Friday, 17 January 2014

Google Adwords Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+OOpen account
Ctrl+RGet recent account changes
Ctrl+SPost changes
Ctrl+ASelect all items in data view
Ctrl+ZRevert selected changes
Delete keyDelete selected items
Ctrl+CCopy selected items
Ctrl+XCut selected items
Ctrl+VPaste items
Ctrl+Shft+VPaste items into selected ad groups
Ctrl+1Jump to Keywords tab
Ctrl+2Jump to Sites tab
Ctrl+3Jump to Negatives tab
Ctrl+4Jump to Text Ads tab
Ctrl+5Jump to Image Ads tab
Ctrl+6Jump to Mobile Ads tab
Ctrl+7Jump to Ad Groups tab
Ctrl+8Jump to Campaigns tab
Ctrl+KAdd keyword
Ctrl+Shft+KAdd or update multiple keywords
Ctrl+Alt+KDelete multiple keywords
Ctrl+BAdd site
Ctrl+Shft+BAdd or update multiple sites
Ctrl+Alt+BDelete multiple sites
Ctrl+LAdd negative keyword
Ctrl+Shft+LAdd multiple negative keywords
Ctrl+MAdd campaign negative keyword
Ctrl+Shft+MAdd multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+Alt+MDelete multiple campaign negative keywords
Ctrl+EAdd campaign negative site
Ctrl+Shft+EAdd multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+Alt+EDelete multiple campaign negative sites
Ctrl+TAdd text ad
Ctrl+Shft+TAdd multiple text ads
Ctrl+Alt+TDelete multiple text ads
Ctrl+IAdd image ad
Ctrl+Shft+IAdd multiple image ads
Ctrl+JAdd mobile ad
Ctrl+Shft+JAdd multiple mobile ads
Ctrl+Alt+JDelete multiple mobile ads
Ctrl+GAdd ad group
Ctrl+Shft+GAdd or update multiple ad groups
Ctrl+NAdd keyword-targeted campaign
Ctrl+Shft+NAdd site-targeted campaign
Ctrl+DAdd draft keyword-targeted campaign
Ctrl+Shft+DAdd draft site-targeted campaign
Ctrl+WExit AdWords Editor