Friday, 17 January 2014

Adobe GoLive 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Configuring the work space
Ctrl+TabShow next window in workspace
Shft+Ctrl+TabShow previous window in workspace
Alt-click an optn in the User Profile menuDeselect all user profiles in the Optionstab of the View panel
Alt-click the Elements, CSS, or SpecialmenuReplace a previous selection in the Highlighttab of the View panel
Alt-deselect Display ImagesDeselect media files and images in the Optionstab of the View panel
Using the document window
Alt-click the Show/Hide Split Source buttonChange the position of the Split Source View
Alt-open a documentDisplay the Select Encoding dialog box
Ctrl+Alt-dragPan the page with the Hand tool
Cntrl-choose View > Show/Hide RulersQuickly show or hide rulers and suppress sound
Alt+Shft-move the pointer over an objectDisplay the source code for an object as a tool tip
Shft-choose Edit > PasteRetain styles in pasted text from Microsoft Word
Alt-click the Show Link Warnings buttonSet the default state of the Show Link Warnings button
Shft-click the Page Properties iconSelect the element in Split Source View
Shft-click the Zoom menuSet zoom to 400%
Using the site window
Right-click file, and choose Open > Reveal In ExplLocate file in Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder
Right-click file, and choose Open/Show PropertiesShow properties for object
Ctrl-click the Delete iconDelete a file without GoLive prompting for confirmation
Shft+CtrlForce save a site
Ctrl-click a fileAccess the pick whip in the Errors tab
Alt-click the folder icon in the URL Mappings areaOpen the Edit URL dialog box
Alt+Shft-choose Site > Update > Refresh AllUpdate or generate thumbnails
Shft-open the .site fileOpen a site without checking links or verifying files
Ctrl-click a radio button in the Site Creation WizMove to the next screen
Shft-click an itemReformat details in the log window
Alt-click an itemScroll to the top of details in the log window
Using site Navigation or Links views
Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down ArrowSelect next file in x-direction
Ctrl+Up ArrowStart a partial tree from selection
Ctrl+Down ArrowToggle expand button (hide/show children)
Shft+Up ArrowAdd parent to selection
Shft+Down ArrowAdd children to selection
Ctrl+Left ArrowSelect previous sibling or jump to nearest item to the left of selection
Ctrl+Right ArrowSelect next sibling or jump to nearest item to the right of selection
Ctrl+Up ArrowSelect the closest item above selection
Ctrl+Down ArrowSelect the closest item below selection
EscToggle partial tree from selection and move to center
Ctrl+HomeSelect top-level references
HomeSelect first sibling
EndSelect last sibling
Enter or double-clickOpen the selected references
SpacebarHand tool for scrolling
Type any charactersSelect the reference with matching text
Shft-clickToggle zoom between 100% and 200%
Shft-dragZoom in on selected area
Creating page templates
Shft-choose Special > Template > Undefine EditablUndefine all editable regions
Shft-choose Special > Template > Detach From TempRetain all editable regions when detaching a page from a template
Using tables in the Layout Editor
Alt-resizeChange height and width of a row or column
Click cell borderSelect cells
Click-dragSelect multiple adjacent cells
Shft-click additional cellsSelect multiple nonadjacent cells
Click top edge of columnSelect all cells in column
Click left edge of rowSelect all cells in row
* (asterisk)Add row above
+ (plus symbol/sign)Add columns to the left
- (hyphen)Add columns to the right
Ctrl+Shft-drag bottom/right edge of tableInteractively add cells and rows
Ctrl+DeleteDelete current column
Shft+Ctrl+DeleteDelete current row
Shft+Right ArrowSpan columns, joining current cell with cell to the right
Shft+Left ArrowReduce column span, splitting the current cell
Shft+Down ArrowSpan rows, joining current cell with cell below
Shft+Up ArrowReduce row span, splitting the current cell
TabMove text cursor to next cell to the right
Shft+TabMove text cursor to next cell to the left
Ctrl+EnterSwitch from text entry to cell selection mode
EnterSwitch from cell selection to text entry mode
Ctrl-drag table icon in objects toolboxCreate custom-sized table
Alt-clickSelect parent table in Table & Boxes panel
Working with layout grids and layers
Alt-click the Optimize Size button in the Layout GOptimize only the height of a layout grid
Shft-click the Optimize Size button in the LayoutOptimize only the width of a layout grid
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keysMove boxes on layout grid in one‑pixel increments
Arrow keysMove boxes based on Snap-To-Grid setting
Shft-drag the layerMove a layer only horizontally or vertically
Shft+Arrow keysResize a layer
Ctrl-click a hide or lock icon in the Layers panelApply Hide or Llock commands to all layers
Ctrl-dragDuplicate selected object
Using the DHTML timeline
Right ArrowSelect next keyframe
Left ArrowSelect previous keyframe
Down ArrowSelect next track
Up ArrowSelect previous track
Enter (numerical keypad)Play a scene beginning at the current time cursor location
0 (numerical keypad)Stop scene playback
Ctrl-click a time trackCreate a new keyframe
Alt-drag keyframeDuplicate a keyframe
Ctrl-click action on action trackCreate an action placeholder
Ctrl+Shft-dragScale an animation while maintaining the relative time positions of all keyframes on the same time track
Working with type
Ctrl+Left ArrowCursor to beginning of current word
Ctrl+Right ArrowCursor to next word
HomeCursor to beginning/end of line
EndCursor to end of line
Double-clickSelect a word
Triple-clickSelect a line
Quadruple-clickSelect a paragraph
Shft+Arrow keysIncrease selection
Shft+HomeSelect to beginning of line
Shft+EndSelect to end of line
Shft+EnterNew line instead of paragraph
Shft+SpacebarNonbreaking space
Ctrl+dashInsert word break tag , enabling the browser to hyphenate the work at the point of insertion
Alt-access menuShow font names rather than font families in menus
Alt+ShftShow font families and font names in menus
Alt-click Create New Font buttonReplace existing fonts with new ones in the Font Set Inspector
ShftAdd a new font to the top of the list in the Font Set Inspector
Ctrl-click the styleEdit a style in the HTML Style panel
Working with links
Alt-drag selected item to desired destination untiCreate new link
Alt-click the Browse button in the InspectorOpen the Edit URL dialog box
Ctrl-drag to desired page in site windowLink frame with desired content file
Using cascading stylesheets
Alt-click the Create New Font Family button in theReplace existing fonts with new ones
Shft-click the Create New Font button in the CSSAdd new fonts to the beginning of the list
Shft-click valueToggle !important state of property value
Alt-click a folder in the Style Info tab of the CSOpen or close all folders in the Style Info tab of the CSS panel
Alt-click the menu itemToggle Apply Information, Cascaded Preview, and Cascaded Properties on or off in the CSS panel window menu
Working with images and Smart objects
Alt-selectSuppress Save For Web dialog box when you select a new source file for a Smart Object
Ctrl+Arrow keysMove a cropping or tracing rectangle by 10 pixels
Alt+Shft-drag from the object to the low source iAssign a low source image to an image object in the Layout Editor
Shft-dragRetain proportions when resizing
Alt-click Send To Front or Send To Back button inMove an image-map hotspot one level higher or lower
Alt-drag from the hotspotLink a hotspot to a file
Shft+Arrow keysResize a hotspot by one pixel
Shft+Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keysResize a hotspot by 10 pixels
Ctrl-drag SVG file to Layout EditorAdd SVG object instead of Smart Object
Ctrl-click Save All or Cancel All in the Save ForSave or cancel optimization for all imported Photoshop layers
Working with PDF files
Ctrl+Arrow keysMove PDF link region by 10 pixels
Shft+CtrlAvoid parsing secure PDF files when opening a site
Editing source code
Shft-choose Special > Source Code > Rewrite SourcRewrite source code using default web settings
Ctrl+Right ArrowCursor to next word
Ctrl+Left ArrowCursor to preceding word
HomeCursor to beginning of line
EndCursor to end of line
Double-clickSelect a word
Triple-clickSelect a line
Shft+Left ArrowDecrease selection one character
Shft+Right ArrowIncrease selection one character
Ctrl+Shft+Left ArrowDecrease selection one word
Ctrl+Shft+Right ArrowIncrease selection one word
Shft+Up ArrowDecrease selection one line
Shft+Down ArrowIncrease selection one line
Home+Shft+Up ArrowDecrease selection to beginning of source code
Home+Shft+Down ArrowDecrease selection to end of source code
End+Shft+Up ArrowIncrease selection to beginning of source code
End+Shft+Down ArrowIncrease selection to end of source code
Alt-click Syntax in the Highlight tab of the ViewRedo an active syntax check with the same parameters
Shft-click the Syntax Check icon in the HighlightPerform a syntax check without opening the Syntax Check window
Alt-click the Navigate Through Code icon in the SoSort functions alphabetically
Alt-click an element in the markup tree barDisplay child elements in markup tree bar
Alt-click OK in the Change Encoding dialog boxWrite URL into doctype
Alt-click Open in the Open Document dialog boxDisplay the Select Encoding dialog box when you open a file
Alt-click Use ResultClose Result dialog box when you add files with found code elements to the Find Text dialog box
Using the outline editor
Enter (numerical keypad)Expand or collapse the selected tag
Shft+Enter (numerical keypad)Recursively expand or collapse the selected tag
Enter (numerical keypad)Show or hide the tag attribute list
Shft+Enter (numerical keypad)Recursively show or hide the tag attribute list
TabActivate the next text box
Shft+TabActivate the preceding text box
Ctrl-click tag nameActivate the tag selection pop-up menu
Ctrl-click an elementDisplay a pop-up menu listing all elements allowed by doctype
Working with web settings
AltClose Web Settings window without saving changes
AltChange names in the Attribute Inspector without converting to lowercase
Alt-dragCopy items on the Markup Languages and Characters tabs
Selecting in Adobe dialog
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl-clickSelect entries (selective)
Shft-clickSelect entries (range)
Down ArrowSelect next entry
Up ArrowSelect previous entry
Shft+Down ArrowSelect next entry (additive)
Shif+Up ArrowSelect previous entry (additive)
Page Up or HomeSelect first entry
Page Down or EndSelect last entry
Navigation in Adobe Dialog
Ctrl+OOpen folder
Ctrl+NCreate new folder
BackspaceMove up one level
EnterOpen selected file
DeleteDelete selected file or files
EscapeCancel dialog
Ctrl+Right ArrowGo forward
Ctrl+Left ArrowGo back
Ctrl+Shft+CGo to My Computer
Ctrl+Shft+DGo to desktop
Ctrl+Shft+KGo to network
Ctrl+Shft+VGo to Version Cue
Viewing in Adobe Dialog