Saturday, 18 January 2014

HTMLKit Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+,Insert start tag -- <_> or <..._>
Alt+.Insert end tag -- or _
Alt+EndAdd end tag for the last start tag.
Alt+F4Exit HTML-Kit.
Alt+F5Edit the current file as a style sheet
Alt+F7Toggle spelling error highlighting on/off
Alt+F8Open editor content in a new browser window.
Alt+HomeGo to the matching tag for the current tag.
Alt+InsEnclose the selected text with a specified tag...
BkSpDelete character before caret
Ctrl+,Go to previous tag...
Ctrl+.Go to next tag...
Ctrl+/Unindent selected block.
Ctrl+ASelect the entire file.
Ctrl+Alt+,Insert start and end tags -- <_> or <...>_
Ctrl+Alt+.Insert empty tag -- <_ /> or <..._ />
Ctrl+Alt+F5Insert style tag --
Ctrl+Alt+HomeSelect content between the current tag and the matching tag.
Ctrl+Alt+IInsert template...
Ctrl+Alt+NCreate a new file.
Ctrl+CCopy selected text
Ctrl+EndMove to end of document
Ctrl+EnterInsert break tag --
Ctrl+FFind the specified text.
Ctrl+F10Customize keyboard shortcuts...
Ctrl+F12Cycle through the edit, preview, output and split window tabs.
Ctrl+F2Toggle bookmark at the cursor.
Ctrl+F3Search for the selected text in the editor.
Ctrl+F4Close the file.
Ctrl+F5Edit style tag content --
Ctrl+F8Show current file in the Active Preview window (preview as you type)
Ctrl+GGo to the specified location.
Ctrl+HReplace the specified text with different text.
Ctrl+HomeMove to start of document
Ctrl+KMake link...
Ctrl+LImport a web page or a FTP file...
Ctrl+LeftMove to start of previous word
Ctrl+MFind the matching character -- [], {}, () and <>.
Ctrl+NCreate a new file based on a template...
Ctrl+OOpen an existing file...
Ctrl+PPrint the file...
Ctrl+RightMove to start of next word
Ctrl+SSave the file...
Ctrl+TSelect HTML tag (<...>) at the cursor position.
Ctrl+TabActivate the next window.
Ctrl+UUpload file to the Workspace
Ctrl+VPaste text
Ctrl+XCut selected text
Ctrl+YRedo action
Ctrl+ZUndo action
DelDelete character at caret
DownMove to line below
EndMove to end of current line
F1Lookup help for the keyword at the cursor...
F11Use the full screen view.
F12Toggle between the Editor and Preview tabs
F2Go to the next bookmark.
F3Find the next occurrence of the specified text.
F6Repeat the last plugin action.
F7Spell check current file or selection.
F8Preview file in the default browser.
F9Check, correct, convert and format HTML.
HomeMove to start of current line
InsToggle insert / overwrite mode
LeftMove to the left
PgDnMove down one page
PgUpMove up one page
RightMove to the right
Shft+Alt+,Select to the start of the tag.
Shft+Alt+.Select up to the end of the tag.
Shft+Alt+F5Insert style attribute -- style= ...
Shft+Alt+HomeSelect up to the matching tag.
Shft+Ctrl+Alt+F5Create new style sheet file
Shft+Ctrl+CAppend the selected text to the clipboard.
Shft+Ctrl+F2Clear all bookmarks.
Shft+Ctrl+IInsert snippet...
Shft+Ctrl+MSelect upto the matching character -- [], {}, () and <>.
Shft+Ctrl+OOpen file linked to the tag at the cursor
Shft+Ctrl+SpaceInsert non-breaking space entity.
Shft+Ctrl+TSelect content between tags (>...<).
Shft+Ctrl+TabActivate the previous window.
Shft+Ctrl+VPick and paste a previously copied block of text.
Shft+Ctrl+XAppend the selected text to the clipboard and delete it.
Shft+F2Go to the previous bookmark.
Shft+F3Find the previous occurrence of the specified text.
Shft+F5Edit style attribute value -- style= ...
Shft+F7Lookup the current word in the thesaurus.
UpMove to line above