Friday, 17 January 2014

Adobe Contribute CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts

File menu
Ctrl+NCreate a page
Ctrl+OOpen a file on your computer
Ctrl+WClose draft
Ctrl+EEdit page
Ctrl+Shft+EEdit page source in external application
Ctrl+SSave without publishing
Ctrl+Shft+LSave for later
F12Preview in browser
Edit menu
Ctrl+Shft+VPaste text only
Ctrl+ASelect all
View menu
F4Open or close sidebar
Ctrl+Shft+DOpen Draft Console
Ctrl+Shft+BOpen the browser
F5Refresh browser
Ctrl+Shft+OSelect file on website
Insert menu
Ctrl+Alt+TInsert a table
Ctrl+Alt+LInsert a link to a web page
Ctrl+Alt+AInsert a section anchor
Shft+EnterAdd a line break
Ctrl+Shft+SpaceAdd a non-breaking space
Format menu
F7Check spelling
Ctrl+BMake selected text bold
Ctrl+IMake selected text italic
Ctrl+UUnderline selected text
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+LSet left alignment
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+CSet center alignment
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+RSet right alignment
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+JSet justified alignment
Ctrl+Alt+]Indent a paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+[Outdent a paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+KAdd a keyword or description
Ctrl+JSet page properties
Table menu
Ctrl+TSelect a table
Ctrl+Alt+TInsert a table
Ctrl+Alt+MMerge selected cells
Ctrl+Alt+SSplit selected cell
Ctrl+MInsert a row
Ctrl+Shft+AInsert a column
Ctrl+Shft+TShow table properties
Working with blog entries
Ctrl+Shft+RRefresh blog entries in the Entries list
Working in templates
Ctrl+Alt+EMove to the next editable region
Ctrl+Shft+Alt+EMove to the previous editable region
Editing text
EnterCreate a paragraph
Shft+EnterInsert a line break
SpacebarInsert a space
Ctrl+Shft+SpaceInsert a non-breaking space
Drag selected item to new locationMove text or object to another place in the page
Double-click the wordSelect a word
Triple-click a word in the paragraphSelect a paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+]Indent paragraph
Ctrl+Alt+[Outdent paragraph
Ctrl+Shft+Alt+LAlign left
Ctrl+Shft+Alt+CAlign center
Ctrl+Shft+Alt+RAlign right
Working in tables
Ctrl+ASelect cell (with insertion point inside the cell)
TabMove to the next cell
Shft+TabMove to the previous cell
Ctrl+MInsert a row (above current)
Tab in the last cellAdd a row at end of table
Ctrl+Shft+AInsert a column
Ctrl+Alt+MMerge selected table cells
Ctrl+Alt+SSplit table cell
Working with images
Double-click imageChange image properties
Getting help
F1Open online help
Alt+HomeOpen the Start Page