Friday, 31 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter H

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.hDeveloperC/C++/Objective-C Header File
.h0AudioMovie Edit Pro Waveform Information File
.h10DataAt Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
.h11DataAt Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
.h12DataAt Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
.h1qMiscMicrosoft Help Merged Query Index File
.h1sSystemWindows Assistance Platform Help File
.h264VideoH.264 Encoded Video File
.h2oGameBattle Realms Game Data File
.h3mGameHeroes 3 Map File
.h4rGameHeroes of Might and Magic IV Data File
.haCompressedHA Compressed Archive
.halDeveloperHansaWorld Application Language File
.halDataHotDocs Answer Library
.hamExecutableHAM Executable File
.hamGameDescent 2 Resource File
.handlebarsDeveloperHandlebars Template
.hasDeveloperHaskell Script
.hbcCompressedHyperBac Compressed Archive
.hbc2CompressedHyperBac Compressed File Archive
.hbeCompressedHyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive
.hbkTextMathcad Handbook File
.hbsDeveloperHandlebars Template
.hbxEncodedBinHex Encoded File
.hccDataHydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File
.hceDataHydroCAD Hydrograph Data File
.hcfDeveloperCompact Ham Library
.hciDataHydroCAD IDF Data File
.hclDataHotDocs Clause Archive
.hcpCADHydroCAD Project File
.hcrDataHydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File
.hcrPage LayoutHalf-Fold Card File
.hcuDataHydrograph Units Definitons File
.hcxDataChartXL Chart
.hd23D ImagePoser Hand Pose File
.hdaDataHotDocs Auto-Assemble File
.hdbDatabaseHansaWorld Database File
.hddDisk ImageParallels Desktop Hard Disk File
.hdfDataHierarchical Data Format File
.hdiDataHotDocs Auto-Install File
.hdiDisk ImageHard Disk Image
.hdkMiscHotDocs Registration File
.hdlDataHotDocs Library File
.hdmWebHDML File
.hdmlWebHandheld Device Markup Language File
.hdmovVideoQuickTime HD Movie File
.hdmpSystemWindows Heap Dump
.hdpRaster ImageHD Photo File
.hdpAudioMAGIX Hard Disk Project Audio File
.hdpmxDataHotDocs Publisher Mapping XML File
.hdrGISESRI BIL Header File
.hdrRaster ImageHigh Dynamic Range Image File
.hdrpRaster ImageHDRtist Pro Document
.hdsDataMicrosoft PlayReady Data File
.hdsDisk ImageParallels Desktop Hard Disk File
.hdtSettingsPhotoshop HDR Toning Preset File
.hdumxDataHotDocs User Mapping XML File
.hdvVideoHigh Definition Video Format
.hdxMiscDelphi MultiHelp Index File
.hdz3D ImageCompressed Poser Hand Pose File
.heartssave-msGameMicrosoft Hearts Save File
.helpSystemMac OS X Help Book
.helpindexDataHelp Index Document
.hexMiscHexadecimal Source File
.hexEncodedBinHex Encoded File
.hfRaster ImageHF Image
.hfdPage LayoutHotDocs Form Document
.hfsDisk ImageHFS Disk Image File
.hftPage LayoutHotDocs Form Template
.hfvDisk ImageHFS Disk Image
.hglVector ImageHP Graphics Language File
.hgtGISSRTM Elevation Data File
.hhDeveloperC++ Header File
.hhcSystemHTML Help Table of Contents
.hhhDeveloperPower C Precompiled Header File
.hhkSystemHTML Help Index
.hhslGameHockey High Score List File
.hhtTextHelp and Support Center HHT File
.hiGameMacMAME High Scores File
.hidSettingsSony Ericsson Remote Settings File
.hidEncodedKeepSafe File
.hid2EncodedKeepSafe File
.hifDataQuicken Online File
.hip3D ImageHoudini Project File
.hipnc3D ImageHoudini Apprentice File
.hisDatabaseFindinSite Database Definition File
.hitGameThe Sims Sound File
.hivSystemWindows Registry Hive File
.hjtDataTreePad 6 Database File
.hkdbDataApple iTunes Library File
.hkiCompressedWinHKI Archive
.hki1CompressedWinHKI HKI1 Archive
.hki2CompressedWinHKI HKI2 Archive
.hki3CompressedWinHKI HKI3 Archive
.hkmVideoHavok Movie File
.hlDataHeuristicLab Storage File
.hlbMiscVMS / VAX Help Library
.hlpSystemWindows Help File
.hlsl3D ImageHigh Level Shader Language File
.hlxMiscATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
.hm3DataHelp & Manual 3 Project
.hmaAudioSony HI-MD Audio File
.hmeSettingsWindows Mobile Theme File
.hmiAudioHMI Audio File
.hmkPage LayoutHallmark Card Studio File
.hmlDataHostMonitor TestList File
.hmpGameWorms Height Map File
.hmsExecutableHostMonitor Script File
.hmtDataHighMAT File
.hmxMiscHelp & Manual 4 Project
.hmxpDataHelp & Manual XML Project
.hmxzDataHelp & Manual Compressed Project
.hogGameDescent Mission File
.holDataOutlook Holidays File
.honmodGameHON Modification Manager File
.hotGameThe Sims Sound File
.hpdPage LayoutHotDocs PDF Document
.hpfExecutableHP9100A Program File
.hpfDeveloperHigh Performance Fortran File
.hpgVector ImageHPGL Plot File
.hpglVector ImageHP Graphics Language Plotter File
.hpiRaster ImageHemera Photo Objects Image File
.hpjSystemHelp Project File
.hpkGameTropico Game Archive
.hpkCompressedHPack Compressed Archive
.hplVector ImageHP-GL Plotter File
.hppDeveloperC++ Header File
.hppDataHaluha Pearls File
.hpsMiscHP Digital Sender Metadata File
.hpsGameHPL2 Script
.hptPage LayoutHotDocs PDF Template
.hqxEncodedBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.hrRaster ImageTRS-80 Image
.hr23D ImagePoser Hair File
.hrfRaster ImageHitachi Raster Format File
.hrlDeveloperErlang Header File
.hrz3D ImageCompressed Poser Hair File
.hsGameLaserTank High Scores File
.hsMiscMotorola Flash Flex File
.hsDeveloperHaskell Script
.hsTextJava HelpSet File
.hs2DataHyperRESEARCH 2 Study File
.hsbAudioHALion Sound Bank File
.hscCADAspen HYSYS Simulation File
.hsfCADHOOPS Stream Format File
.hshSystemWindows Catalog Search Index File
.hskDataHuskey Truss & Building Supply Import File
.hstDataHistory File
.htSettingsHyperTerminal Session File
.htaExecutableHTML Application
.htaccessWebApache HTACCESS File
.htbDataAudacity Help File
.htcWebHTML Component File
.htgDataHackTheGame Mission Pack
.htmWebHypertext Markup Language File
.htmlWebHypertext Markup Language File
.html0eBookBook Designer File
.htmlzeBookZipped HTML eBook
.htpasswdEncodedApache HTACCESS File
.httSystemHypertext Template File
.htxWebHTML Extension File
.htxteBookHanvon eBook File
.htz4eBookHyperMaker 4 Publication
.htz5eBookHyperMaker 5 Publication
.huhDataHydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File
.humGameOMSI Human Configuration File
.husCADHusqvarna Embroidery File
.hvcDataHotDocs Variable Collection File
.hvplPluginiTunes Visual Plug-in File
.hwdGameHedgewars Demo File
.hwmapGameHedgewars Drawn Map File
.hwpTextHanword Document
.hwpTextHangul (Korean) Text Document
.hwsGameHedgewars Saved Game
.hxaMiscMicrosoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File
.hxcMiscMicrosoft Help 2 Collection Definition File
.hxeMiscMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition File
.hxkMiscMicrosoft Help 2 Index File
.hxmGameDescent 2 Resource Modification
.hxn3D ImageHexagon Model File
.hxsWebHelp 2 Compiled Help File
.hxtMiscMicrosoft Help 2 Table of Contents File
.hxxDeveloperC++ Source Code Header File
.hydraDeveloperHydra Image Filter Program File
.hypCompressedHYPER Compressed Archive
.hypMiscDictionary Information File
.hypeWebHype Document
.hyvDataTeam Manager Meet Event File
.hzTextChinese (Hanzi) Text

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