Thursday, 16 January 2014

Microsoft Outlook Express Keyboard Shortcuts

F1Open Help topics
CTRL+ASelect all messages
Main window and view message window
CTRL+PPrint the selected message
CTRL+MSend and receive e-mail
DEL or CTRL+DDelete an e-mail message
CTRL+NOpen or post a new message
CTRL+SHFT+BOpen the Address Book
CTRL+RReply to the message author
CTRL+FForward a message
CTRL+SHFT+R or CTRL+G (news only)Reply to all
CTRL+IGo to your Inbox
CTRL+> or CTRL+SHFT+>Go to the next message in the list
CTRL+< or CTRL+SHFT+<Go to the previous message in the list
ALT+ENTERView properties of a selected message
F5Refresh news messages and headers
CTRL+UGo to the next unread e-mail message
CTRL+SHFT+UGo to the next unread news conversation
CTRL+YGo to a folder
Main window
CTRL+O or ENTEROpen a selected message
CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+QMark a message as read
TABMove between the Folders list (if on), message list, preview pane, and Contacts list (if on).
CTRL+SHFT+AMark all news messages as read
CTRL+WGo to a newsgroup
LEFT ARROW or PLUS SIGN (+)Expand a news conversation (show all responses)
RIGHT ARROW or MINUS SIGN (-)Collapse a news conversation (hide messages)
CTRL+JGo to the next unread newsgroup or folder
CTRL+SHFT+MDownload news for offline reading
Message window - viewing and sending
ESCClose a message
F3Find text
CTRL+SHFT+FFind a message
CTRL+TABSwitch among the Edit, Source, and Preview tabs
Message window - sending only
CTRL+K or ALT+KCheck names
F7Check spelling
CTRL+SHFT+SInsert a signature
CTRL+ENTER or ALT+SSend (post) a message