Saturday, 25 January 2014

3DStudio Max 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Snaps Action Table
Alt+F10Snap To Edge/Segment Toggle
Alt+F8Snap To Endpoint Toggle
Alt+F11Snap To Face Toggle
Alt+F5Snap To Grid Points Toggle
Alt+F9Snap To Midpoint Toggle
Alt+F6Snap To Pivot Toggle
Alt+F7Snap To Vertex Toggle
Main UI
OAdaptive Degradation Toggle
AAngle Snap Toggle
Ctrl+RArc Rotate View Mode
NAuto Key Mode Toggle
Alt+Ctrl+BBackground Lock Toggle
,Backup Time One Unit
BBottom View
CCamera View
Alt+SCycle Active Snap Type
Ctrl+FCycle Selection Method
Alt+Shft+SCycle Snap Hit
Ctrl+LDefault Lighting Toggle
.Delete Objects
DDisable Viewport
Alt+XDisplay as See-Through Toggle
8Environment Dialog Toggle
Ctrl+XExpert Mode Toggle
.Forward Time One Unit
FFront View
EndGo to End Frame
HomeGo to Start Frame
Shft+CHide Cameras Toggle
Shft+GHide Geometry Toggle
GHide Grids Toggle
Shft+HHide Helpers Toggle
Shft+LHide Lights Toggle
Shft+PHide Particle Systems Toggle
Shft+SHide Shapes Toggle
Shft+WHide Space Warps Toggle
UIsometric User View
LLeft View
Alt+0Lock User Interface Toggle
MMaterial Editor Toggle
Alt+WMaximize Viewport Toggle
F11MAXScript Listener
Ctrl+NNew Scene
Alt+NNormal Align
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+PPan View
IPan Viewport
Shft+Ctrl+PPercent Snap Toggle
PPerspective User View
Ctrl+HPlace Highlight
/Play Animation
Shft+AQuick Align
Shft+QQuick Render
Ctrl+YRedo Scene Operation
Shft+YRedo Viewport Operation
`Redraw All Views
F9Render Last
F10Render Scene Dialog Toggle
F8Restrict Plane Cycle
F5Restrict to X
F6Restrict to Y
F7Restrict to Z
Ctrl+SSave File
Ctrl+EScale Cycle
Ctrl+ASelect All
PageUpSelect Ancestor
WSelect and Move
ESelect and Rotate
HSelect By Name
PageDownSelect Child
Ctrl+PageDownSelect Children
Ctrl+ISelect Invert
Ctrl+DSelect None
SpaceSelection Lock Toggle
'Set Key Mode
KSet Keys
F2Shade Selected Faces Toggle
Ctrl+`Show Floating Dialogs
Alt+6Show Main Toolbar Toggle
Shft+FShow Safeframes Toggle
JShow Selection Bracket Toggle
Alt+F2Snap To Frozen Objects Toggle
SSnaps Toggle
Alt+D, Alt+F3Snaps Use Axis Constraints Toggle
\Sound Toggle
Shft+ISpacing Tool
Shft+4Spot/Directional Light View
InsertSub-object Level Cycle
Ctrl+BSub-object Selection Toggle
TTop View
-Transform Gizmo Size Down
=Transform Gizmo Size Up
XTransform Gizmo Toggle
F12Transform Type-In Dialog Toggle
Ctrl+ZUndo Scene Operation
Shft+ZUndo Viewport Operation
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+BUpdate Background Image
F4View Edged Faces Toggle
Alt+BViewport Background
NumPad 2Virtual Viewport Pan Down
NumPad 4Virtual Viewport Pan Left
NumPad 6Virtual Viewport Pan Right
NumPad 8Virtual Viewport Pan Up
NumPad /Virtual Viewport Toggle
NumPad +Virtual Viewport Zoom In
NumPad -Virtual Viewport Zoom Out
F3Wireframe / Smooth+Highlights Toggle
ZZoom Extents All Selected
Shft+Ctrl+ZZoom Extents All
Alt+Ctrl+ZZoom Extents
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+ZZoom In 2X
Alt+ZZoom Mode
Alt+Shft+ZZoom Out 2X
Ctrl+WZoom Region Mode
[, Ctrl+=Zoom Viewport In
], Ctrl+-Zoom Viewport Out
Track View
AAdd Keys
Ctrl+EApply Ease Curve
Ctrl+MApply Multiplier Curve
CAssign Controller
Ctrl+CCopy Controller
OExpand Object Toggle
Enter, TExpand Track Toggle
SpaceLock Selection
LLock Tangents Toggle
UMake Controller Unique
Down ArrowMove Highlight Down
Up ArrowMove Highlight Up
MMove Keys
Left ArrowNudge Keys Left
Right ArrowNudge Keys Right
Ctrl+VPaste Controller
Ctrl+Down ArrowScroll Down
Ctrl+Up ArrowScroll Up
SSnap Frames
Alt+XZoom Horizontal Extents Keys
Material Editor
XCycle 3X2, 5X3, 6X4 Sample Slots
GGet Material
Left ArrowGo Backward to Sibling
Right ArrowGo Forward to Sibling
Up ArrowGo to Parent
PMake Preview
Schematic View
BAdd Bookmark
DDisplay Floater
Alt+FFree All
Alt+SFree Selected
Ctrl+IInvert Selected Nodes
Alt+CMove Children
Right ArrowNext Bookmark
Left ArrowPrevious Bookmark
RRename Object
Ctrl+ASelect All Nodes
Ctrl+CSelect Children
Ctrl+DSelect None
GShow Grid
Ctrl+SToggle Shrink
CUse Connect Tool
SUse Select Tool
ZZoom Selected Extents
DDraw Region
SSelect Object
SpaceToggle Toolbar (Docked)
Video Post
Ctrl+FAdd Image Filter Event
Ctrl+IAdd Image Input Event
Ctrl+LAdd Image Layer Event
Ctrl+OAdd Image Output Event
Ctrl+AAdd New Event
Ctrl+SAdd Scene Event
Ctrl+EEdit Current Event
Ctrl+RExecute Sequence
Ctrl+NNew Sequence
Alt+NCV Constrained Normal Move
Alt+UCV Constrained U Move
Alt+VCV Constrained V Move
Shft+Ctrl+CDisplay Curves
Ctrl+DDisplay Dependents
Ctrl+LDisplay Lattices
Alt+LDisplay Shaded Lattice
Shft+Ctrl+SDisplay Surfaces
Ctrl+TDisplay Toolbox
Shft+Ctrl+TDisplay Trims
Ctrl+HLocal Select Sub-Object By Name
SpaceLock 2D Selection
Ctrl+Right ArrowSelect Next in U
Ctrl+Up ArrowSelect Next in V
Ctrl+Left ArrowSelect Previous in U
Ctrl+Down ArrowSelect Previous in V
HSelect Sub-Object By Name
Alt+1Set Tessellation Preset 1
Alt+2Set Tessellation Preset 2
Alt+3Set Tessellation Preset 3
Ctrl+SSoft Selection
Alt+Shft+ZSwitch To Curve CV Level
Alt+Shft+CSwitch To Curve Level
Alt+Shft+ISwitch To Imports Level
Alt+Shft+PSwitch To Point Level
Alt+Shft+VSwitch To Surface CV Level
Alt+Shft+SSwitch To Surface Level
Alt+Shft+TSwitch To Top Level
Ctrl+XTransform Degrade
Editable Poly
Shft+Ctrl+BBevel Mode
3Border Level
Shft+Ctrl+CChamfer Mode
Shft+XConstrain to Edges
2Edge Level
5Element Level
Shft+EExtrude Mode
4Face Level
Ctrl+PageUpGrow Selection
Alt+IHide Unselected
6Object Level
Shft+Ctrl+QQuickslice Mode
;Repeat Last Operation
Alt+LSelect Edge Loop
Alt+RSelect Edge Ring
Ctrl+PageDownShrink Selection
Alt+UUnhide All
1Vertex Level
Shft+Ctrl+WWeld Mode
Edit/Editable Mesh
Ctrl+V, Ctrl+BBevel Mode
Ctrl+CChamfer Mode
Alt+CCut Mode
Ctrl+IEdge Invisible
2Edge Level
Ctrl+TEdge Turn
5Element Level
Ctrl+EExtrude Mode
3Face Level
4Polygon Level
1Vertex Level
Ctrl+WWeld Selected
Alt+WWeld Target Mode
Edit Normals
BBreak Normals
Ctrl+CCopy Normal
Ctrl+3Edge Level
Ctrl+4Face Level
EMake Explicit
Ctrl+1Normal Level
Ctrl+0Object Level
Ctrl+VPaste Normal
RReset Normals
SSpecify Normals
UUnify Normals
Ctrl+2Vertex Level
Alt+Shft+CSwitch To Control Point Level
Alt+Shft+LSwitch To Lattice Level
Alt+Shft+SSwitch To Set Volume Level
Alt+Shft+TSwitch To Top Level
Edit Poly
Shft+Ctrl+BBevel Mode
3Border Level
Shft+Ctrl+CChamfer Mode
Shft+XConstrain to Edges
2Edge Level
5Element Level
Shft+EExtrude Mode
Ctrl+PageUpGrow Selection
Alt+IHide Unselected
6Object Level
4Polygon Level
Shft+Ctrl+QQuickslice Mode
;Repeat Last Operation
Alt+LSelect Edge Loop
Alt+RSelect Edge Ring
Ctrl+PageDownShrink Selection
Alt+UUnhide All
1Vertex Level
Shft+Ctrl+WWeld Mode
Ctrl+CCopy Envelope
Ctrl+VPaste Envelope
Shft+Previous Selection Level
Ctrl+EReset Envelopes
Unwrap UVW
Ctrl+BBreak Selected Vertices
D, Ctrl+DDetach Edge Verts
Ctrl+EEdit UVW's
Alt+FFilter Selected Faces
Ctrl+FFreeze Selected
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+FGet Face Selection From Stack
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+PGet Selection From Faces
Ctrl+HHide Selected
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+LLoad UVW
SpaceLock selected vertices
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+NMirror Horizontal
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+MMirror Vertical
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+JMove Horizontal
Alt+Shft+Ctrl+KMove Vertical
EnterPlanar map faces/patches
Alt+EShow Seams In Viewport
NumPad -, -Texture Vertex Contract Selection
NumPad +, =Texture Vertex Expand Selection
QTexture Vertex Move Mode
Ctrl+RTexture Vertex Rotate Mode
Ctrl+WTexture Vertex Weld Selected
Ctrl+TTexture VertexTarget Weld
Ctrl+OUnwrap Options
Ctrl+UUpdate Map
Alt+Ctrl+ZZoom Extents Selected
XZoom Extents
Ctrl+XZoom Region
Shft+SpaceZoom To Gizmo
Alt+Ctrl+SChange Leg State
Alt+MCollapse Move All Mode changes
Alt+CCopy Posture
Alt+Ctrl+FFix Graphs
Alt+Ctrl+LLock Selected Keys (toggle)
Alt+BPaste Posture Opposite
Alt+VPaste Posture
VPlay Biped
Alt+KReset all limb keys
Alt+Ctrl+EScale In Transform (toggle)
0Set Key
Alt+RSet Range
Alt+TToggle Biped Keys in TrackBar
Alt+DTV Select end of footsteps
Alt+STV Select entire foostep
Alt+ATV Select start of foosteps
Biped Curve Editing
Ctrl+APos Curve Relative To Bip Root
Ctrl+APos Curve Relative To World
Ctrl+AShow Pos Accel Curve
Ctrl+AShow Pos Curve
Ctrl+AShow Pos Jerk Curve
Ctrl+AShow Pos Speed Curve
Ctrl+AShow Quat Curve
Ctrl+AShow Rot Accel Curve
Ctrl+AShow Rot Speed Curve
Ctrl+AToggle Draw Every Frame
Ctrl+AToggle Layered Edit
Ctrl+AToggle Limit Quat Curve to 180
Ctrl+AToggle Manipulate Subanims
Ctrl+AToggle Show Z
Ctrl+AToggle Show X
Ctrl+AToggle Show Y
Ctrl+AToggle Subanims
Reaction Manager
Ctrl+ISet Max Influence
Alt+ISet Min Influence
Particle Flow
;Particle Emission Toggle
6Particle View Toggle
Shft+;Selected Particle Emission Toggle
Ctrl+CCopy Selected In Particle View
Ctrl+VPaste In Particle View
Ctrl+ASelect All In Particle View
ActiveShade (Scanline)
9Advanced Lighting Panel
Object Display Culling
Alt+OObject Display Culling
QAccelerate Toggle
S, Down ArrowBack
ZDecelerate Toggle
[Decrease Step Size
C, Shft+Down ArrowDown
W, Up ArrowForward
]Increase Step Size
A, Left ArrowLeft
SpaceLock Vertical Rotation
Alt+[Reset Step Size
D, Right ArrowRight
E, Shft+Up ArrowUp
Macro Scripts
Ctrl+1Add/Edit Parameters... (TV)
Alt+PCap (Poly)
Alt+Ctrl+CCollapse (Poly)
Alt+3Collect Parameters SV
Alt+4Collect Parameters TV
Ctrl+CCreate Camera From View
Alt+CCut (Poly)
Alt+EExtrude Face (Poly)
Alt+GGeometry Selection Visibility Toggle
Alt+QIsolate Selection
Ctrl+MMeshsmooth (Poly)
Alt+2Parameter Collector
Alt+1Parameter Editor
Alt+5Parameter Wiring Dialog...
0Render to Texture Dialog Toggle
RSmart Scale
QSmart Select
Ctrl+5Start Parameter Wiring...
1Sub-Object Level 1
2Sub-Object Level 2
3Sub-Object Level 3
4Sub-Object Level 4
5Sub-object Level 5
Up ArrowWalkThrough View Mode
Quad Menu Sets
[Ctrl+Alt+RMB]Lighting | Render