Friday, 17 January 2014

Adobe InDesign CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keys for tools
V, EscSelection tool
ADirect Selection tool
Shft+APosition tool
Ctrl+TabToggle Selection and Direct Selection tool
PPen tool
=Add Anchor Point tool
-Delete Anchor Point tool
Shft+CConvert Direction Point tool
TType tool
Shft+TType On A Path tool
NPencil tool (Note tool)
\Line tool
FRectangle Frame tool
MRectangle tool
LEllipse tool
RRotate tool
SScale tool
OShear tool
EFree Transform tool
IEyedropper tool
KMeasure tool
GGradient tool
BButton tool
CScissors tool
HHand tool
Spacebar (Layout mode), Alt (Text mode), or Alt+Spacebar (both)Temporarily selects Hand tool
ZZoom tool
Ctrl+SpacebarTemporarily selects Zoom In tool
XToggle Fill and Stroke
Shft+XSwap Fill and Stroke
JToggle between Formatting Affects Containerand Formatting Affects Text
, [comma]Apply Color
. [period]Apply Gradient
/Apply No Color
WSwitch between Normal View and Preview Mode
Shft+GGradient Feather tool
Keys for selecting and moving objects
Any tool (except selection tools)+CtrlTemporarily select Selection or Direct Selectiontool (last used)
Direct Selection tool+Alt; or Pen, Add Anchor Point, or Delete Anchor Point tool+Alt+CtrlTemporarily select Group Selection tool
of multiple objects Selection, Direct Selection, or Group Selection tool+Shft-click (to deseleAdd to or subtract from a selection of multipleobjects
Selection, Direct Selection, or Group Selection tool+Alt-dragDuplicate selection
Alt+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow keyDuplicate and offset selection
Alt+Shft+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow keyDuplicate and offset selection by 10 times (Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments)
Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow keyMove selection (Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments)
Ctrl+Shft+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down arrow keyMove selection by 10th (Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments)
Shft+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow keyMove selection by 10 times (Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments)
Selection or Direct Selection tool+Ctrl+Shft-clickSelect master page item from document page
Selection tool+Ctrl-click, or Selection tool+Alt+Ctrl-clickSelect next object behind or in front
Alt+Ctrl+Page Down/Page UpSelect next or previous frame in story
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+Page Down/Page UpSelect first or last frame in story
Keys for transforming objects
Transformation tool+Alt-drag*Duplicate and transform selection (After you select a transformation tool, hold down the mouse button, and then hold down Alt key and drag. Press Shift to constrain movement to 45ยบ angles.)
Select object+double-click Scale tool, Rotate tool, or Shear tool in ToolboxDisplay Transform tool dialog box
Ctrl+,Decrease size/scale by 1%
Ctrl+Alt+,Decrease size/scale by 5%
Ctrl+.Increase size/scale by 1%
Ctrl+Alt+.Increase size/scale by 5%
Selection tool+Ctrl-dragResize frame and content
Selection tool+ShftResize frame and content proportionately
Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, or Rectangle tool+Shft-dragConstrain proportion
Shft+EscSwitch image from High Quality Display to FastDisplay
Keys for editing paths and frames
Direct Selection tool+Alt+Ctrl, or Pen tool+AltTemporarily select Convert Direction Point tool
AltTemporarily switch between Add Anchor Pointand Delete Anchor Point tool
Scissors tool+AltTemporarily select Add Anchor Point tool
Pen tool+ShftKeep Pen tool selected when pointer is over pathor anchor point
Pen tool+spacebarMove anchor point and handles while drawing
F10Display the Stroke panel
Keys for tables
Begin dragging row or column border, and then hold down Alt as you dragInsert or delete rows or columns while dragging
Shft-drag interior row or column borderResize rows or columns without changing thesize of the table
Shft-drag right or bottom table borderResize rows or columns proportionally
Tab/Shft+TabMove to next/previous cell
Alt+Page Up/Page DownMove to first/last cell in column
Alt+Home/EndMove to first/last cell in row
Page Up/Page DownMove to first/last row in frame
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove up/down one cell
Left Arrow/Right ArrowMove left/right one cell
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect cell above/below the current cell
Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect cell to the right/left of the currentcell
Enter (numeric keypad)Start row on next column
Shft+Enter (numeric keypad)Start row on next frame
EscToggle between text selection and cell selection
Keys for finding and changing text
Ctrl+F1Insert selected text into Find What box
Shft+F1Insert selected text into Find What box and findsnext
Shft+F2 or Alt+Ctrl+FFind next occurrence of Find What text
Ctrl+F2Insert selected text into Change To box
Ctrl+F3Replace selection with Change To text
Keys for working with type
Shft+Ctrl+KAll caps (on/off)
Shft+Ctrl+HSmall caps (on/off)
Shft+Ctrl+(+) [plus sign]Superscript
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+(+) [plus sign]Subscript
Alt+', Ctrl+Alt+'Straight quotes (single and double) without turningoff smart quotes
Shft+Ctrl+Xor Shft+Alt+Ctrl+XResethorizontal or vertical scale to 100%
Shft+Ctrl+L, R, or CAlign left, right, or center
Shft+Ctrl+F (all lines) or J (all but last line)Justify all lines
Shft+Ctrl+> or <Increase or decrease point size (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Shft+Ctrl+Alt+> or <Increase or decrease point size by five times (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease or decrease leading (horizontal text) - (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease or decrease leading by five times (horizontaltext) (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+" [quote]Select or deselect preferences setting for typographer'smarks
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+AAuto leading
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+GAlign to grid (on/off)
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+HAuto-hyphenate (on/off)
Alt+Left Arrow/Right ArrowIncrease or decrease kerning and tracking (horizontaltext)
Alt+Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right ArrowIncrease or decrease kerning and tracking byfive times (horizontal text)
Alt+Ctrl+\Increase kerning between words (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Alt+Ctrl+BackspaceDecrease kerning between words (Press Shift to increase or decrease kerning between words by five times).
Alt+Ctrl+QClear all manual kerning and reset tracking to0
Shft+Alt+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease or decrease baseline shift (horizontaltext) - (Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments).
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowIncrease or decrease baseline shift by five times(horizontal text)
Shft-click loaded text iconAutomatically flow story
Alt-click loaded text iconSemi-automatically flow story
Alt+Ctrl+/Recompose all stories
Alt+Ctrl+NInsert current page number
Keys for navigating through and selecting text
Right Arrow/Left ArrowMove to right or left one character
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove up or down one line
Ctrl+Right Arrow/Left ArrowMove to right or left one word
Home/EndMove to start or end of line
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove to previous or next paragraph
Ctrl+Home/EndMove to start or end of story
Double-click wordSelect one word
Shft+Right Arrow/Left ArrowSelect one character right or left
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect one line above or below
Shft+Home/EndSelect start or end of line
Triple-click or quadruple-click paragraph, depending on Text Preferences settingSelect one paragraph
Shft+Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down ArrowSelect one paragraph before or after
Shft+Ctrl+\Select current line
Shft-clickSelect characters from insertion point
Shft+Ctrl+Home/EndSelect start or end of story
Ctrl+ASelect all in story
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+Page Up/Page DownSelect first/last frame
Alt+Ctrl+Page Up/Page DownSelect previous/next frame
Ctrl+Backspaceor DeleteDeleteword in front of insertion point (Story Editor)
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+/Update missing font list
Keys for viewing documents and document workspaces
Spacebar (with no text insertion point), Alt-drag (with text insertion point), or Alt+spacebar (in bTemporarily select Hand tool
Ctrl+spacebarTemporarily select Zoom In tool
Alt+Ctrl+spacebar or Alt+Zoom In toolTemporarily select Zoom Out tool
Ctrl+5, 2, or 4Zoom to 50%, 200%, or 400%
Shft+F5Redraw screen
Ctrl+Alt+NOpen new default document
Alt+Ctrl+2Switch between current and previous zoom levels
Ctrl+~ [tilde]/Shft+Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+Shft+~ [tilde]Switch to next/previous document window
Page Up/Page DownScroll up/down one screen
Ctrl+Page Up/Page DownGo back/forward to last-viewed page
Alt+Page Up/Page DownGo to previous/next spread
Double-click Hand toolFit spread in window
Ctrl+JActivate the Go To command
Ctrl+Alt+(+)[plus sign]Fitselection in window
Ctrl+J, type prefix of master, press EnterGo to master page while \ panel is closed
Alt+Ctrl+5 (main keyboard)Select magnification box in document window
Shft+Alt+Ctrl+UCycle through units of measurement
Shft-drag guideSnap guide to ruler increments
Ctrl-drag guideSwitch between page and spread guides (creationonly)
Ctrl-drag from zero pointCreate vertical and horizontal ruler guides forthe spread
Alt+Ctrl+GSelect all guides
Right-click zero point and choose an optnLock or unlock zero point
Alt-drag guideUse current magnification for view thresholdof new guide
Press first letter of button name, if underlinedSelect buttons in alert dialog boxes
Ctrl+Help > About DesignShow information on installed plug-ins and InDesigncomponents
Keys for working with XML
Right Arrow/Left ArrowExpand/Collapse element
Alt+Right Arrow/Left ArrowExpand/Collapse element and child elements
Shft+Up Arrow/Down ArrowExtend XML selection up/down
Up Arrow/Down ArrowMove XML selection up/down
Page Up/Page DownScroll structure pane up/down one screen
Home/EndSelect first/last XML node
Shft+Home/EndExtend selection to first/last XML node
Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right ArrowGo to previous/next validation error
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+F7Automatically tag text frames and tables
Keys for indexing
Shft+Ctrl+Alt+[Create index entry without dialog box
Ctrl+UOpen index entry dialog box
Shft+Ctrl+Alt+]Create proper name index entry (last name, firstname)
Keys for panels
Alt-click Delete iconDelete without confirmation
Alt-click New buttonCreate item and set options
Shft+EnterApply value and keep focus on option
Ctrl+Alt+~ [tilde]Activate last-used option in last-used panel
Shft-clickSelect range of styles, layers, links, swatches, orlibrary objects in a panel
Ctrl-clickSelect nonadjacent styles, layers, links, swatches,or library objects in a panel
TabApply value and select next value
EscMove focus to selected object, text, orwindow
TabShow/Hide all panels, Toolbox, and Control panel(with no insertion point)
Shft+TabShow/Hide all panels except the Toolbox andControl panel (docked or not)
Ctrl+Alt+TabOpen or close all stashed panels
Alt+drag any panel tab (in the group) to edge of screenStash a panel group
Alt+Ctrl-click in list, and then use keyboard to select item by nameSelect item by name
Alt+Ctrl+MOpen the Drop Shadow panel
Keys for the Control panel
Ctrl+6Toggle focus to/from Control panel
Ctrl+Alt+7Toggle Character/Paragraph text attributes mode
Any key on the numeric keypad or keyboard numbersChange reference point when proxy has focus
Alt+Down ArrowDisplay the pop-up menu that has focus
Alt-click Kerning iconOpen Units & Increments Preferences
Alt-click Number Of Columns iconOpen the Text Frame Options dialog box
Alt-click X or Y iconOpen the Move dialog box
Alt-click Angle iconOpen the Rotate dialog box
Alt-click X or Y Scale iconOpen the Scale dialog box
Alt-click Shear iconOpen the Shear dialog box
Alt-click Superscript, Subscript, or Small Caps buttonOpen Text Preferences
Alt-click Underline buttonOpen the Underline Options dialog box
Alt-click Strikethrough buttonOpen the Strikethrough Options dialog box
Alt-click Align To Baseline Grid, or Do Not Align To Baseline Grid buttonOpen the Grids Preferences
Alt-click Drop Cap Number Of Lines, or Drop Cap One Or More Characters iconOpen the Drop Caps & Nested Styles dialog box
Alt-click Leading iconOpen the Justification dialog box
Keys for the Character and Paragraph panels
Alt+Ctrl+Shft+JOpen Justification dialog box
Alt+Ctrl+JOpen Paragraph Rules dialog box
Alt+Ctrl+KOpen Keep Options dialog box
Ctrl+TActivate Character panel
Ctrl+Alt+TActivate Paragraph panel
Keys for the character and paragraph styles
Select text and press Shft+Alt+Ctrl+CMake character style definition match text
Select text and press Shft+Alt+Ctrl+RMake paragraph style definition match text
Shft+Alt+Ctrl-double-click styleChange options without applying style
Alt-click paragraph style nameRemove style and local formatting
Alt+Shft-click paragraph style nameClear overrides from paragraph style
F11, Shft+F11Show/hide Paragraph and Character Styles panels,respectively
Keys for the Tabs panel
Shft+Ctrl+TActivate Tabs panel
Alt-click tabSwitch between alignment options
Keys for the Layers panel
Alt-click layerSelect all objects on layer
Alt-drag small square to new layerCopy selection to new layer
Keys for the Pages panel
Alt-click masterApply master to selected page
Alt-click the master you want to base the selected master onBase another master page on selected master
Ctrl-click Create New Page buttonCreate master page
Alt-click New Page buttonDisplay Insert Pages dialog box
Shft+Ctrl+PAdd new page after last page
Keys for the Links panel
Alt-double-click link file nameGo to the linked item
Ctrl-double-click link file nameSelect all file names
Keys for the Color panel
Shft-drag sliderMove color sliders in tandem
Alt-click color barSelect a color for the nonactive fill orstroke
Shft-click color barSwitch between color modes (CMYK, RGB, LAB)
Keys for using the Separations Preview panel
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+YTurn on Overprint preview
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+~ [tilde]Show all plates
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+1Show Cyan plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+2Show Magenta plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+3Show Yellow plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+4Show Black plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+5Show 1st Spot plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+6Show 2nd Spot plate
Ctrl+Alt+Shft+7Show 3rd Spot plate
Keys for the Swatches panel
Alt-click New Swatch buttonCreate new swatch based on the current swatch
Alt+Ctrl-click New Swatch buttonCreate spot color swatch based on the currentswatch
Shft+Alt+Ctrl-double-click swatchChange options without applying swatch
Keys for the Transform panel
Alt+EnterApply value and copy object
Ctrl+EnterApply width, height, or scale value proportionally