Saturday, 18 January 2014

Camino (MAC) Keyboard Shortcuts

Camino Menu
Cmnd-Optn-EEmpty Cache
Cmnd-HHide Camino
Cmnd-Optn-HHide Others
Cmnd-QQuit Camino
File Menu
Cmnd-NNew Window
Cmnd-TNew Tab
Cmnd-OOpen File...
Cmnd-LOpen Location...
Cmnd-Shft-FSearch the Web...
Cmnd-Shft-WClose Window (with tabs)
Cmnd-WClose Window (without tabs)
Cmnd-Optn-WClose All Windows
Cmnd-WClose Tab
Cmnd-SSave As...
Cmnd-Shft-LEmail Page Location
Cmnd-Shft-PPage Setup...
Edit Menu
Cmnd-ASelect All
Cmnd-Optn-FFill Form
Cmnd-FFind in Page...
Cmnd-GFind Again
Cmnd-Shft-GFind Previous
Cmnd-EUse Selection for Find
View Menu
Cmnd-Shft-TShow/Hide Toolbar
Cmnd-Shft-BShow/Hide Bookmark Bar
Cmnd-PeriodStop Loading Page
Cmnd-RReload Page
Cmnd-Shft-RForce Reload Page
Cmnd-Optn-RReload All Tabs
Cmnd-Shft-Optn-RForce Reload All Tabs
Cmnd-IPage Info (for pages)
Cmnd-IBookmark Info (for bookmarks)
Cmnd-EqualsMake Text Bigger
Cmnd-0Make Text Default
Cmnd-MinusMake Text Smaller
Cmnd-Optn-VView Page Source
History Menu
Cmnd-YShow History
Bookmarks Menu
Cmnd-KBookmark Current Page...
Cmnd-Shft-KBookmark Current Page (without sheet)
Cmnd-Optn-KBookmark Current Tabs as Tab Group...
Cmnd-Shft-Optn-KBookmark Current Tabs as Tab Group (without sheet)
Cmnd-Shft-NAdd Bookmark Folder...
Cmnd-BShow Bookmark Manager
Window Menu
Cmnd-Optn-MMinimize All
Optn-ZoomZoom All
Cmnd-Optn-Left ArrowPrevious Tab
Cmnd-Optn-Right ArrowNext Tab
Cmnd-QuestionCamino Help
Cmnd-ClickOpen Link in New Window/Tab
Cmnd-LFocus Location Bar
Cmnd-Shft-FFocus Search Field
Cmnd-Shft-ClickReverse the Load in background setting for Open Link in New Window/Tab, View Source, and other commands which open new windows/tabs
Cmnd-ClickOpen in New Tabs (tab group or folder in the Bookmarks menu)
Cmnd-ClickOpen in a new tab (bookmark, tab group, or history item)
Cmnd-Return in the location barOpen current page in a new tab
Optn-Return in the location barSave current page
Cmnd-Return in the search fieldOpen search results in a new tab
Cmnd-1 through Cmnd-9Open nth bookmark or tab group on Bookmark Bar
EscapeClose Panel (Find, Page Info, Bookmark Info)
Shft-ZoomMaximize window to fill screen
Shft-Optn-ZoomMaximize all windows to fill screen
Cmnd-Optn-Click and move the mouseClick-and-Move Scrolling
Shft-ScrollwheelHorizontal Page Scrolling
Forward Slash starts, then typeFind As You Type
Single Quote starts, then typeFind As You Type (links only)