Saturday, 18 January 2014

Picasa Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewing Photos
Ctrl-1View your photos as small thumbnails
Ctrl-2View your photos as large thumbnails
F11Use Picasa in full-screen mode
Ctrl-4Start a slideshow
Ctrl-5View your timeline
Editing Photos
Ctrl-3Open an image in Edit Mode
Ctrl-RRotate the image clockwise
Ctrl-Shft-RRotate the image counter-clockwise
Ctrl-ASelect all photos in album
Ctrl-Shft-HFlip image horizontally
Ctrl-Shft-VFlip image vertically
Ctrl-Shft-BAdd black and white effect
Ctrl-EEmail selected photos
Ctrl-PPrint selected images
Ctrl-Shft-PPrint album contact sheet
Ctrl-KAdd keywords to your photos
Ctrl-NCreate a new album
Ctrl-DDe-select photos
F1View help content
XExclude a photo in import mode
Watching Videos
/ [slash]Pause or play video
, [comma]Rewind video
. [period]Fast forward video
Ctrl-IInvert photo selection
HomeSelect the first photo in your album
EndSelect the last photo in your album
Ctrl-HHold selected photos in Photo Tray
Ctrl-EnterLocate the photo file on your computer
Ctrl-0Open a file on your computer