Saturday, 25 January 2014

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Keyboard Shortcuts

Managing Files
Ctrl-NNew document
Ctrl-OOpen an HTML file
Ctrl-Shft-OOpen in frame
Ctrl-Shft-WClose all
Ctrl-Shft-SSave as
Alt-F4 or Ctrl-QExit/quit
General Editing
Ctrl-Z or Alt-BackspaceUndo
Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shft-ZRedo
Ctrl-X or Shft-DeleteCut
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-InsertCopy
Ctrl-V or Shft-InsertPaste
Ctrl-ASelect all
Page UpMove to page up
Page DownMove to page down
Shft-Page UpSelect to page up
Shft-Page DownSelect to page down
Shft-Up/DownSelect line up/down
HomeMove to start of line
EndMove to end of line
Shft-HomeSelect to start of line
Shft-EndSelect to end of line
Ctrl-Up/DownGo to previous/next paragraph
Ctrl-Right/LeftGo to next/previous word
Ctrl-Shft-Right/DownSelect until next word/paragraph
Ctrl-Shft-Left/UpSelect from previous word/paragraph
Ctrl-BackspaceDelete word left
Ctrl-DeleteDelete word right
Shft-Left/RightSelect character left/right
Ctrl-FFind and replace
F3Find next/find again
Ctrl-Shft-CCopy HTML (in Design view)
Ctrl-Shft-VPaste HTML (in Design view)
Page Views
Ctrl-F6Table Layout view
F6Expanded Tables view
Ctrl-Shft-RLive Data view
Ctrl-RRefresh Live Data
Ctrl-TabSwitch to next document
Ctrl-Shft-TabSwitch to previous document
Ctrl-~Switch between Design and Code views
Ctrl-Shft-GServer debug
F5Refresh Design view
Viewing Page Elements
Ctrl-Shft-IShow/hide visual aids
Ctrl-Alt-RShow/hide rulers
Ctrl-Alt-GShow/hide grid
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-GSnap to grid
Ctrl-Shft-HShow/hide head content
Ctrl-JView page properties
Code Editing
Ctrl-~Switch to Design view
Ctrl-PPrint code
Shft-F6Validate markup
Open Quick Tag Editor (Design view)
Shft-F9Open snippets panel
Ctrl-SpacebarShow code hints
Ctrl-Shft->Indent code
Ctrl-Shft-<Outdent code
Ctrl-EInsert tag
Ctrl-F5Edit tag (Design view)
Ctrl-[Select parent tag
Ctrl-]Select child (Design view)
Ctrl-'Balance braces
Ctrl-HomeMove to top of code
Ctrl-EndMove to end of code
Ctrl-Shft-HomeSelect to top of code
Ctrl-Shft-EndSelect to end of code
Text Editing
EnterCreate a new paragraph
Shft-EnterInsert a line break
Ctrl-Shft-SpacebarInsert a nonbreaking space
Drag itemMove text or object
Ctrl-drag itemCopy text or object
Double-clickSelect a word
Ctrl-F3Open/close the Property inspector
Alt-TabSwitch between Dreamweaver and other open programs
Shft-F7Check spelling
Formatting Text
Ctrl-Alt-]Indent (inserts blockquote tags; using CSS for indenting is preferred)
Ctrl-Shft-PFormat as paragraph
Ctrl-1-6Apply headings 1-6
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-L/C/R/JAlign left/center/right/justify
Working in Tables
Ctrl-ASelect cell (with cursor inside the cell)
Ctrl-MInsert a row (before current)
Tab (in the last cell)Add a row at end of table
Ctrl-Shft-MDelete current row
Ctrl-Shft-AInsert a column (to left of current column)
Ctrl-Shft--(hyphen)Delete a column
Ctrl-Alt-MMerge selected table cells
Ctrl-Alt-SSplit table cell
Ctrl-Shft-]Increase column span
Ctrl-Shft-[Decrease column span
Working in Frames
Alt-click (in frame) or Alt-UpSelect a frame
Alt-RightSelect next frame or frameset
Alt-LeftSelect previous frame or frameset
Alt-UpSelect parent frameset
Alt-DownSelect first child frame or frameset
Select frame, then Alt-drag frame borderAdd a new frame to frameset
Working with Layers
Ctrl-Shft-clickSelect a layer
Shft-Ctrl-dragSelect and move layer
Shft-click layerAdd or remove layer from selection
Arrow keysMove selected layer by pixels
Shft-Arrow keysMove selected layer by snapping increment
Ctrl-Arrow keysResize selected layer by pixels
Ctrl-Shft-Arrow keysResize selected layer by snapping increment
Ctrl-Alt-GToggle the display of the grid
Ctrl-Shft-Alt-GSnap to grid
Ctrl-Shft-1Align layers left
Ctrl-Shft-3Align layers right
Ctrl-Shft-4Align layers top
Ctrl-Shft-6Align layers bottom
Ctrl-Shft-7Make same width
Ctrl-Shft-9Make same height
Getting Help
F1Using Dreamweaver Help topics
Ctrl-F1Using ColdFusion Help topics
Inserting Objects
Drag file into the Document windowAny object (image, Shockwave movie, and so on)
Ctrl-Alt-ANamed anchor
Managing Hyperlinks
Ctrl-F8Check links sitewide
Ctrl-LCreate hyperlink (select text, image, or object)
Ctrl-Shft-LRemove hyperlink
Select the text, image, or object, then Shft-dragDrag and drop to create a hyperlink from a document
Select the text, image, or object,Drag and drop to create a
then drag the Point-to-File iconhyperlink using the Property
in Property inspector to a file in the Files panelInspector
Ctrl-double-click linkOpen the linked-to document in Dreamweaver
Previewing and Debugging in Browsers
F12Preview in primary browser
Shft-F12Preview in secondary browser
Managing a Site
F5Refresh view
Ctrl-NCreate new file
Ctrl-OOpen file
Ctrl-CCopy file
Ctrl-VPaste file
Ctrl-DDuplicate file
F2Rename file
Ctrl-Shft-DGet (selected files or folders from remote site)
Ctrl-Shft-UPut (selected files or folders to remote site)
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-DCheck out
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-UCheck in
Alt-F8View site map
Using a Site Map
F8View site files
Ctrl-Shft-KLink to existing file
Ctrl-LChange link
Ctrl-Shft-LRemove link
Ctrl-Shft-TShow page titles
Ctrl-+ (plus sign)Zoom in site map
Ctrl--(hyphen)Zoom out site map
Opening and Closing Panels
Ctrl-F2Insert bars
Shft-F11CSS styles
F9Tag inspector
Ctrl-F9Server behaviors
F10Code inspector
F4Show/hide panels