Thursday, 30 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter A

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.aDeveloperStatic Library
.a00CompressedALZip Second Split Archive File
.a01CompressedALZip Third Split Archive File
.a02CompressedALZip Fourth Split Archive File
.a1wishDataAudials Wishlist File
.a26GameAtari 2600 ROM
.a2bAudioAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
.a2c3D ImageAlice Object File
.a2iAudioAdlib Tracker II Instrument File
.a2lCADASAP2 ECU Description File
.a2mAudioAdlib Tracker II File
.a2mSettingsTS-AudioToMIDI Settings File
.a2pAudioAdlib Tracker II Pattern File
.a2tAudioAdlib Tracker II Tiny Module File
.a2themeSettingsAston 2 Theme File
.a2wAudioAdlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros
.a2wDeveloperAlice World
.a3d3D ImageAlternativa Player 3D Export File
.a3lDataAuthorware 3 Library
.a3mDataAuthorware 3 Macintosh File
.a3wDataAuthorware 3 Windows File
.a4lDataAuthorware 4 Library
.a4mDataAuthorware 4 Macintosh File
.a4pWebA4Desk Pro Project File
.a4wDataAuthorware 4 Windows File
.a52AudioDolby Digital Audio File
.a52GameAtari 5200 ROM
.a5lDataAuthorware 5 Library
.a5rptDataAlpha Five Project Report File
.a5wWebAlpha Five Webpage File
.a5wDataAuthorware 5 Windows File
.a5wcmpDataAlpha Five Web Components File
.a65DataAuthorware 6.5 File
.a6pExecutableAuthorware 6 Program
.a8s3D ImageAnim8or Script
.aaDisk ImageGeneric CD Image
.aaAudioAudible Audio Book File
.aa3AudioATRAC Audio File
.aacAudioAdvanced Audio Coding File
.aafVideoAdvanced Authoring Format File
.aamDataAuthorware Map File
.aaoDataAgenda At Once File
.aaoGameAmerica's Army Map File
.aauiPluginAcrobat User Interface File
.aawdefMiscAd-Aware Definitions File
.aaxAudioAudible Enhanced Audiobook File
.abDataDNA Sequence File
.abDeveloperApplix Builder File
.abAudioAmbling BookPlayer MP3 File
.abBackupAndroid ADB Backup File
.ab1DataDNA Electropherogram File
.ab2DataPrint Shop Address Book File
.ab3DataPhotoImpact 3 Album File
.abaBackupPalm Address Book Archive
.abaPluginAvant Browser Add-on File
.abbuBackupAddress Book Backup
.abcDeveloperActionScript Byte Code File
.abcDeveloperABC Source File
.abcAudioABC Music Notation
.abcVector ImageMicrografx ABC FlowCharter 6 File
.abcdDataAudioVisual Book Data File
.abcddbDatabaseApple Address Book Contact List
.abdataDataAdobe Bridge Data File
.abfFontAdobe Binary Screen Font File
.abfBackupAnalysis Services Backup File
.abiDataDNA Chromatogram File
.abiPluginAbiWord Plug-in
.abkGameArena Opening Book File
.abkGameNeed for Speed Underground Audio File
.abkBackupAutomatic Backup File
.abkprjDataAshampoo Backup Project
.abmRaster ImagePhoto Album
.abmAudioMusic Album
.abpDataAVS Barcode Profile
.abrMiscAdobe Photoshop Brushes File
.absGameAB SuDoKu Saved Game
.absSettingsAvant Browser Skin File
.absDatabaseAbsolute Database File
.absSettingsTurboZIP Auto Compress Script
.abwTextAbiWord Document
.abyDataAOL Address Book File
.acExecutableAutoconf Script
.ac$MiscAutoCAD Temporary File
.ac3AudioAudio Codec 3 File
.ac5Vector ImageArtCut 5 Document
.ac6Vector ImageArtCut 6 Document
.acaDataAgent Character Animation File
.acbSettingsAdobe Photoshop Color Book File
.acbSettingsAutoCAD Color Book File
.acbMiscAOL Cab Launcher
.acblSettingsAdobe Color Book Legacy File
.accDataGraphics Accounts Data File
.accExecutableGEM Accessory File
.accdaPluginAccess Add-in File
.accdbDatabaseAccess 2007 Database File
.accdcDatabaseMicrosoft Access Signed Package
.accdeDatabaseAccess Execute Only Database
.accdrDatabaseAccess Runtime Application
.accdtDatabaseMicrosoft Access Database Template
.accduPluginAccess Add-in File
.accdwDatabaseMicrosoft Access Database Link File
.accftDatabaseMicrosoft Access Data Type Template
.accountpicture-msRaster ImageWindows 8 Account Picture File
.acdDeveloperRSLogix 5000 Program
.acdAudioACID Project File
.acd-bakAudioSony ACID Project Backup File
.acd-zipAudioSony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
.aceCompressedWinAce Compressed File
.acfGameSteam Application Cache File
.acfDataAgent Character Data File
.acfSettingsAdobe Photoshop Custom Filter File
.acfmFontAdobe Composite Font Metrics File
.acgDataAgent Preview File
.acgDataAudio Comparer Group File
.aclMiscAutoCorrect List File
.acmAudioInterplay Audio File
.acoSettingsAdobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
.acornRaster ImageAcorn Image
.acpBackupAlfresco Content Package
.acpAudioaacPlus Audio File
.acpDeveloperEditPlus Auto-Completion File
.acrBackupAcer eRecovery Management Backup File
.acrDataAudio Comparer Results File
.acrRaster ImageAmerican College of Radiology File
.acrExecutableACRobot Script
.acrobatsecuritysettingsSettingsAdobe Acrobat Security Settings File
.acrodataSettingsAcrobat Data File
.acropluginPluginAdobe Acrobat Plug-in
.acsMiscAgent Character File
.acsmeBookAdobe Content Server Message File
.actDeveloperDS Game Maker Action File
.actCADAlma CAD/CAM Document
.actAudioADPCM Compressed Audio File
.actSettingsAdobe Color Table File
.act3D ImageGenesis3D Actor File
.actTextFoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
.actionExecutableAutomator Action
.actmExecutableAutoCAD Action Macro File
.actxDeveloperDS Game Maker Action Description File
.acvSettingsPhotoshop Curves File
.acwSettingsWindows Accessibility Wizard File
.acxGameAtari ST Program
.adMiscAfter Dark Screensaver
.adaDeveloperAda Source Code
.adadownloadMiscAdobe Download Assistant Partial Download File
.adbDatabaseAbility Database File
.adbPage LayoutNow Contact Address Book Template
.adbDeveloperAda Body File
.adbDatabaseAlpha Five Database File
.adblockDeveloperAlpha Five Library Temporary File
.adcRaster ImageScanstudio 16 Color Image
.adcpDataAdobe Device Central Project File
.addMiscDynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.addinDeveloperVisual Studio Add-in Definition File
.addonPluginCFS Console Add-on File
.adeDatabaseAccess Project Extension
.adfDatabaseACT! Data File
.adfGISESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format
.adfDisk ImageAmiga Disk File
.adgAudioAbleton Device Group
.adiBackupActive@ Disk Image Backup File
.adiMiscDynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.adiCADAutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File
.admSystemAdministrative Template File
.admMiscPortfolio Admin-Level Access Flag
.admlSystemGroup Policy Language-Specific Administrative Template
.admxSystemGroup Policy Administrative Template File
.adnDatabaseAccess Blank Project Template
.adoSettingsAdobe Photoshop Duotone Options File
.adobebridgeDataAdobe Bridge URL FIle
.adoxDataActivDox Document
.adpDatabaseAccess Project
.adppSettingsAdobe Device Profile Package
.adrWebOpera Bookmarks File
.adsDeveloperAda Specification File
.adtGameWorld of Warcraft Map File
.adtAudioADTS Audio File
.adtDataACT! Document Template
.adtCADAutoCAD Audit Log
.adtsAudioAudio Data Transport Stream File
.aduDataAddict User Dictionary File
.advAudioAbleton Device Preset File
.advDataNortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File
.advSystemAudio Driver File
.advsDataAdobe Device Central Device Set
.adxDataApproach Index File
.adzDisk ImageCompressed Amiga Disk File
.aeaSettingsAe Timer Alarm Document
.aeaBackupAdWords Editor Archive
.aecVideoCinema 4D After Effects Composition
.aepEncodedAdvanced Encryption Package Encrypted File
.aepVideoAfter Effects Project
.aepeBookActiv E-Book Project
.aepkeyMiscAdvanced Encryption Package Key File
.aepxVideoAfter Effects XML Project
.aesEncodedAES Crypt Encrypted File
.aetVideoAfter Effects Project Template
.aetxVideoAfter Effects XML Project Template
.aexWebAlpha Five Compiled Global Functions File
.af2Vector ImageMicrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 File
.af3Vector ImageMicrografx ABC FlowCharter 3/4 File
.afcAudioMass Effect 2 Audio File
.afdCADAlphacam Flame Drawing
.afdDisk ImageAFF Disk Image Part File
.afeDataAvid File Exchange File
.affDisk ImageAFF Disk Image
.afmDisk ImageAFF Metadata File
.afmFontAdobe Font Metrics File
.afpPage LayoutAdvanced Function Presentation File
.afpEncodedFileProtector Encrypted File
.afplocMiscApple Filing Protocol Location Project File Family Tree Database
.afxRaster ImageAuto FX Photo/Graphic Edges Image
.agbGameGame Boy Advance ROM
.agdDataAgileGraph Data File
.agdMiscAgile Advantage E-mail Attachment
.age3scnGameAge of Empires 3 Scenario File
.aggrDataAdobe Captivate Aggregate File
.agiDeveloperAsterisk Gateway Interface File
.agifRaster ImageActive GIF Creator Project
.agmAudioDTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File
.agpRaster ImageArtGem Project File
.agrAudioAbleton Groove File
.ahdMiscDynamics AX Online Help Data File
.ahiMiscDynamics AX Online Help Index File
.ahkExecutableAutoHotkey Script
.ahlSettingseMule Metadata File
.ahsSettingsAdobe Halftone Screen File
.ahuSettingsAdobe Photoshop HSL File
.ahxAudioWinAHX Tracker Module
.aiGameBattlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence File
.aiVector ImageAdobe Illustrator File
.aiaSettingsAdobe Illustrator Action File
.aicRaster ImageAdvanced Image Coding File
.aifMiscSymbian Application Information File
.aifAudioAudio Interchange File Format
.aifbDataAIF Builder Project File
.aifcAudioCompressed Audio Interchange File
.aiffAudioAudio Interchange File Format
.aimMiscAOL Instant Messenger Launch File
.aimTextAIMMS ASCII Model File
.aimpplAudioAIMP Playlist File
.ainCompressedAIN Compressed File Archive
.ainGameSource Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File
.aipPluginIllustrator Plug-in
.airGameM.U.G.E.N. Animation File
.airExecutableAdobe AIR Installation Package
.aisAudioVelvet Studio Instrument
.aisRaster ImageACDSee Image Sequence File
.aitSettingsAdobe Illustrator Template
.aiuSettingsAdvanced Installer Updates Configuration File
.aivDataAIVault Data File
.ajpVideoCCTV Video File
.akpAudioAkai Sampler File
.alAudioA-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alacAudioALAC Encoded Audio File
.alawAudioA-Law Compressed Sound Format
.albDeveloperAlpha Five Library
.albmRaster ImageHP Photo Printing Software Album File
.alcDataDynamics AX Label Description File
.alcAudioAbleton Live Clip File
.aldDataDynamics AX Application Label Data File
.aleVideoAvid Log Exchange File
.alfDatabaseACT! Lookup File
.aliDataDynamics AX Label Index File
.aliDataRoboHelp Alias File
.allAudioCubasis Project File
.allSettingsJava RMI Policy File
.almDeveloperAlpha Five Library
.alpPluginAbleton Live Pack File
.alpDeveloperAnyLogic Project File
.alrGameADRIFT Language Resource File
.alsAudioAbleton Live Set File
.altMiscDynamics AX Temporary File
.alvSettingsAdobe Photoshop Levels File
.alxDeveloperAlpha Five Library Index File
.alxWebActiveX Layout Control File
.alxSettingsBlackBerry Application Loader XML File
.alzCompressedALZip Archive
.amVideoAnark Media File
.amDeveloperAutomake Makefile Template
.am1GameAdventure Maker
.am4DeveloperAutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File
.am5DeveloperAutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File
.am6DeveloperAutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project
.am7DeveloperAutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project
.ambDataAll My Books Database File
.ambDataAIMMS Model File
.amcDataAnt Movie Catalog File
.amcVideoAMC Video File
.amfAudioAdvanced Module File
.amfmFontAdobe Multiple Font Metrics File
.amlSystemACPI Machine Language File
.amlDeveloperAbstract Markup Language
.amlMiscMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language File
.amlDeveloperArc Macro Language File
.ammDataAll My Movies Database File
.ampSettingsAdobe Photoshop Curves Map File
.amrAudioAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.amsAudioVelvet Studio Module
.amsAudioExtreme Tracker Module
.amsSettingsAdobe Monitor Setup file
.amsormDataOnLine Ringman Auction Client File
.amuDataPictureGear Studio Photo Album File
.amvVideoAnime Music Video File
.amxVideoAdobe Motion Exchange File
.amxPluginAMX Mod Plugin File
.amxdAudioAbleton Max Patch File
.amxxPluginAMX Mod X Plugin File
.amzAudioAmazon MP3 Downloader File
.anWebAdobe Edge Animate Project File
.an1DataStreet Atlas USA Draw File
.an2GameCroc Legend of the Gobbos Animation File
.an83D ImageAnim8or File
.aneDeveloperAdobe AIR Native Extension
.aniSystemWindows Animated Cursor
.anim3D ImageUnity Animation File
.animVideoAmiga Animation File
.anim3D ImageAntibody Animation File
.anim3D ImageMaya Animation File
.animset3D ImageFaceFX Animation Set File
.animset_ingame3D ImageFaceFX In-Game Animation Set File
.anjutaDeveloperAnjuta IDE Project File
.anm3D Image3D Animation File
.anmeDataAnime Studio Document
.annSystemHelp Annotations
.annotMiscAdobe Digital Editions Annotations File
.ansTextANSI Text File
.ansDataHotDocs Binary Answer File
.ansymDataAdobe Edge Animate Library File
.antispam5SettingsPersonal AntiSpam Settings File
.antmplPage LayoutAdobe Edge Animate Template File
.anxDataHotDocs Answer File
.anyCADAnyRail Layout Plan
.aobAudioDVD-Audio Audio Object File
.aodMiscDynamics AX Object Data File
.aof3D ImageArtlantis Object File
.aoiMiscDynamics AX Application Object Index File
.aoi3D ImageArt of Illusion 3D Scene
.aoisSettingsCFS Console Add-on Installer Settings File
.aolMiscAmerica Online File
.aomSettingsAfter Effects Output Module
.aosSystemARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
.apWebActive Page
.ap_DeveloperADT Android Developer Package
.apaDeveloperRSView Development Project Archive
.apalbumDataAperture Album File
.apdPluginEclipse Plugin Descriptor File
.apdRaster ImageACDSee Photo Document
.apeAudioMonkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.apePluginAVS Plugin Effects File
.apfAudioSony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File
.apfMiscAdobe Profile File
.aphDataAbility Album File
.apiPluginAcrobat Plug-in
.apiSettingsAdobe Photoshop Inks File
.apkExecutableAndroid Package File
.aplPluginACDSee Plugin File
.aplAudioMonkey's Audio Track Information File
.aplGISArcPad Layer File
.aplgPluginAudials Plug-in
.aplibraryDataAperture Library
.aplpPluginAudials Plug-in Package
.apmRaster ImageAldus Placeable Metafile Image
.apngRaster ImageAnimated Portable Network Graphic
.apnxeBookAmazon Page Number Index File
.appExecutableFoxPro Generated Application
.appExecutableMac OS X Application
.appExecutableSymbian OS Application
.appdownloadMiscMac App Store Partially Downloaded App
.applescriptExecutableAppleScript File
.appletDeveloperEclipse Java Applet Policy File
.applicationSettingsClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
.appref-msSettingsMicrosoft Application Reference File
.appupMiscErlang Application Upgrade File
.appxDeveloperWindows 8 App Package
.appxsymDeveloperWindows 8 App Package Symbols File
.appxuploadDeveloperWindows 8 App Upload Package
.aprGISArcView Project File
.aprDeveloperApadana Project File
.apsDeveloperVisual C++ Resource File
.apsRaster ImageGreeting Card Studio Project File
.aptTextAlmost Plain Text File
.apxRaster ImageAbility Photopaint Studio Image
.apxlDataKeynote Presentation Data File
.apzCompressedAutoplay Media Studio Exported Project
.aqmGISAlpineQuest Map File
.aqtVideoAQTitle Subtitles File
.arCompressedUnix Static Library
.arGameMidtown Madness Data File
.araDataArchivaldo Resource Archive
.arcDataNintendo Archive File
.arcBackupNorton Backup Archive
.arcCompressedCompressed File Archive
.arcGameAfrican Safari Data File
.arcBackupSymbian OS Backup File
.arch00GameF.E.A.R. Game Archive
.arcutVideoPrelude Rough Cut File
.ardCADArtiosCAD Workspace File
.arenaGameQuake 3 Engine Arena File
.arfVideoWebEx Advanced Recording File
.arffDataAttribute-Relation File Format
.argSettingsAutoCAD Profile
.arhDataArheoStratigraf Project File
.arhCompressedProTool Compressed Project File
.ariCompressedARI Compressed File Archive
.ariCamera RawARRIRAW Image
.ariaAudioChipsounds Sound File
.ariaxAudioChipsounds XML Sound File
.arjCompressedARJ Compressed File Archive
.arkCompressedPowerDesk Pro Archive
.arlSettingsAOL Organizer File
.aroWebSteelArrow Web Application File
.arpGameAudition Replay File
.arpSettingsAdvanced RAR Password Recovery Setup
.arpackPluginArtRage Package
.arrMiscAdvanced RAR Password Recovery Project
.arrRaster ImageAmber Graphic File
.arrDeveloperMultiMedia Fusion Array File
.arsSettingsAfter Effects Render Settings File
.arsGameCarmageddon Saved Game
.arscDeveloperAndroid Package Resource File
.arscriptExecutableArtRage Script
.artVector ImageArt Document
.artDataBERNINA Embroidery File
.artRaster ImageAOL Compressed Image File
.artDeveloperArtifacts Artifact File
.artCADArtCAM Model
.artbVector ImageArtboard Document
.artprojDeveloperArtifacts Project
.artworkRaster ImageArtStudio Image
.arwRaster ImageArtStudio Image
.arwCamera RawSony Digital Camera Image
.arxPluginAutoCAD Runtime Extension File
.asDataAppleSingle File
.asDeveloperActionScript File
.as2projDeveloperFlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File
.as3projDeveloperFlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File
.as4BackupaskSam Backup File
.asaWebASP Configuration File
.asat3D ImageAssemble SAT 3D Model File
.asaxWebASP.NET Server Application File
.asbExecutableAlphacam Stone VB Macro File
.ascDeveloperActionScript Communication File
.ascCADLTspice Circuit Schematic File
.ascTextASCII Text File
.ascTextAutodesk ASCII Export File
.ascEncodedPGP ASCII Armored File
.asciiTextASCII Text File
.ascsDeveloperActionScript Communication Server File
.ascxWebASP.NET User Control File
.asdBackupWord AutoSave File
.asdAudioAbleton Live Sample Analysis File
.asdbDeveloperAsphyre Sphinx Archive File
.aseSettingsAdobe Swatch Exchange File
.aseTextAutodesk ASCII Scene Export File
.aseAudioVelvet Studio Sample
.asecSystemAndroid Secure Application File
.asefSettingsAdobe Swatch Exchange File
.asfVideoAdvanced Systems Format File
.ashGameAudiosurf Audio Metadata File
.ashGameKoLmafia ASH Script
.ashMiscNintendo Wii System Menu File
.ashbakBackupAshampoo Backup Archive
.ashdiscDisk ImageAshampoo Burning Studio Image
.ashprjDataAshampoo Burning Studio Project
.ashxWebASP.NET Web Handler File
.asiDeveloperAlpha Five Variable File
.asiPluginGrand Theft Auto Mod Library
.askSettingsAbleton Live Skin File
.askDatabaseaskSam Database
.aslSettingsPhotoshop Style
.asmDataPro/ENGINEER Assembly File
.asmDeveloperVisual Studio Assembler Source Code File
.asmDeveloperAssembly Language Source Code File
.asmCADSolid Edge Assembly File
.asmxWebASP.NET Web Service File
.asndDataAdobe Sound Document
.aspSettingsAdobe Color Separation Setup File
.aspWebActive Server Page
.aspxWebActive Server Page Extended File
.asrDataAdobe Photoshop Scratch File
.asrWebActionScript Remote Document
.assMiscAegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
.assGameSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File
.assetGameUnity Asset File
.asstrmGameSplinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File
.astSpreadsheetAbility Spreadsheet Template
.astSettingsAdobe Color Separations Table
.astDataClarisWorks Assistant File
.asvBackupFinale Auto-save File
.asvSettingsAdobe Photoshop Selective Color File
.asvfDeveloperAsphyre Sphinx Archive File
.asvxBackupFinale Auto-save File
.aswRaster ImageACDSee Slideshow Wizard File
.aswcsSettingsAvast! Compressed Skin File
.aswsSettingsAvast! Skin File
.asxVideoMicrosoft ASF Redirector File
.asxDeveloperAlpha Five Library Temporary Index File
.asyCADLTspice Symbol File
.asyVector ImageAsymptote Module
.at3AudioATRAC3 Audio File
.at5GISLowrance Map File
.atahdSystemATA Hard Drive Flag File
.atcSettingsAutoCAD Tool Catalog File
.ateBackupOffice Accounting Compressed Backup File
.atf3D ImageAlternativa Texture File
.atfSettingsPhotoshop Transfer Function File
.atfDataAxon Text File
.athSettingsAlienware AlienFX Theme File
.atiBackupOffice Accounting Updated Company File
.atl3D ImageArtlantis 3D Scene File
.atmGamePSP Game Audio File
.atm3D ImageVue Atmospheres File
.atnSettingsPhotoshop Actions File
.atomWebAtom Syndication Format
.atrDisk ImageAtari Disk Image
.atracAudioSony ATRAC Audio File
.atsDataAdvanced ETL Transformation Script
.attCADAlphacam Lathe Tool File
.attWebWeb Form Post Data File
.attrDataiPhoto Attributes File
.atxGISArcGIS Attribute Index File
.atxPluginAnimation Master Plugin File
.atyTextAssociation Type Placeholder
.atzSettingsAston Compiled Theme
.atzMiscAtomic Time Zone File
.auAudioAudio File
.auAudioAudacity Audio File
.au3DeveloperAutoIt v3 Script
.audAudioVideo Game Compressed Audio File
.aupAudioAudacity Project File
.autDeveloperAutoIt Script File
.automaticdestinations-msSystemWindows Jump List File
.autoplayDeveloperAutoPlay Media Studio Project File
.auxGISAuxiliary File
.auxSettingsLaTeX Auxiliary File
.auzMiscAbleton Authorization File
.avaeBookAvaaBook eBook
.avastlicMiscAvast! License File
.avastsoundsAudioAvast! Soundpack File
.avatarRaster ImageGoogle Talk Avatar File
.avbVideoAvid Bin File
.avcVideoAvid Media Composer Script
.avcDataKaspersky Virus Database
.avchdVideoHigh Definition Video File
.avdVideoMovie Edit Pro Video Information File
.aveSettingsAvid User File
.avenirprojDataStoryMill Project
.averyPage LayoutAvery Design & Print Online Label File
.avgdxMiscAVG Diagnostics File
.avhdDisk ImageHyper-V SnapShot File
.aviVideoAudio Video Interleave File
.avjDataAntiVir Job File
.avlGISArcView Legend File
.avlDataAntiVir Status Report File
.avpVideoAvid Project File
.avpDataAntiVir Profile
.avrAudioAudio Visual Research File
.avsSettingsAdobe Photoshop Variations File
.avsVideoAviSynth Script File
.avsSettingsAVS Preset File
.avsSettingsAvid Project Preferences File
.avsVideoApplication Visualization System File
.avvVideoAvid Volume Bin File
.avxPluginArcView Extension File
.avxPluginAvid Plugin File
.awDataAnswer Wizard File
.awbAudioAMR-WB Audio File
.awcMiscEmulex AWC Firmware Update File
.awcavSettingsActiveWorlds Custom Avatar File
.awdMiscAward BIOS Update File
.awdRaster ImageMicrosoft Fax Document
.awdRaster ImageArtweaver Document
.awdbDataAccess Walker Database File
.awgVector ImageAbility Draw Document
.awgDataActiveworlds Object Group File
.awkDeveloperAWK Script
.awkwMiscAwkwords Word Generator File
.awliveVideoActive Webcam Video File
.awmWebAllWebMenus Project File
.awpTextAbility Write Template
.awsSettingsAutoCAD Work Space File
.awsSpreadsheetAbility Spreadsheet File
.awtTextAbiWord Template
.awwTextAbility Write Document
.axPluginDirectShow Filter
.axdWebASP.NET Web Handler File
.axeDeveloperAnnotated XML Example File
.axeGISAutoRoute Map File
.axmVideoAXMEDIS Object
.axpSettingsCDBurnerXP Audio Compilation File
.axtSettingsAdobe Photoshop Extract File
.axtGISMicrosoft AutoRoute Template
.axxEncodedAxCrypt Encrypted File
.ayAudioAY Chiptune File
.az!MiscVuze Partial Download File
.azfEncodedAirZip FileSECURE File
.azsEncodedAirZip FileSECURE File
.azweBookAmazon Kindle eBook File
.azw1eBookAmazon Topaz eBook
.azw2ExecutableKindle Active Content App File
.azw3eBookAmazon KF8 eBook File
.azw4eBookAmazon Print Replica eBook
.azzDataAZZ Cardfile Database File
.azzxDataUncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File

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