Thursday, 30 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter C

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.cDeveloperC/C++ Source Code File
.cDeveloperLite-C Script
.c00CompressedWinAce Split Archive File
.c01CompressedWinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.c01AudioTyphoon Wave Audio File
.c02CompressedWinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.c10CompressedWinAce Split Archive Part 10
.c2dDisk ImageWinOnCD Disc Image
.c2rSettingsWindows Media Center Click-To-Record File
.c2uMiscTexas Instruments CBL 2 OS File
.c32SystemSyslinux COM32 Module
.c3dDataCoordinate 3D File
.c3z3D ImageOpenQwaq 3D Model File
.c4Raster ImageJEDMICS Image File
.c4d3D ImageCinema 4D Model File
.c4kGameClonk Key File
.c4pDataCrossOver Software Installer File
.caMiscInitial Telnet Cache
.caaBackupCleanApp Archive
.cabSystemWindows Cabinet File
.cacheMiscCache File
.cactionExecutableAutomator Converter Action
.cadCADBobCAD-CAM File
.cadcDataCorpatla Data Container File
.caf3D ImageCal3D Binary Animation File
.cafDeveloperCryENGINE Character Animation File
.cafAudioCore Audio File
.cafDataClass Action Gradebook File
.caffAudioCore Audio File
.cagVector ImageClipArt Gallery Package
.calPage LayoutCalendar File
.cal3D Image3ds Max Pose Adjustment File
.cal3D ImageCryENGINE Character Animation List
.calRaster ImageCALS Raster Graphic
.calbMiscCoolect Album File
.calibreMiscCalibre Device Data File
.calsRaster ImageCALS Raster Graphic File
.camCADGerber CAM Job File
.camRaster ImageCASIO Digital Camera Picture File
.cammDataEspresso Mind Map Document
.campSettingsWCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.camprojVideoCamtasia Studio Project
.camrecVideoCamtasia Studio Screen Recording
.camvVideoCamtasia Video File
.canRaster ImageCanon Navigator Fax Document
.capDataPacket Capture File
.capDeveloperConstruct Game Development File
.caprojDeveloperConstruct Project File
.capxDataCapella CapXML File
.capxDeveloperConstruct Compressed Project File
.carCompressedCAR Archive
.carDataCar Explorer Data File
.carDeveloperBrew Component Application Resource File
.carcGameNintendo DS Compressed Archive File
.casMiscAutodesk Cascade License File
.cas3D ImageTotal War Model File
.caseSettingsSlipCover Case Template
.catDatabaseAdvanced Disk Catalog Database
.catSystemWindows Catalog File
.catpartCADCATIA V5 Part File
.catproductCADCATIA V5 Assembly File
.cavDataComodo Virus Definitions File
.cawrDataEspresso workreport Document
.cb7CompressedComic Book 7-Zip Archive
.cbaCompressedComic Book ACE Archive
.cbaDeveloperCryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File
.cbceBookComic Book Collection
.cbdsMiscComic Book DS File
.cbfPage LayoutCalendar Builder File
.cbfGameChessBase Game Information File
.cbgDataChessBase Game Moves File
.cbgDataCyberGauge Data File
.cbhGameChessBase Database Header File
.cbkBackupBackup Configuration File
.cblDeveloperCOBOL Source Code File
.cbmapDataContainment Breach Map File
.cbpDeveloperCode::Blocks Project File
.cbrCompressedComic Book RAR Archive
.cbsGameCode Breaker PS2 Save File
.cbsBackupComodo Backup Script
.cbtCompressedComic Book TAR File
.cbtMiscComputer Based Training File
.cbuBackupComodo Backup File
.cbvGameChessBase Database File
.cbzCompressedComic Book Zip Archive
.cbzDataChessBase Encrypted Database Archive
.ccDeveloperC++ Source Code File
.ccaDatacc:Mail Archive File
.ccaDataMultimedia Fusion File
.ccb3D ImageCopperCube 3D Scene
.ccbjsWebCopperCube JavaScript File
.ccdDisk ImageCloneCD Disc Image
.ccfEncodedCryptLoad Container File
.ccgameDeveloperXNA Creators Club Game Package
.cchDataCorel Chart File
.cchMisc.NET Security Resolution Cache File
.ccipPluginCurse Client Install Package
.ccnDeveloperCompressed Multimedia Fusion File
.ccp3D ImageCopperCube JavaScript File
.ccpDeveloperCodeCharge Studio Page File
.ccpDataRIB Import Converter Profile
.ccrDataASTM Continuity of Care Record
.ccsDeveloperCodeCharge Studio Project File
.ccsccDeveloperClearCase Source Control Info File
.cctDataDirector Protected Cast Resource
.ccxVector ImageCorel Clipart File
.ccxPluginClick & Create Extension
.cdDisk ImageCD-i OptImage
.cdDeveloperVisual Studio Class Diagram
.cd2Page LayoutClick'N Design 3D File
.cd5Raster ImageChasys Draw Image File
.cdaAudioCD Audio Track Shortcut
.cdbDatabasePocket Access Database
.cdbDatabaseCardScan Contacts Database
.cdbDatabaseSymbian Phonebook Database
.cdcRaster ImageAutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File
.cddVector ImageConceptDraw PRO Document
.cddaAudioCD Digital Audio File
.cddxCADCircuit Diagram Document
.cdfPage LayoutComputable Document Format File
.cdfDataContent Definition File
.cdfDataNetCDF Format File
.cdfWebChannel Definition Format
.cdfDataNominal Small Business Accounting Company Data File
.cdfDataCommon Data Format
.cdfDeveloperCryENGINE Character Definition File
.cdfDataAffymetrix Chip Definition File
.cdf-msMiscClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.cdgRaster ImageCompact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.cdiDisk ImageDiscJuggler Disc Image
.cdiDataINTEX Output File
.cdlCADCADKEY Wireframe Design File
.cdlPluginConceptDraw PRO Library File
.cdlxAudioAudition CD Layout File
.cdmDisk ImageNTI CD-Maker Image
.cdmmVector ImageConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.cdmpSystemWCS Device Model Profile
.cdmtVector ImageConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.cdmtzVector ImageCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.cdmzVector ImageCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.cdoAudioCrescendo Music Notation File
.cdpDataConceptDraw PROJECT File
.cdpGameTrainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
.cdpDataCD/Spectrum Pro File
.cdp2GameTrainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
.cdpxDataConceptDraw PROJECT XML File
.cdpzDataConceptDraw PROJECT Document
.cdrDataCrash Data Retrieval Data File
.cdrDisk ImageMacintosh DVD/CD Master
.cdrVector ImageCorelDRAW Image File
.cdrAudioRaw Audio CD Data
.cdtSettingsCorelDRAW Image Template
.cdtVector ImageConceptDraw PRO Template
.cdtDisk ImageCD-Text File
.cdwCADKOMPAS Document
.cdxDeveloperAlpha Five Table Index File
.cdxDataCompound Index File
.cdxVector ImageConceptDraw PRO XML Document
.cdxVector ImageCorelDRAW Compressed File
.cdxDataChemDraw Exchange File
.cdxmlDeveloperCmdlet Definition XML File
.cdxmlDataChemDraw XML File
.cdzCompressedCompressed CD Image File
.ceRaster ImageComputerEyes Image
.cebeBookApabi eBook File
.cedVideoJVC Camera Video Data File
.cedprjPage LayoutAshampoo CoverEditor Project
.cefEncodedCenturionMail Encrypted Package
.cefDataClass Action Gradebook Elementary File
.celCADMicroStation Cell Library
.celVideoFLIC Animation
.celDataBattery 3 Drum Cell File
.celAudioAudition Loop
.celExecutableCelestia Script File
.celDataAffymetrix Probe Results File
.celtxDataCeltx Project File
.celxExecutableCelestia Script
.cemGameChildren of the Nile Model File
.cerWebInternet Security Certificate
.certsigningrequestDataApple Developer Signing Certificate Request File
.cexSettingsSolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File
.cfSettingsSendmail Configuration File
.cf2CADCommon File Format File
.cfaAudioAdobe Conformed Audio File
.cfcDeveloperColdFusion Component File
.cffCADCommon File Format
.cfgSettingsCitrix Server Connection File
.cfgGameWesnoth Markup Language File
.cfgSettingsConfiguration File
.cfg3D ImageCal3D Model Configuration File
.cfgSettingsLightWave Configuration File
.cfgSettingsCelestia Configuration File
.cfgSettingsMAME Configuration File
.cfgeGameJewel Quest Configuration File
.cflMiscIMVU Product File
.cfmWebColdFusion Markup File
.cfmlWebColdFusion Markup Language File
.cfrGameCross Fire Replay File
.cfsDisk ImageCompact File Set Archive
.cfsMiscLucene Compound Index File
.cfsDataCFS Console File
.cfxrAudioCocoa Sfxr File
.cg3D ImageCg Program
.cg33D ImageCabri 3D Document
.cga3D ImageCrytek Geometry Animation File
.cgfGameCrytek Geometry Format File
.cgfx3D ImageCgFX Shader File
.cgiExecutableCommon Gateway Interface Script
.cgmVector ImageComputer Graphics Metafile
.cgpEncodedPixelCryptor Encrypted File
.cgrCADCATIA Graphical Representation File
.cgrSettingsQuest3D Channel Group File
.cgrpAudioPro Tools Clip Group File
.cgzSystemLinux Drivers Archive
.cgzGameCube Map File
.ch3Page LayoutHarvard Graphics DOS Chart File
.chaSettingsPhotoshop Channel Mixture
.chaWebIRC Chat Configuration File
.chaFontCharacter Layout File
.chamDeveloperCompiled HAM File
.charsetTextCharacter Set
.chartTextFeedback Chart File
.chatWebIRC Chat Configuration File
.chcDataHCFR Colorimeter Data File
.chdGameMAME Hard Disk Image
.chefDeveloperChef Source Code File
.chesstitanssave-msGameMicrosoft Chess Titans Saved Game
.chgSystemWindows Net Logon File
.chgDataQuicken Online Data File
.chkMiscSaved File Fragment
.chkDataInterCheck Checksum Database
.chkSystemNetgear Router Firmware File
.chkGameStarCraft Chunk File
.chlSettingsWinFast PVR2 Channel List
.chmWebCompiled HTML Help File
.chmlEncodedChameleon Encrypted Database File
.chnDataEthnograph Data
.chordTextSong Chords File
.chrFontBorland Character Set File
.chr3D ImageCryENGINE Character File
.chr3D Image3ds Max Characters File
.chr0GameWii Model Animation File
.chrparams3D ImageCryENGINE Character Parameters File
.chsSystemWindows Chinese Noise-Word List File
.chtGameSNES Cheat File
.chtSystemWindows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File
.chunk001MiscFile Splitter Split Archive Part 1
.chvDataChView Interactive Star Map File
.chwMiscCompiled Help Index File
.chxSettingsAutoCAD Standards Check File
.ciSystemWindows Content Indexer Catalog File
.ciDeveloperPolySpace Preprocessed Code File
.cidbAudioiTunes CD Information File
.cifDisk ImageEasy CD Creator Disk Image
.cilVector ImageClip Gallery Packaged File
.cimgRaster ImageCImg Image File
.cinRaster ImageKodak Cineon Bitmap File
.cineVideoPhantom Digital Video File
.cipVideoCavena Subtitles File
.circuitCADKTechlab Circuit Design File
.citRaster ImageIntergraph Bitmap Image File
.civ5saveGameCivilization 5 Saved Gae
.ck9BackupCook'n Cookbook Backup File
.ckbAudioCricket Audio Bank File
.ckbxDeveloperCricket Audio XML Bank Description File
.ckdCADKubotek Design Container
.ckfAudioCasio Keyboard File
.ckpDatabaseSQL Server Checkpoint File
.cktDataCircuitMaker File
.clMiscCursor Library
.cl2DataHY-TEK Meet Results File
.cl2arcPage LayoutComic Life 2 Document Archive
.cl2docPage LayoutComic Life 2 Document
.cl2lytPage LayoutComic Life 2 Layout File
.cl2tplPage LayoutComic Life 2 Template
.cl4DataEasy CD Creator 4 Project File
.cl5Disk ImageEasy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.clarifyVector ImageClarify Document
.classDeveloperJava Class File
.classlistDataSMART Notebook Class List File
.clbDataICQ Contact List
.clbSystemCOM+ Catalog File
.cldPage LayoutCanon CD Label Template
.cldDataClamAV Virus Definitions File
.cleoPluginCLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File
.clgSettingsWindows Catalog File
.clgDataCollage Maker Project File
.cliGameGrand Theft Auto Clip Data File
.clipsDeveloperCoda Clips File
.clixDataCLIX Command File
.clkDataCorel R.A.V.E Project File
.clkVideoClickView Video File
.clkkMiscClicker Keyboard
.clktMiscClicker Template
.clkwMiscClicker Word Bank
.clkxMiscClicker Grid Set
.clmDataGenePattern CEL Descriptor File
.clmDataMagicJack Call Log File
.clpDataFinale Clip File
.clpDataWindows Clipboard File
.clpDataCrazyTalk Clip File
.clpiVideoBlu-ray Clip Information File
.clrSettingsVue Color Maps File
.clrMiscFlash Color Set
.clrSettingsCryptLoad Router Information File
.clr0GameWii Color Swapping Animation File
.clsDeveloperProgram Class File
.clsMiscLaTeX Document Class File
.cltGameVisualBoyAdvance Cheat List File
.cltPage LayoutClarity Legal Transcript File
.clwDeveloperVisual C++ ClassWizard File
.clxEncodedCeelox SecureMail Secure Message
.clxDataStandard Dictionary File
.cmGameCLEO Custom Mission
.cmSettingsCable Modem Configuration File
.cm10DataCaseMap 10 Case File
.cm23D ImagePoser Camera Set File
.cmaDeveloperOCaml Library
.cmaDatabaseTM1 Exported Cube File
.cmapDataCmapTools Concept Map File
.cmblDataLogger Pro Data File
.cmdGameM.U.G.E.N. Character Commands File
.cmdExecutableWindows Command File
.cmeGameCrazy Machines Experiment File
.cmfBackupConnected Backup File
.cmfAudioCreative Music Format
.cmf3D ImageCal3D Binary Mesh File
.cmlDataChemical Markup Language File
.cmlGameCrazy Machines Lab File
.cmlMiscCryptoMailer Encrypted File
.cmmMiscCorel Multimedia Manager Album
.cmmpVideoCamtasia MenuMaker Project
.cmmthemeSettingsCleanMyMac Theme File
.cmmtplVideoCamtasia MenuMaker Template
.cmod3D ImageCelestia Model
.cmpSettingsWindows Connection Manager Profile
.cmpCADSolid Edge Wire Harness File
.cmpCADGeneric CADD Component File
.cmpPluginHotDocs Clause Component File
.cmprojVideoCamtasia Project File
.cmrecVideoCamtasia Recording
.cmsWebContent Management System
.cmsDataConnection Manager Service Profile
.cmxVector ImageCorel Metafile Exchange Image File
.cmz3D ImageCompressed Poser Camera Set File
.cn1DataCNR Modem Initialization Data File
.cnaDataCatena Project File
.cncCADCNC Machine Tool Path
.cncCADPartMaster CNC File
.cndCADMelco Condensed Embroidery File
.cndxPage LayoutAvery DesignPro for Mac Label File
.cnfSettingsMySQL Configuration File
.cnfSettingsTelnet Configuration File
.cngEncodedCryptoNG Encrypted Archive
.cnmTextNoteMap Outline File
.cnsGameM.U.G.E.N. Character States File
.cntSystemHelp Contents File
.cnvVector ImageCanvas 6-8 Drawing File
.cobDeveloperCOBOL Source Code File
.codDeveloperCompiled Source Code
.codTextAtlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document
.codapluginPluginCoda Plug-in
.codasiteWebCoda Site File
.cofExecutableMPLAB COFF File
.coffeeExecutableCoffeeScript JavaScript File
.colGameGrand Theft Auto Collision File
.colDataCapture One Session File
.collectionDataAdobe Bridge Collection File
.colorpickerPluginColor Picker Plugin
.colourschemeSettingsSpeedy Browser Colour Scheme File
.colzRaster ImageAdobe Collage File
.comExecutableDOS Command File
.comfycakessave-msGameComfy Cakes Saved Game
.comicdocPage LayoutComic Life Document
.commandExecutableTerminal Command File
.componentPluginMac OS X System Component
.compositefontFontWindows Composite Font File
.compressedWebWordCompress Compacted Web File
.conWebConcept Application Source File
.conGameBattlefield 1942 Configuration File
.confSettingsGeneric Configuration File
.confSettingsUnix Configuration File
.configDeveloperConfiguration File
.configprofileSystemApple Configuration Profile
.conformAudioConformalizer Change List File
.contactDataWindows Contact File
.contourMiscContour Screenplay File
.controlsSettingsOpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts File
.copresetSettingsCapture One Preset File
.copyAudioSony Ericsson Protected Content File
.corGISTrimble Corrected SSF File
.corVector ImageCorelDRAW Drawing
.cosSettingsCapture One Settings File
.cosGameCreatures CAOS File
.cos2MiscPinnacle Studio Cache File
.costyleSettingsCapture One Style File
.covPage LayoutFax Cover Page File
.coxPluginClick & Create Extension
.cpDeveloperCaptivate Source File
.cpDeveloperXcode C++ Source File
.cp3MiscGrand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
.cp9CompressedChoicePoint Encrypted File
.cpaCADCADSTAR PCB Archive File
.cpbDeveloperComicino Studio Project File
.cpbitmapRaster ImageiOS Wallpaper Image
.cpcRaster ImageCPC Compressed Image File
.cpdRaster ImageCompressed PhotoDefiner Image File
.cpdDatabaseRoboHelp Cache Project Database
.cpePage LayoutFax Cover Page File
.cpfDataCognos Project File
.cpfSettingsCab Provisioning Format File
.cpgGameStarCraft Campaign File
.cpgWebCool Page Project File
.cpgRaster ImageManga Studio Page File
.cpgSettingsESRI Code Page File
.cpgzCompressedCompressed CPIO Archive
.cphPage LayoutCorel Print House File
.cpiSystemCodepage Information File
.cpiVideoAVCHD Video Clip Information File
.cpioEncodedUnix CPIO Archive
.cpkDataDTM Test Log File
.cpkGameCRI Middleware Package
.cplSystemWindows Control Panel Item
.cpmzDataMiradi/ConPro Project File
.cpnGameAge of Mythology Campaign File
.cppDeveloperC++ Source Code File
.cpqSystemCompaq OEM Disc Configuration File
.cprSystemWindows Phone Display Settings File
.cprSettingsAdobe Captivate Preferences File
.cprAudioCubase Project
.cprGameCPC Plus Cartridge
.cpsRaster ImageCorel Photo House File
.cpsGameThe Powder Toy Save File
.cptMiscPocket Slides Presentation
.cptCompressedCompact Pro Archive
.cptEncodedCcrypt Encrypted Archive
.cptAudioDTS Compact Audio File
.cptRaster ImageCorel Photo-Paint Document
.cptlDataAdobe Captivate Project Template File
.cptxDataAdobe Captivate Project File
.cpxGameRise of Rome Campaign File
.cpxSettingsOracle ADF Binding Context File
.cpxRaster ImageCorel CMX Compressed File
.cpy3D Image3ds Max Copy Track File
.cpyPage LayouteCopy Desktop File
.cr2Camera RawCanon Raw Image File
.cr23D ImagePoser Character Rigging File
.craftGameKSP Spacecraft File
.crashSystemMac OS X Crash Log File
.crashedMiscAbiWord Crash-Saved Document
.crcMiscTotal Commander Checksum File
.crdMiscWindows CardSpace File
.crdMiscGuitar Tabs
.crdownloadMiscChrome Partially Downloaded File
.crdsBackupWindows CardSpace Backup File
.crevDataAdobe Captivate Commentable SWF File
.crf3D ImageCal3D Binary Materials File
.crlWebCertificate Revocation List File
.crsGameStepMania Course File
.crtWebSecurity Certificate
.crtrPage LayoutMultiAd Creator Pro Document
.crtxDataOffice 2007 Chart Template File
.crvCADVCarve Pro Design File
.crwCamera RawCanon Raw CIFF Image File
.crwlTextWindows Crawl File
.crxPluginChrome Extension
.cryDataCryENGINE Map File
.cryptBackupWhatsApp Backup File
.cryptedEncodedWinOptimizer Encrypted File
.cryptraEncodedCryptra Encrypted File
.crysisjmsfGameCrysis Saved Game
.crysispsfGameCrysis Warhead Saved Game
.crz3D ImageCompressed Poser Character Rigging File
.csGameCLEO Custom Script
.csDeveloperVisual C# Source Code File
.csDataColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme
.csaDataPNA Code Calset File
.csaplanSettingsSPSS Analysis Plan File
.csdPage LayoutCompact Shared Document
.csd3D ImageManga Studio Scene File
.csf3D ImageCal3D Binary Skeleton File
.csfSettingsAdobe Color Settings File
.csfRaster ImageContent Sealed Format
.cshMiscPhotoshop Custom Shapes File
.cshAudioCubase Waveform File
.cshExecutableC Shell Script
.cshtmlWebASP.NET Razor Web Page
.csiDeveloperEdLog Program Data File
.csiDeveloperContentServ Include File
.cskinSettingsCD Art Display Skin File
.cslDataCineStyle Color Lookup File
.csm3D ImageCharacter Studio Marker File
.csnDeveloperAdobe Code Snippet Document
.csoDisk ImageCompressed ISO Disk Image
.cso3D ImageCompiled Shader Object File
.cspWebConcept Server Page
.cspDeveloperCaché Server Page
.csplanSettingsSPSS Sampling Plan File
.csprojDeveloperVisual Studio C# Project
.csrWebCertificate Signing Request File
.cssWebCascading Style Sheet
.cstPage LayoutManga Studio Story File
.cstDeveloperContentServ Template
.cstVideoDirector External Cast File
.cstSettingsCanvas Custom Set File
.csutilDataColorSync Utility Folder
.csvDataComma Separated Values File
.csxDeveloperVisual C# Script
.csyVector ImageCanvas Symbol File
.ctGameCheat Engine Cheat Table
.ctRaster ImageScitex Continuous Tone File
.ctbSettingsAutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
.ctbodyfittingSettingsCrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File
.ctcDeveloperVisual Studio Command Table Configuration File
.ctfMiscContent Transformation File
.ctfMiscAVG Update Control File
.ctfDataWhereIsIt Catalog File
.ctgMiscCanon Digital Camera Catalog File
.ctlDataStepMania SMZIP Package Description File
.ctlDeveloperVisual Basic UserControl Object File
.ctmGameStar Wars Republic Commando Map File
.ctmDataCrazyTalk Model File
.ctoDeveloperVisual Studio Binary Command Table Output File
.ctpDataCrazyTalk Project File
.ctpDeveloperCakePHP Template
.ctprojectDataCrazyTalk Animator Project File
.ctsAudioCrazyTalk Script File
.ctsymDeveloperVisual Studio Command Table Output File
.cttDataMessenger Contact List
.ctvDataCitavi Project
.ctv3DataCitavi 3 Project File
.ctxDeveloperVisual Basic Control Binary File
.ctxGameValve ICE Encoded Script
.ctxtDeveloperBlueJ Context File
.ctyGameSimCity City File
.cuDeveloperCUDA Source Code File
.cubDataAnalysis Services Cube File
.cubGISISIS Cube File
.cueDisk ImageCue Sheet File
.cueDisk ImageCDRWIN Cue Sheet
.cuiSettingsAutodesk Custom Workspace File
.cuixSettingsAutoCAD Custom User Interface File
.culMiscWindows Cursor Library
.curSystemWindows Cursor
.cursorfxDataCursorFX Theme File
.curxpthemeDataCursorXP Theme File
.cusSettingsAutoCAD Custom Dictionary File
.cutRaster ImageDr. Halo Bitmap Image File
.cv5Vector ImageCanvas 5 Drawing File
.cvaDataCanvas Sequence Set
.cvaSettingsHP Systems Software Manager Information File
.cvdDataBitdefender Virus Definition File
.cvdDataClamAV Virus Definitions File
.cvfMiscCPU-Z Validation File
.cvgVector ImageCalamus Vector Graphic File
.cviGISCassiniVision Map Image File
.cviVector ImageCanvas Image File
.cvnDataCineVision Encoding Session
.cvrMiscMicrosoft Crash Report File
.cvsVector ImageCanvas 3 Drawing File
.cvsrcDeveloperCVS Command File
.cvtPluginCanvas External Tool File
.cvwPage LayoutCaseView Document
.cvxVector ImageCanvas Drawing File
.cwPage LayoutCardWorks Template
.cwbAudioCakewalk Bundle
.cwfSettingsCorelDRAW Workspace File
.cwkDataClarisWorks Document
.cwpAudioCakewalk SONAR Project
.cwsTextClaris Works Template
.cwtVector ImageClarisWorks Texture File
.cwwDataCrossword Weaver Puzzle File
.cwzDataCircuit Wizard File
.cx3VideoCMS Recorded Video File
.cxarchiveCompressedCrossOver Bottle Archive
.cxdDataSimplePCI Data Document
.cxfDataChemical Exchange Format File
.cxfDataCuttlefish Extended Format File
.cxfVector ImageCoordinates Export Format
.cxfMiscPicasa Collage File
.cxpDeveloperCX-Programmer Project File
.cxtDataDirector Protected Cast File
.cxtDeveloperCX-Programmer Project Text File
.cxxDeveloperC++ Source Code File
.cyberducklicenseSettingsCyberduck Donation Key
.cyberduckprofileSettingsCyberduck Connection Profile
.cyiTextClustify Input File
.cyoDataClustify Output File
.cypCADHome Designer Pro Project File
.cysDataCytoscape Session File
.cysDataClustify Summary File
.cywExecutableRbot.CYW Worm File
.czdCADCAD Zone Drawing
.cziDataCarl Zeiss Image Data File
.czipCompressedZipGenius CryptoZip File
.czpDataClozePro Archive