Saturday, 18 January 2014

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+DAdd Bookmark
Backspace or Alt+<-Back
Ctrl+B or Ctrl+IBookmarks
F7Caret Browsing
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4Close Tab
Ctrl+Shft+W or Alt+F4Close Window
Ctrl+EnterComplete .com Address 2
Shft+EnterComplete .net Address 2
Ctrl+Shft+EnterComplete .org Address 2
Ctrl+-Decrease Text Size
Shft+DelDelete Individual Form Auto-Complete Entry
Ctrl+Shft+IDOM Inspector
Ctrl+G F3Find Again
'Find As You Type Link
/Find As You Type Text
Ctrl+Shft+G Shft+F3Find Previous
Ctrl+FFind in This Page
Shft+Backspace or Alt+->Forward
DownGo Down One Line
UpGo Up One Line
PageDownGo Down One Page
PageUpGo Up One Page
EndGo to Bottom of Page
HomeGo to Top of Page
F11Full Screen
Alt+HomeHome Page
Ctrl++Increase Text Size
F6Move to Next Frame
Shft+F6Move to Previous Frame
Ctrl+MNew Mail Message 3
Ctrl+TNew Tab
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PageDownNext Tab
Ctrl+NNew Window
Ctrl+OOpen File
EnterOpen Link
Ctrl+EnterOpen Link in New Tab
Shft+EnterOpen Link in New Window
Alt+EnterOpen Address in New Tab 2
Ctrl+IPage Info
Ctrl+UPage Source
Ctrl+Shft+Tab or Ctrl+PageUpPrevious Tab
Ctrl+Shft+Z or Ctrl+YRedo
F5 or Ctrl+RReload
Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shft+RReload (override cache)
Ctrl+0Restore Text Size
Ctrl+SSave Page As
Alt+EnterSave Link Target As
Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+L or Alt+DSelect Location Bar
DownSelect Next Auto-Complete entry in text field
UpSelect Previous Auto-Complete entry in text field
Ctrl+DownSelect Next Search Engine in Search Bar
Ctrl+UpSelect Previous Search Engine in Search Bar
Ctrl+[1 to 9]Select Tab [1 to 9]
SpacebarToggle Checkbox
Ctrl+KWeb Search