Saturday, 18 January 2014

Netscape 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

General Shortcuts
Ctrl+WClose Tab
Page UpGo Up One Page
Page DownGo Down One Page
Up ArrowGo Up One Line
Down ArrowGo Down One Line
Ctrl+GFind Again
Shft+F10Open Context Menu
Alt or F10Select Main Menu (switches to the first drop-down menu at the top of the window. example: File in Windows)
Ctrl+TOpen a New Netscape Browser tab
Ctrl+ASelect All
F1Open Help
Ctrl+BOpen Bookmarks Sidebar
Ctrl+DAdd Page to Bookmarks
Page Navigation
Ctrl+HOpen History Sidebar
Ctrl+Shft+RForce Reload (not from cache)
Alt+Left Arrow or BackspaceBack
Alt+Right ArrowForward
EscStop (stop loading your page)
Alt+HomeHome (load your home page)
EndGo to Bottom of Page
HomeGo to Top of Page
Ctrl+L or Alt+DSelect All Text in Location Bar
EnterOpen Selected Link in a Web Page
Ctrl+EnterOpen Selected Link in a New Tab or Window (depending on how your Tabbed Browsing preferences are set)
Ctrl+NNew Netscape Browser Tab
Tab/Shft+TabMove to Next/Previous Link or Form Element in a Web Page
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+WClose Tab
Ctrl+SSave Page As
Shft+EnterOpen Link in a new Window (when a link is selected)
Ctrl+PPrint Page
Page Up/ Shft+SpaceGo Up One Page
Page Down/SpaceGo Down One Page
Up ArrowGo Up One Line
Down ArrowGo Down One Line
F7Turn on/off Caret Mode
Page Viewing
F11Full Screen (toggle)
Ctrl+- (minus sign)Zoom Text Smaller
Ctrl+= (plus sign)Zoom Text Larger
Ctrl+0No zoom (100%)
Ctrl+UView Page Source
Tabbed Browsing
Ctrl+TNew Netscape Browser Tab
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page DownSwitch to Next Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)
Ctrl+Shft+Tab or Ctrl+Page UpSwitch to Previous Tab (when using Tabbed Browsing with more than one tab)
Ctrl+WClose Tab (Close window if one page is open)
My Sidebar
F9Open/Close My Sidebar (toggle)
F6Move between the Page and the Location Bar
Shft+F6Move to My Sidebar (if it is open)
Ctrl+HOpen My Sidebar History Tab
Ctrl+BOpen My Sidebar Bookmarks Tab
Tab/Shft+TabMove to Next/Previous Item in Form
EnterSubmit Form
Space. Use Up, Down arrows to select.Press Selected Button / Select Radio Button
Up Arrow, Down Arrow, or First Letter of Item NameSelect an Item from a List
SpaceCheck/Uncheck Checkbox (toggle)
Alt+Down ArrowOpen a Drop-Down Menu