Friday, 31 January 2014

File types with extensions that start with the letter F

File ExtentionFile Type Description
.fDeveloperFortran Source Code
.fCompressedFreeze Compressed File
.f04DataNastran Execution Summary File
.f06DataNastran Output File
.f2rAudioFarandoyle Linear Module File
.f32AudioRaw 32-Bit Audio File
.f3d3D ImageFusion 3D Design
.f3fFontCrazy Machines Font File
.f3rAudioFarandoyle Blocked Module File
.f4aAudioAdobe Flash Protected Audio File
.f4fVideoFlash Video Fragment
.f4pVideoAdobe Flash Protected Media File
.f4vVideoFlash MP4 Video File
.f64AudioRaw 64-Bit Audio File
.f90DeveloperFortran 90 Source Code File
.faDataFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.facRaster ImageFACE Image File
.faceRaster ImageFACE Graphic File
.facefx3D ImageFaceFX Actor File
.facefx_ingame3D ImageFaceFX In-Game Actor File
.falRaster ImageBitmap Graphic Header Information
.familyfileDataReunion Family File
.fanSettingsFinale Font Annotation File
.fanCADForm•Z Animation File
.faqTextFrequently Asked Questions Document
.farGameThe Sims Archive File
.farAudioFarandole Composer Module
.fasDataFASTA Sequence File
.fasExecutableCompiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File
.fasExecutableQuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File
.fastaDataFASTA Sequence File
.fatSettingsZinf Theme File
.favoritemetadataSettingsTransmit Favorites Data File
.faxPage LayoutNow Contact Fax Template
.faxRaster ImageFax Document
.fb!MiscFlashGet Incomplete Download File
.fb2eBookFictionBook 2.0 File
.fbcBackupFamily Tree Maker for DOS Backup File
.fbfBackupFree Backup Fix Backup File
.fbkBackupMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Backup File
.fbkDataAutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book File
.fbkBackupFamily Tree Maker for Windows Backup File
.fblTextCADfix Command Level Log File
.fblGISiGO Map File
.fbmRaster ImageFuzzy Bitmap Image
.fbpDeveloperwxFormBuilder Project
.fbp7DeveloperFinalBuilder 7 Project
.fbqDataTrine 2 Data File
.fbrVideoFlashBack Screen Recording
.fbrVideoMercury Screen Recording
.fbrbGameBattlefield Bad Company 2 Data File
.fbtSettingsABBYY FineReader Document Options File
.fbuBackupFEBE Firefox Backup File
.fbwBackupHP Recovery Manager Backup File
.fbx3D ImageAutodesk FBX Interchange File
.fbzVideoFlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
.fbz7DeveloperCompressed FinalBuilder 7 Project
.fc23D ImagePoser Face Pose File
.fc2mapGameFar Cry 2 User Map
.fccSettingsForms Credential Collector File
.fcdDisk ImageVirtual CD Format
.fcdCADFastCAD DOS Drawing
.fcdDatabaseFirst Choice Database
.fcdtPage LayoutFormsCentral Design Template
.fceDeveloperForeUI Custom Element File
.fcfTextFinal Draft Converter File
.fcgiWebFastCGI File
.fclDeveloperForeUI Custom Library File
.fcmGamefCraft World File
.fcp3D ImagePhantasy Star Online 2 Female Cast File
.fcpVideoFinal Cut Project
.fcprojectVideoFinal Cut Pro X Project File
.fcsSpreadsheetFirst Choice Spreadsheet
.fcstdCADFreeCAD Document
.fctDataFolderClone Task List
.fcwCADFastCAD Windows Drawing
.fcz3D ImageCompressed Poser Face Pose File
.fdDeveloperDataFlex Data File
.fdSettingsLaTeX Font Definition File
.fd2Page LayoutPictureMate Borders File
.fdaAudioDawn of War Audio File
.fdbDatabaseMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.fdbDataArt Explosion Catalog
.fdbDataPortfolio Catalog
.fdcSettingsAutoCAD Field Catalog File
.fddDisk ImageParallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File
.fddPage LayoutFormDocs Document
.fdfTextAcrobat Forms Data Format
.fdiDisk ImageAmiga Disk Image
.fdmDataExchange Forms Designer Form Message
.fdpCompressedMySafe Encrypted Data
.fdpAudioFMOD Project File
.fdrTextFinal Draft Document
.fdrMiscWindows Error Report File
.fdsTextFinal Draft Secure Copy
.fdsGameNintendo FDS ROM
.fdsGISFME Custom Format File
.fdtPage LayoutFormDocs Template
.fdtDataImpromptu Function Description Table File
.fdtTextFinal Draft 5-7 Template
.fdtDataLucene Field Data File
.fdxTextFinal Draft Document
.fdxtTextFinal Draft 8 Template
.featureDeveloperSharePoint Feature File
.feedbackMiscExpression SketchFlow Feedback File
.fesDataFileless Occurrence Placeholder
.fevSettingsFLAMES Environment Variable File
.fevAudioFMOD Audio Events File
.ffGameCall of Duty 4 Fast File
.ffaSystemFind Fast Status File
.ffdGameFATE Saved Game
.ffdDataSharePoint FFDDumper Log
.ffdVideoffDiaporama Project File
.ffdDataFlat File Descriptor
.fffCamera RawHasselblad RAW Image
.fffAudioGravis UltraSound Sound Bank
.fffDataMAGGI Face File
.ffilFontMac Font Suitcase
.fflMiscFetion Emoticons Package
.fflSystemFind Fast Document List
.ffoSystemFind Fast Document Properties Cache
.ffoDataAdobe Photoshop File Information File
.ffsGISFME Desktop Feature Store File
.fftTextFinal Form Text File
.fftPluginAdobe Audition Noise Print File
.ffwpDataFormsForWeb Packet
.ffxSettingsAfter Effects Preset File
.ffxSystemMicrosoft Find Fast Index
.fg3D ImageFaceGen Project File
.fg3DataFX Graph 3 File
.fgdGameForge Game Data File
.fglDeveloperFifth Generation Language Source File
.fhBackupSymantec Backup Exec File
.fh10Vector ImageFreeHand 10 Drawing File
.fh11Vector ImageFreeHand 11 Drawing File
.fh3Vector ImageFreeHand 3 Drawing File
.fh4Vector ImageFreeHand 4 Drawing File
.fh5Vector ImageFreeHand 5 Drawing File
.fh6Vector ImageFreeHand 6 Drawing File
.fh7Vector ImageFreeHand 7 Drawing File
.fh8Vector ImageFreeHand 8 Drawing File
.fh9Vector ImageFreeHand 9 Drawing File
.fhcDataFHC Data File
.fhdVector ImageFreeHand Drawing File
.fhfBackupFree Hide Folder Backup File
.ficDatabaseWinDev Hyper File Database
.fidSystemMicrosoft Catalog Indexing Service File
.fidDataFile Expander Engine Descriptions Database
.fifVector ImageFractal Image File
.figVector ImageXfig Drawing
.fig3D Image3ds Max Figure File
.filDataFiles List Object File
.filRaster ImageSymbian Application Logo File
.filaGameAleph One Replay File
.fileMiscGeneric Windows File
.filtersDeveloperVisual C++ Project Filters File
.fimppDeveloperFiM++ Source Code File
.fitGISGarmin Activity File
.fitsRaster ImageFlexible Image Transport System File
.fkbeBookFlipkart eBook File
.fkyExecutableFoxPro Macro
.flGameFreelancer Saved Game File
.fl3MiscFlash 3D File
.flaDeveloperAdobe Flash Animation
.flacAudioFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.flam3DataFractal Flames File
.flameDataFractal Flames File
.flashGameFrictional Games Flashback File
.flbPage LayoutFileMaker Pro Label File
.flcVideoFLIC Animation
.fldGameYSFLIGHT Field File
.flfMiscMicrosoft Dynamics NAV License File
.flgSystemPuppy Linux Partition Flag File
.flgDisk ImageIsoPuzzle Flag File
.flgDataHP System Recovery Flags File
.flhVideoFLIC Animation File
.fliVideoFLIC Animation
.flipchartDataActivInspire Flipchart File
.flkDataFolder Lock File
.flkaBackupFolder Lock Portable Locker File
.flkbBackupFolder Lock Basic Locker File
.fllDataFoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.flmDataAdobe Scout Session
.floDataRFFlow Flowchart File
.floDataiGrafx FlowCharter File
.flowDataExpression SketchFlow Data File
.flpAudioFruityLoops Project
.flpDisk ImageFloppy Disk Image
.flpDataFlash Project
.flpDataActivPrimary Flipchart File
.flrTextFlare Decompiled ActionScript File
.flsGISArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File
.flsAudioFlash Lite Sound Bundle
.flstSettingsAdobe InDesign Flattener Presets File
.fltDataFlight Simulator Saved Flight
.flt3D ImageOpenFlight Scene Description File
.fltSettingsVue Filters File
.fltPluginAdobe Audition Filter
.fltPluginImage Filter
.flvVideoFlash Video File
.flwaDataFolder Lock Wallet File
.flxVideoFLIC Animation
.flxCADFelixCAD Drawing
.fmSpreadsheetFileMaker Database
.fmPage LayoutFrameMaker Document
.fm3SettingsLotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File
.fm5DatabaseFileMaker 5 Database
.fmeGISFME Mapping File
.fmelicMiscFME License File
.fmiGISFME Include File
.fmlGameWWE RAW Character File
.fmodSettingsAdobe Illustrator Flattening Module
.fmpSettingsAutoCAD Font Map File
.fmpDatabaseFileMaker Pro Database
.fmpWeb123 Flash Menu Project
.fmp12DatabaseFileMaker Pro 12 Database
.fmpluginPluginFileMaker Plug-in
.fmpslDatabaseFileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
.fmtDataWinRAR Format File
.fmtSettingsFoxPro Format File
.fmvVector ImageFrame Vector Metafile
.fmvGISFME Desktop Viewspace File
.fmwGISFME Workbench File
.fmxPluginFileMaker Plug-in
.fmzCADForm•Z Project File
.fnbkDataFood Network Recipe Manager Data File
.fncSettingsFrogans Player Network Certificate
.fncCADQuickCAM 3D CNC File
.fnc3D ImageVue Functions File
.fndMiscWindows Saved Search
.fnlfMiscScarlett Plug-in Suite License File
.fnrecipesDataFood Network Recipe File
.fntFontWindows Font File
.fntaGameAleph One Font File
.foDataXSL-FO Form
.fobDataDynamics NAV Object Container File
.fodpDataOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
.fodsSpreadsheetOpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
.fodtTextOpenDocument Flat XML Document
.folDatabasePFS First Choice Database File
.folxDataFolx Download File
.fomodGameFallout Mod Archive
.fonFontGeneric Font File
.fopDataInfoZoom Protected Data File
.forDeveloperFortran 77 Source File
.forgeGameAssassin's Creed Game Data File
.formPage LayoutNetBeans Java GUI Designer Form
.forthDeveloperForth Language File
.fosGameFallout 3 Saved Game
.fotFontFont Resource File
.fotaSystemFirmware Over-the-Air File
.foxDataInfoZoom Data File
.foxGameFurcadia Art File
.fp3D ImageFragment Program File
.fpSpreadsheetFileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
.fp3Page LayoutFastReport Prepared Report File
.fp3DatabaseFileMaker Pro 3 Database
.fp33D ImageFloorPlan 3D Design File
.fp4DatabaseFileMaker Pro 4 Database
.fp5DatabaseFileMaker Pro 5 Database
.fp7DatabaseFileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.fp8CompressedFP8 (= Fast PAQ8) Compressed File
.fpaDataFront Panel Encrypted Order File
.fpaAudioFinale Performance Assessment File
.fpbfSystemMac OS X Burn Folder
.fpdCADFront Panel Designer Project
.fpe3D ImageFPS Creator Entity File
.fpencEncodedFileProtect Encrypted File
.fpf3D ImageIKEA Home Planner File
.fpfvMiscFile Protected From Virus
.fpgRaster ImageFenix Graphics Collection File
.fpgGameFPS Creator Game Project File
.fpiExecutableFPS Creator Intelligence Script
.fpidGameFPS Creator AI Wizard Data File
.fpj3D ImageCryENGINE Facial Editor Project File
.fpkGameCivilization 4 Data File
.fpkMiscJetForm FormFlow File
.fpmDeveloperFPS Creator Map File
.fpmbGameFPS Creator Mab Buffer File
.fpmoGameFPS Creator Map Overlay File
.fpopGameSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
.fposRaster ImagePhoto Pos Pro Image
.fppDeveloperFortran Source Code
.fppGameFPS Creator Prefab File
.fppCADFront Panel Project
.fpsGameFPS Creator Segment File
.fpslDataFileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
.fpsxBackupNokia Firmware Format File
.fptDeveloperAlpha Five Table Memo File
.fptDatabaseFileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.fptTextFoxPro Table Memo
.fpxRaster ImageFlashPix Bitmap Image File
.fqcDataFAQ Creator File
.fr3Page LayoutFastReport Form File
.framesSettingsxScope Frames File
.frameworkDeveloperMac OS X Application Framework
.frcSettingsMandelbrot Explorer Color Settings File
.frcGameFS Recorder File
.frdDataFrequency Response Data File
.freecellsave-msGameMicrosoft FreeCell Saved Game
.frfPage LayoutFree Report Form File
.frgAudioSony Sound Forge Pro Project File
.frjDeveloperFreeForm-J Project File
.frkMiscMacintosh Resource or Data Fork
.frlDataElectronic Form Loader File
.frmDatabaseMySQL Database Format File
.frmDeveloperVisual Basic Text Form
.frmDataADL Form
.frmMiscForm File
.frmRaster ImagePainter Frame Stack File
.froDatadBASE IV Compiled Report
.frrSettingsMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File
.frsExecutableFlash Renamer Script
.frtTextFoxPro Report Memo
.frxDeveloperFoxPro Report
.frxDeveloperVisual Basic Binary Form File
.fry3D ImageFryrender Scene File
.frzMiscLocked FormFlow File
.frzGameSnes9x Saved State
.fsVector ImageFlexiSIGN Document
.fsDeveloperVisual F# Source File
.fsPluginMac OS X File System Plug-in
.fs2GameFreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File
.fsbAudioFMOD Sample Bank File
.fsbPluginForm•Z Compiled Script
.fscDataPractical Scriptwriter File
.fsgGameFreeCol Saved Game File
.fsh3D ImageFragment Shader File
.fsiDeveloperVisual F# Signature File
.fsifDataMyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File
.fslDeveloperForm•Z Script
.fsmGameFreeSpace Mission File
.fsmEncodedSplitty Master Split File
.fsmAudioFarandole Composer WaveSample File
.fsprojDeveloperVisual F# Project File
.fsprojDeveloperFireStarter Project File
.fsq3D ImageCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence File
.fssDataSplitty Data Split File
.fssaveGameFlight Simulator Save File
.fsscriptDeveloperVisual F# Script
.fstGameCrazy Machines 2 Object File
.fsxDeveloperVisual F# Script File
.ftSettingsEdgecam Feature Template
.ft10Vector ImageFreeHand 10 Drawing Template
.ft11Vector ImageFreeHand 11 Drawing Template
.ft7Vector ImageFreeHand 7 Drawing Template
.ft8Vector ImageFreeHand 8 Template
.ft9Vector ImageFreeHand 9 Drawing Template
.ftcVideoFluxTime Clip File
.ftgSystemFull Text Group
.fthSettingsFoobar2000 Theme File
.fthSettingsFileMaker Theme File
.ftilMisce-Hastakshar Contract Note
.ftlGameFaster Than Light Mod File
.ftlDeveloperFreeMarker Template File
.ftlDataFamily Tree Legends File
.ftmAudioFamiTracker Module
.ftmAudioFinale Template File
.ftmDataFamily Tree Maker for DOS File
.ftmbBackupFamily Tree Maker Backup File
.ftmxAudioFinale Template File
.ftnVector ImageFlowton Diagram File
.ftnDeveloperFortran Source Code File
.ftplocMiscFTP Location
.ftpquotaSettingsFtpquota File
.ftsSystemFull Text Search
.ftwDataFamily Tree Maker File
.fukGamePostal 2 Map File
.fulBackupMicrosoft Backup File List
.fwMiscFirmware Update File
.fwdnTextfWriter Document
.fwpWebMicrosoft Expression Web Package
.fwtSettingsFacetWin Configuration File
.fx3D ImageDirect3D Effects File
.fxSystemReadyBoot Trace File
.fxa3D ImageOC3 Entertainment FaceFX Actor File
.fxbPluginVST Audio Plug-in
.fxcDeveloperFilePackager Configuration
.fxcprojDeveloperFX Composer Project File
.fxfDataBigFix Action File
.fxgVector ImageFlash XML Graphics File
.fxgDataFX Graph File
.fxlDeveloperFaceFX Language File
.fxl3D ImageCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
.fxmPage LayoutWinFax Document
.fxm3D ImageMessiahStudio Motion File
.fxmlDeveloperFXML Source Code File
.fxpExecutableFoxPro Compiled Program
.fxpDataAdobe Flex Project File
.fxpPluginVST Audio Plug-in
.fxplDeveloperAdobe Flash FXP Library
.fxs3D ImageMessiahStudio Scene File
.fxtPluginFinale Plug-in
.fxtGameGrand Theft Auto Fake Text File
.fxt3D ImageFaceFX Actor Template File
.fzCADFritzing Project File
.fzaBackupForm•Z Autosave File
.fzbAudioCasio FZ-1 Bank Dump
.fzbBackupForm•Z Project Backup File
.fzfAudioCasio FZ-1 Full Dump
.fzipPluginFoxit Reader Add-on
.fzpPluginForm•Z Plug-in
.fzpCADFritzing Part File
.fzvAudioCasio FZ-1 Voice Dump
.fzzCADFritzing Shareable Project File