.svaRaster ImageManga Browser Comic File
.svcWebWCF Web Service File
.svdAudioRoland Patch File
.svdDataScanning Vibrometer Data File
.svdCADSolidView Design File
.sveGameCarmageddon: TDR 2000 Saved Game
.sveGameSimutrans Saved Game
.svfDataSerial Vector Format File
.svfVector ImageSimple Vector Format Graphic
.svgVector ImageScalable Vector Graphics File
.svgGameSaved Game File
.svgzVector ImageCompressed SVG File
.sviVideoSamsung Video File
.svn-baseDeveloperSubversion Base File
.svn-workMiscSubversion Cache File
.svrWebCompressed Virtual World
.svsGameGame Boy Advance Saved State File
.svtGameTorchlight Saved Game File
.svwDataSpecView File
.svxGISSurvex Cavern Data File
.svxAudio8SVX Sound File
.swAudioSigned Word Audio File
.sw2SettingsSoftwrap License File
.swaAudioShockwave Audio
.swavAudioNintendo DS Audio File
.swcDeveloperFlex Components Archive
.swcGameSuper Nintendo Wild Card ROM File
.swdDeveloperFlash Debug File
.swfVideoShockwave Flash Movie
.swiVideoSWiSH Project File
.switchEncodedSwitch Package
.swjMiscSolidWorks Journal File
.swkDataStudyWorks Save File
.swmDisk ImageSplit Windows Imaging Format File
.swpMiscVi Swap File
.swpSystemSwap File
.swtVideoFlash Generator Template
.swvGameMicrosoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File
.swwGameAnno Saved Game
.swzWebAdobe Flash Player Cache File
.sxDataSimplexNumerica Data File
.sxcSpreadsheetStarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sxdGISArcScene Document
.sxdVector ImageStarOffice Drawing
.sxgTextApache OpenOffice Master Document
.sxiDataStarOffice Impress Presentation
.sxmMiscStarMath Formula
.sxtAudioPropellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File
.sxwTextStarOffice Writer Document
.syDataSimplexety Data File
.sy3DataHarvard Graphics Symbol File
.sy_CompressedCompressed SYS File
.sybGameSyberia Game Data File
.syhAudioSynchomatic Instrument
.sylkDataMicrosoft Symbolic Link File
.symGISTatukGIS Symbols File
.symDeveloperSymbols File
.synAudioSynergy On Air Audio File
.synPluginTextPad Syntax File
.synAudioSimSynth Document
.synDataRoboHelp Synonym List File
.sysSystemMotorola Driver File
.sysSystemWindows System File
.systemGameVega Strike Virtual System File
.sywAudioYamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File
.syxAudioMIDI System Exclusive Message
.szSettingsWinamp Classic Skin Download
.szsDataWii Game Data File
.szsGameGameCube Data File